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    Lt. Tyler
    • Markshire PCs:

    Did this event last night with Brudabegga asking for help to gather a large number of different items for a soup dinner to serve to some veterans of the Gate destruction. (this is mostly for my porous memory).

    The following PCs participated:
    Edmund Earthmon (Corgano)
    Catani Dallin (Aelswith)
    Meredoc Wrint (Ceorlas)
    Kyle (LordSarKhan)
    Faerell Carshall (Where The Wild Things Go = The SupremeForce on forums?)

    Faerell bugged out quickly, just as they did the last time I tried setting something up for them and Ceorlas *shrugs*

    Brudabegga had them collect: potatoes, carrots, onions, herbs, mushrooms, and meat. Kyle and Meredoc tried haggling with Brudabegga to increase the proposed 2 gold per item brought back (at a charity event, sheesh!). Bruda held fast though.

    -Ed and Cat went through SM to Cona to Cona Caves. I hit them with some extra badgers in the caves. Gathered mushroom and other veggies
    -Meredoc went through SM, Yar, Foothold to gather veggies. Added a few rats in teh grotto. They proceeded to attack the bees, and Meredoc killed the rest. Then either he attacked the chickens there, or some faction fun led to a fight. The Flightless acquitted themselves well, nearly taking down the 2nd lvl rogue. Brak would be proud.
    -Kyle hunted meat in the Narlynwik Plains. I hit him with a few extra jaguars, which he easily dispatched.

    Everyone returned, Bruda cooked up the soup, and then the guests of honor came in. Used random human NPCs from Cona and Stonemark lists, outfitted with some armor.

    The leader Thand was a bitter, grizzled veteran of the wall whose company perished when Gastlinyk was released. He bad mouthed Lord Allox Mark quite a bit. Stormed off angry at the end as the PCs tried to defend and make excuses. Kyle defended him, saying that he knows what misplaced anger can do to a person. Thand is likely to meet his demise after some forum RP. PCs will be approached to help investigate.

    He was accompanied by Krissa, human female, who is actually Bothene Skopenaar in disguise – priestess of Loki). She whispered into his ear a few times, was calmer but also stoked dissatisfaction with the current regime, and went off. She’ll appear later, and these PCs will get a check to recognize her. (spot, maybe straight up wisdom check?). She might approach chaotic/evil PCs with request to start voicing some doubts about Lord Allox Mark’s leadership.

    Wilin was their third companion, didn’t talk much, just a wounded veteran to round things out.

    After that, the group broke up. Kyle did leave a diamond with Brudabegga and whispered that he should use it to help feed the veterans. Bonus RP XP for Sar!

    All in all, fun, I still need to get a handle on some of the DM controls and stuff (at least I didn’t show my avatar – sheesh who’d do that?), and it did set the stage for further developments.

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