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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Gastlinyk is broken up into a series of walled off districts.

    Warehouse District: A great deal of commerce takes place here.

      Yannik’s Stables and Pack Oxen
      Gromk’s Outfitters
      Pig-N-Whistle Tavern

    Common District: The homes for the majority of the denizens of Gate who are not guardsmen. Vendors occasionally hawk their wares in the streets.

    Temple District: Home to the great Temple of Odin and a few smaller ones.

      Temple of Odin: This Temple stands before the Gate which seals the evil and insane titan Gastlinyk away.

      Keep of the Knights of the Gate: Guardians of the Gate for as long as the city has stood.

      Gate of Gastlinyk: A seal of mithril forged by the dwarves of Deephold and bound in place over a fragment of a pocket dimension not unlike a bag of holding.

    Noble District: Not nearly as confining as the other districts this district is home to some of Markshire’s greatest heroes.

      Kampion’s Sanctum: Kampion Kensington’s establishment. The outer sanctum is open for everyone … the inner sanctum is invitation only. It is rumored that he has built a “dungeon” under his Sanctum and filled it with horrible monsters.

    Treingar Forest: A sanctuary for the elven people of Gate and a peaceful refuge for many others. Many come to escape the reality of this city.

      Temple of the Elves: A temple to Frey and Freya, this retreat is home to their chief priests in Markshire.

    The Hub: A huge edifice in the center of the city it serves as the nexus for travel as well as home to many merchants and craftsmen.

      Slaten’s Smithy: A master armorsmith and weaponsmith.

      The Bowyer: A master bowyer and fletcher.

    The Tunnel: The Tunnel is a long segmented nightmare designed to bring fear to the Frost Giants. Once through the wall (nearly impossible) the giants are forced to take the Tunnel to enter the city.

    Guard Districts (North/South): These areas are home to the many, many, many guardsmen who guard the city against the Frost Giants. The rocks of the Giants cause a lot of damage in the guard districts because of their proximity to the wall. An open plaza of 300 feet protects them from all but a few stray giant boulders.

    The Wall: Gastlinyk Gate’s first and hopefully strongest defense against the Frost Giants of Thrymhold.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Overview Map of Gastlinyk Gate

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