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    • Markshire PCs:


    Gwapple Grippli
    Gwepple Grippli
    Frank Grippli
    (Halfling 251,kid 241) Ebb Sterling
    Vilian Illusionist with the Spider temple
    (188 Erin?)Kalem Saldt as Ebb Sterling

    Episode 1 (Done – well) ‘Grippli-Geddon’

    Gwapple and Gwepple make the journey to Sar’s home, Yar, and then to Foothold. In search of the fabled and famous hero Sar Khan they land at the Inns in Foothold. His name fresh on their minds from recent tales and ballads spreading across the tavern walls, they have become desperate and seek the hiring hall and others for help. Trackers are needed to find a lost brother Grippli named Frank. This hermit shaman of the Grippli clan is last known to be wandering the Cona highlands. (should the Grippli think Sar was the one who was seen at the Tree before this happened.??)

    This Frank is needed desperately to return to the forest. Frank is special in such that he is the only shaman of the clan that can speak with the Shaft Giving Tree. The tree is wilting and has stopped giving the Grippli the shafts. Frank is the only one who can ask the tree what is wrong and what needs done to save it. But Frank won’t come back without some persuasion. He will want campfire materials. He will require: (13 bags of wood.)

    Frank will want these for the winter weather in the tundra is perfect for hot fires. He likes hot fires but lacks dry wood in the tundra. Some shows up from what seems to be holes in the mountains, regurgitated by the Cona Pass. Frank may tell of why he left the forest for the tundra. Why he likes the silent cold wasteland the tundra tends to be.

    After the rise of the Spider Temple, the forest began to become ill and threatened. The 13 champions of Otha were dead, but the shadows cast over the forest from the temple’s steeples were worse than the blackest of Otha’s champions. Its presence made everything shriek in pain and terror. Hearing everything constantly crying for relief, for help, for an end to something one Grippli clan can do began to wear on the shaman from the start. The cries never stopped, his ears never got rest. His mind was going mad without sleep. There was only one option, leave the forest; leave the voices and cries behind. To the city he went, and still it was too loud. To Cona he went and yet it was loud there too. Finally, over the mountain and through the pass behind Cona lay sunken tundra, so cold, so barren there were no voices to be heard.
    13 bags of wood shafts/planks (completed)

    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Lipitom, Portales, Sun-Ok, Traudeck

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 2 (Done, Well-w/note) ‘Jabba-de-Grippli’

    Players start in Red Dragon only for Prep then use portal to Frank for Beginning of Episode 2.Upon receiving the settlement of campfire supplies, Frank is escorted back to the forest. Frank is old and cunning, not good for defenses on long travels. Upon reaching the Shaft Giving Tree they are greeted by the clan of Grippli. The tree is then spoken to. It talks in riddle. It tells of its blight to the shaman which translates it to the others. Riddle gives clues to the key that opens the catacombs under the tree. It cannot live on the surface alone. History of Grippli’s holds more clues to the key that allowed the first Grippli entry into the earth to plant the seed.

    “Thy roots of history shorten,
    Tools seed the past are lost, cats may be combed again.
    Death nurses on thy future.
    Sirens of the forest stand over the lost.”

    A book on the history of the Grippli shall be found at any library or temple. All share the common short tale of their evolution into the world. Hopefully wish to look for written history or known history of the Grippli/Tree. This shall lead them to Episode 3, finding the broken key.

    (Book) Grippli’s; What Little is Known
    Their history in creation only leads to some minor chance migration into the Narlynwik Forest just before the first man set foot into what is now known as Arik. Bringing little of their own culture they adapted many local customs and farming techniques into their own. The first Grippli settler brought with him a seed from Odin’s tree Yggdrasil which the Grippli refer to as the Life Tree. It is from this tree in which all life comes. Grippli believe a seed was stolen from the center of a nut right out of Ratatosk’s horde. The first Grippli instinctively used the branches that fell away from his body to fashion a bow and arrow. It was this first arrow that speared the seed from the nut’s shell without Ratatosk’s notice. It was this seed passed through untold generations that was planted deep in the Narlynwik Forest near their settlement. This seed brought life to a frozen wasteland and sprouted a forest from the roots of one tree. Stories tell of one Grippli settler that carried only a staff made of half stone and half metal which he used to open the earth and walked into a catacomb under the forest. Soon the seed grew and grew into a great giant tree, one that only produced one fruit to insure a Grippli never go hungry in the forest that sprouted under its canopy. It is said this famous Grippli Shaft was broken in half and tossed into a ravine by a disgruntled wife Grippli. This set in motion the aging of the first Grippli’s son and ultimately the death of. Other rumors say he was chased seven miles from the tree before he finally gave up and did the deed himself to end his wife’s bickering. Broken and lost the shaft granted him unyielding health and suppressed aging. The bickering he received for getting old and tired finally killed him.

