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    • Markshire PCs:

    I am only going to say this Once !!

    To all the dirty rotten pieces of Crap that broke into my house. I expect to see you all here within the next couple days to clean up your mess fix the damage that you cause and nurse my bear back to health.

    If you refuse then I will just have to come up with some other means for you to make restitution for the Damage and the trouble you have cause, also if my Bear dies.

    I will hold you responsible!

    If my children become ill due to all the fires being put out in your rampage.

    I will hold you responsible.

    also you will return the Items that you stole in the same condition they were in when you toke it upon yourselves to steal them.

    If you refuse then I will forget that I ever called any of you friend and you will from then on be a enemy to be removed from my sight and if you think that you will find refuge in the towns you are badly mistaken

    • Markshire PCs:

    Keli walks by, reads the post and starts to laugh!

    • Markshire PCs:

    Bel walks by and reads the note and mumbles to himself about getting wood for the doors.

    But he thinks on what the Grippli had said about the paintings being theirs… and Sar & Faith forgetting to give them back.

    “Frogs… what a mess this has become. Maybe Kel is right and we ought to cook them rather then help them…”

    Bel shrugs and heads off to buy a woodman’s axe and find some trees.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Ederyn sitting in the barracks at his desk, stares blankly over the sea of paperwork before him. Contracts, reports, complaints, plans, plans, and more plans. At hearing the news of this ticking time bomb he politely thanks the guardsman and dismisses him. blinks. Gives a slight snarl then swats his arm across the desk, sending paperwork flying everywhere.

    His elbows on the desk and his face in his hands for an hour or two, he finally stands.

    “Time for a drink”

    Ederyn shuffles his feet.

    • Markshire PCs:

    [note is attached over Sar’s with a gem chisel that’s obviously been used for unintended purposes and seen better days, the chisel perhaps embedded more deeply in the board than necessary; the text is written in neat but childish letters, with multiple corrections and revisions as indicated by crossed-out words and phrases; no pretense has been made to formalize the written word–it bubbles in an almost adolescent way with the emotions of natural speech; at the bottom is a round symbol with two smaller circles inside and a curved line–while oddly reminiscent of the purple embroidered symbol on the coin sack left at the Khan residence, this one is quite evidently a smiling face]

    Sar! You back from trip with family! This wonderful, make Sun happy. Now maybe this “Sar’s Heroes” name Port make up, maybe it mean something. Much as anything he make up mean anyway. At least it sound better than “dirty rotten pieces of crap” name you use–what that last word mean? But then he a bard: oughtta at least sound good.

    Because we all trying to save the Grippli, yes? Know you help with that if you can, you and Faith; girls, too, probly.

    Which is why Sun so confused. All know Port live there with you and Faith, but after he lead us to house he admit he not have key and not know where you keep one. Is one of those pickles Port’oles put one in yes? Worse, though, ’cause Gripplis dying here and there all the time, every day, every hour. Port not tell that part so good in note–’bout all the little Grippli bodies bloated up on forest floor, birds pecking at eyes, bugs eating at backs. Need was ur-gent to help them–that right word? Ur-gent? Them Grippli not have time for Port’oles pickle problems. That why we not wait long for you or Faith, why I open window so Port could open door for us.

    For bigger good of Grippli we do all that–and when Port not brave enough to climb up, I do it. So we can borrow pictures you’d give if you there. That also why we not clean up: ran off to bigger good and that right-now need. Port left note to explain. I left gold for window, traps I took out, and doors.

    OF COURSE WE HELP CLEAN UP, silly, but that better if you there yes? Be too strange to break in just to clean up. So, when you or Faith home? Been over a couple times looking–you staying somewhere else? Not sure I can do good job fixing window–only thing I broke, on my face!–but I sure try and [this part of the note is so heavily crossed out that it’s unreadable, unless the backside of the parchment is examined, where the imprint of the pen can be seen to have first written “lend a ha”] help how I can. Could set traps for you, probly better even, but we oughtta talk about that–you got kids there! It dangerous! Anyway, that why I leave money–so you can start, get door, traps and window made the way you want. Course I help put them in if you want–bring ale even!

    Worried a lot about something you write. “Girls sick..from fires”? I not watch all others all the time, but pretty sure nobody set fire or made sick-spell. Only real speller there was Port anyway, I think. And no smoke or flame when we left. Course, if was Port spell, who knows? girls okay? What the matter with them? I no healer either, course, but help if I can.

    Also help with big…Gorgeous…BEAR! Thought he was dead–a sad death but honorable–is extra good he alive!!! Make Sun most happy! Fighting Bear was sad, but couldn’t figure out how to knock on door without going into courtyard, and then “Rrawr!” Guess you not like visitors–maybe get you one of those bells they have in Arik, hang at gate. Course, you weren’t there to talk to Bear and calm him down, and only one of us who can do stuff like that–like steal will and all that–well, he didn’t even try.

    So Sun think maybe we had enough poking weapons into buildings yes? Just say when you be there for us to come and help fix damage, drink ale.

    Cheng Sun-Ok, Seam-stresser

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