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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    You look around at the forums and see a lot of information, but no where does it give details on how to get going in game.

    Fear not the unknown for I shall guide thee.

    By now some of you may have learned that the plateau town of Foothold is the central focus of our server. You may wonder why it’s not Stonemark or Gastlinyk Gate. So let me explain.

    I developed Markshire a long time ago for a PnP campaign. Okay, so you knew that. The original focus of the world was Stonemark, the capitol of our little world. The newly built city had followed a massive cataclysm that destroyed the original capitol and moved the seat of power from eastern Markshire to western Markshire.

    The first adventure and the first PCs of this world were hired by the governor of this newly remade country to venture into the desert, now called the Timeless Desert and find the newly uncovered remains of Arik, the lost city. They set out and traveled from Stonemark to Foothold and then to Gastlinyk Gate and then into the desert. Not one day into the desert and they were set upon by a Frost Giant patrol and vanquished to but one man, and thus ended the party’s travels into the desert. No one said this world was easy.

    They traveled back into the pass and from there to Foothold. From Foothold they ranged out and explored their world. It became the logistical center of their world. Then it dawned on me that it was a bottleneck for the entire region. Foothold was the center point between east and west. So I began to build it in that direction.

    Foothold became a frontier town. Never really growing above that level since its population was constantly moving. Even though Gastlinyk Gate was at the other end of the pass Foothold remained the focus because Thrym Pass was as deadly as it is.

    And so we come to Neverwinter Nights and the creation of Markshire. What to build first for a new biweekly campaign online? Foothold was it, my module core. BTP and I had planned on building Markshire for just our local real life friends at first. Then we added some online friends from different servers. So the biweekly campaign began to flesh out the world. The only point of entry was Foothold at that time.

    So now you know that Foothold is the central focus of Markshire. What to do next?

    Well, for those just starting out you might have noticed the name of the world is Markshire, Kingdom of Ice. It would serve you best to avoid the Northern Plains until you are prepared to deal with the crippling cold.

    Wander around Foothold. Poke your head into the various places. I’ll be updating the World of Markshire section with more specific information concerning Foothold. So learn the town. Talk to PCs. Talk to NPCs. There are 11 quests in game and more coming. A good percentage of these are simple delivery quests meant to run you around the world and give you a chance to get to know it better.

    What equipment do you need? Well, the most important pieces of starting equipment you’ll need are a Campsite Kit, Winter Clothing and/or Cloak. All of these can be found in the underground bazaar of Foothold. The bazaar is accessed from the outside by a cave in the northeast of the Foothold map. You can also take a back entrance down to the bazaar from the Inn of the Red Dragon.

    Okay, now what? You are provisioned and equipped. You’ve ventured out into the world a bit by going to Stonemark and Yar Village for a couple of quests. It’s time to explore. I’m not going to drop a bunch of spoilers here. There are enough on the forum as it is. So check out the map … … you can head south or north from Foothold until you are tenth level and acquire a Passport to enter Thrym Pass.

    North is the Northern Plains which are wicked cold and are rumored to be inhabited by Ice Kobolds and more. South leads into the Narlynwik Forest. The forest holds many secrets. Either way is possible but it would be best if they are attempted in groups.

    So now you have an idea as to where to go and some ideas towards what to do, but that’s not all. The server has recently had Craftable Natural Resources added to it. It is not fully implemented yet which means some of the various resources are not in game yet. But you can begin to craft basic items. I suggest healing kits +1. You can get started within the Garden Grotto off of the Foothold Bazaar.

    Good luck out there and remember Markshire’s motto … Some things in this world are tougher then you can handle. Run or DIE!

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Each NEW character may visit the Wardrobe Dept. once to get their own unique costumes working.

    Just use the Wardrobe in the Start Area to get to the Wardrobe Dept.

    Margit the Valkyrie will remind you to visit the Wardrobe Dept. prior to entering the game the first time.

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