    Legends told by Grippli tell a different tale of a priest named McGreggor. He had lost his four children wife and father in the fighting but killed nearly all of the Grippli. A dispute of land rights and ownership of a stream running through it triggered this untold war. The Grippli fled before the dust settled, but only for a short time. Father McGreggor soon left the area mysteriously after only living on the farm for 13 more months. The Grippli returned and took over the homestead he had built. The only way to grow food in the area after the disappearance of McGreggor was with the fertilizer from the cattle left behind. The soil could only sustain the current amount of life the tree had sprouted before the priest’s residence. Grippli to this day still raise cattle and fashion their famous arrows and bows from the fruit of the Shaft Giving Tree.

    A Grippli History Vol. 2 — (Book)
    Collect 13 bags of potatoes, carrots, and onions – four bags of each.
    Belferon, Doog, Durok, Faith,Keliana, Lipitom,Portales, Sun-ok, Traudeck
    Lipitom ran off with loot possibly due to the fact that Portales cast a domination spell upon him. DM witnessed entire episode as a calm and well warned situation.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 3 ‘Calling All Grippli’ (Done-well)

    Warn PC’s to travel light if they can. Essentials for the run only and avoid excessive stuff. Finding the Shaft seven miles from the Shaft giving tree should land right about where the Dryads/Nymphs are hanging about. The ravine holds the shaft, but it is the Dryads they must deal with. They will help them descend to the bottom of the crevasse and search its lost horde. This horde is something the dryads claim their own. Only one item may be taken from their horde. Not two halves, one item. The crevasse is indeed dangerous. Lots of deadly traps, lots of sharp junk to sift through it might be a small place but time consuming. The two halves will be brought together by reading the words inscribed on them. “Family is like a tree, with two sides growing their own direction, something larger than life is created when both live as one.” The shaft will have half on one side and half on the other piece. The Dryads will require a bribe and give several choices. They will not let more than 3 people down and they must leave all their belongings with clothing the exception. Retrieving the shaft shall complete the episode. Frank will require some time to sleep on the workings of the staff. The group is asked to stay the night there, in their camp.

    Bribe Options:
    1. Give them a man. (Selected man will go with them to his death unless he saves?)
    2. Give them an item of great power. (Item of great stats, glowy sword..)
    3. Give them an item of great beauty. (Was chosen, an elegant hand mirror as for them to look upon themselves was offered by Sun-Ok)
    4. Give them a child. (A child, any child, no questions asked child)

    Grippli Shaft Half 1*
    Grippli Shaft Half 2**
    Grippli Shaft (whole) ***

    Grippli Earplugs (3 cobalt wire, 7 soft clothes, 3 oak plank)

    Belferon, Kamas, Keliana, Sun-ok, Walis

    *Runes inscribed upon the surface of the shaft are incomplete and unfamiliar as they read like no known scroll. Etched in tot he raised surface of the runes is an incomplete sentence. “Family is like a tree, with two sides growing their own direction”
    ** Runes inscribed upon the surface of the shaft are incomplete and unfamiliar as they read like no known scroll. Etched in tot he raised surface of the runes is an incomplete sentence “something larger than life is created when both live as one.”
    ***The inscription that was once on the two halves has vanished from the shaft. As it is whole, this shaft looks like an ordinary quarterstaff. The strange placement of leather wrappings for grip, it would suggest maybe someone too short to properly use such a weapon as a weapon was owner and primary carrier of this ancient Grippli Shaft. The runes have assembled in a way that resembles the symbol for evocation Knock and the symbol for Earth.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 4 ‘Under the Shaft’ (Done-Well)

    Having slept/camped at the Grippli SG-Tree, party will begin at the SG-Tree. They await entering the catacombs under the SG-Tree. Frank opens the passage with some command words in Grippli tongue. The way opens and the bug infestation is found. As the place is looted and cleaned of bugs an inner chamber is found locked and guarded by a Twig Blight. The Twig has no name, but has a riddle and a key. The key opens the door to the heart of the root ball. This is where the Mother bug lies. Stop the party here for a description. The mother bug is not able to face them head on, it fights and squirms but its mouth is fused to the tree and uses only its hind legs and ability to birth live bugs nearly at every willed desire to. The mother bug is nearly impenetrable. They may wound it and bring its life down, but it will not die. Try to make dryad look like a bug. It will tire after so long and stop producing babies and fighting, but waiting too long the regeneration should bring it back to a fighting frenzy. They should discover the impossibility of detaching it and return to Frank. With Frank involved on the matter, he will suggest the insecticide. Whatever happens to the bug happens to the tree, so the insecticide must be harmless to the tree. He will come to the conclusion of the right recipe. Only the heroes can collect kidney stones from giants. He will warn that the bugs might have regained a large population again and a direct route might be in order for their return. He will use the time to open the catacombs closer to the main chamber (for episode 5).

    Item Required:
    Grippli Shaft from Episode 3
    What happens once in a lifetime,
    Twice in a millennium,
    And never in 10,000 years?
    Answer: The letter M/L.

    52 Kidney stones from giants, 1 silver tipped weapon (any silver tipped item)
    Keliana, Portales, Sun-Ok, Wallis

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 5 ‘Grippli-cide’ (Done –Split/note)

    Beginning at the SG-Tree once again, the team has returned to hand over the insecticide ingredients. Frank will now need time to crush and mix and prepare for use. He has one more problem for them to solve while they wait. What can be done to restore the self regeneration ability to the tree when the tree is kin to the tree of life? Frank suggests a once friend turned grumpy old enemy. An ancient white in the Thrym Pass, he must be challenged to his ‘dual of rights’. The party shall be offered one question of ancient knowledge or wisdom once he is defeated. They must inquire about the cure to restoring the SG-Tree. He will tell them this: A seed is two halves; only one half is needed to grow. A seed may sprout a male or female, but not both, so one will die. That is not how the SG-Tree was sprouted. This could restore the heart of the tree.

    Dragons Challenge: (may alter due to number of attendants)
    1. One champion must win 3 out of 5 battles with the dragon alone. (Belferon)
    2. One team must collect the Boggle Kings gloves. (Keliana & Sun-Ok)
    3. One team must retrieve a Strange Yellow Ruby from the Frost Giant temple in the desert. (Durok & Traudek)
    4. One team must collect a Demonic Scroll from the ancient crypt under Yar. (Portales & Wallis, Voran)
    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Portales, Sun-Ok, Traudek, Wallis

    Out of time, missions changed to homework for pairs. All completed with exception. Durok completed mission alone, without teammate as Traudek was a no-show. Wrap-up Done before Episode 6 on same day.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 6 ‘A Mother Must Die’ (Done- Condensed)

    The poison is now ready and the party has returned with the information from the dragon. The exchange is made and the way is opened for the party to use the poison. The mother bug will need to be beaten down to near death then given the poison. The party will need a delivery system. Arrows will be the only right answer. The poison will cause her to die and fall away, thusly releasing all the eggs inside her. The eggs hatch a fine swarm. If the swarm is not killed fast enough, Frank may get hurt. When mother is killed and the Tree informs Frank who joins the party in the inspection of damage. The party escorts Frank around to check on the status of the tree. Frank notes 13 major issues that need attention before the tree may be left alone for the amount of time needed to hunt down the key cure and its whereabouts. The party may cast the 12 spells of healing now and mark one off the list. The list is given. They are urged to have at least seven and the first item as soon as possible. (By episode 7)

    13 Issue Remedy components/ Homework:
    (1) 1. Mcgreggor’s Lantern (special properties in it will replace certain minerals unreachable)
    (3) 2. Bags of bones (2 bags giant/ogre skulls or knuckles)
    (4) 3. Bags of rope (3 bags worth for tying up and hoisting Grippli in/out)
    (2) 4. Bags of fish (4 bags any type of fish)
    (3) 5. Emeralds in the raw (5 raw emeralds, uncut)
    (1) 6. Glacial Ice (6 chunks)
    (2) 7. Canisters of sugar (7 canisters)
    (2) 8. Bronze shields with holes in the middle (8 shields)
    (2) 9. Spider Silk (9 units)
    (4)10. Sacks of sand (10 normal sacks)
    (3)11. Graveyard Dirt (11 units in a bag)
    (1)12. Sleep spells casted upon the heart cluster (slow the decayand save the strength of the tree until a cure is found)(Completed by Monty)
    (3)13. Skull cap mushrooms (13 mushrooms)

    Bug fight shortened, inspection with Frank less eventful, and only two areas looked at. Added areas will be explained by Frank in Episode 7.

    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Sun-Ok, Traudeck, Voran, Wallis Monty(late)

    • Markshire PCs:

    Move this post if you don’t want it in the archive. But do I read the boards right that you had them invade Sar’s place for part of this?

    Nice, stirring the pot I see. 🙂 Well you’ve sparked more activity on the board than i’ve seen in a long while.

    On a more serious note, how do you propose that the local law should handle this if they go to the authorities with it? Which they sort of have already with sars “handle this or I will” post.

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    I think that this was very good stuff Opi.

    My opinions:

    * If they group is working for “good” or themselves are “good” then they should be asked to or attempt to make amends.

    * Sar lives in the woods. As such, he really won’t have any support from any “law”. However, he IS very favored by the forces chaos. Thor isn’t going to like a sanctuary of his champion messed with. Loki could REALLY charge up this situation by stirring the pot. There are a lot of options here.

    * A PM should be sent to Sar and Red asking they be patient and not try to raze Foothold about this. It is the kind of event they love and they can have a lot of fun with it if they are patient.

    You want/need help Opi, give a shout.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Ok, good points Thanks for the advice. I will be sure to get the other side on the right page, I have been in contact with Sar.

    Yes, this was sortat last minute in the plans. They are calling themselves Sar’s heroes… I just thought what a better tway too through a wrench at that and see what happenes.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Oh, by the way, Archieves is it already happened and here it is as it was written down to be with any notes and edits made from what actually happened. Basicly paper copy for you all to see and me to recount to.

    Did you all notice Aelswith has been speaking about Barrelgore’s Kitchen in her Biographical posts. I told them up front it was an OOC solution to a need of fast forwarding straight to the point. I put the carpet and some ‘thing’ attached to it as if they are climbing the rope, exiting a door, jumping in a hole…I have made it different each time. But still, funny she insists on putting it in as if it really happened.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 7 ‘MEDIC! MEDIC!’ (DONE –Slow)

    Parties has returned to the SG-Tree with seven repair components and are instructed to find the four openings Frank has made more easily accessed points to the problem areas and thusly can apply the bandaging. The first seven take them a while, for each item has a set of instructions given by Frank. This will be like a scavenger hunt giving clues tot eh location and what object in the location to apply to. They will have one to do at a time. Frank will prepare the components while they do a task. The lantern is first requiring no prep work. After each completion they will receive a new instruction sheet and prepared component for the next. They can’t split into teams. Dangers await them unique to the locations.
    Collecter Caves will be used for the various locations. Direct drop-ins will be the locations listed below. The instructions followed in order will be stressed. Changes made to this follow:
    The Four locations have four instruction sets that explain the order and sequence and way to do the repairs. These applications will be dice based and have to do with chance. The instructions were prepared forty years ago by the Shaft Giver. Frank wrote them out on paintings from the cabin. These paintings were stolen by Sar and his wife’s decorator and hung in his home. Now they need retrieved and their destiny fulfilled.

    4 Instruction Sheets to 4 locations.
    6 Specially Prepared Tree Bandages

    1. Narlynwik Forest B2 – Heart Chamber @ SG-Tree
    2. Narlynwik Forest C2 – Belching pit Collector caves @ East where the steam lets out
    3. Narlynwik Forest B4 – Between foundations of earth and home @ Collector caves tunnels
    4. Narlynwik Forest A3 – Underground spring turned Red, @ Collector caves and Boogle mines

    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Portales, Sun-Ok, Traudek, Voran, Walis

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 8 ‘Medic-dues’ ( DONE-Overtime/Slow)

    Stage two of the repairs to the SG-Tree begins at the SG-Tree camp. A repeat of episode 7 with the scavenger hunts style locations for components use. Only this time there is a catch. Six components that remained are in different locations and new instructions are issued for locations. One is even in the cave leading to the Spider Temple. Once all six are restored the party is advised and informed of their pending mission to Arik for the Seed half. Frank will disclose the discovery in the near back pages of the Grippli History Vol. 2 book. This will set them up for the first trip to Arik for entering its depths. They will be looking for the Lost Vault of Arik. The vault will hold the Grippli’s heritage and its greatest possessions.

    4 Instruction Sheets to 4 Locations *, **

    Belferon, Durok, Faith, Keliana, Portales, Sar, Sun-Ok, Voran, Walis

    *This painting has been ruined by someone writing on the backside with a sharpened quill. The scrapes and scuffs on the front make the work nearly illegible and some spots have lost all the paint save the base dark wash. The writing on the reverse side is large print and crudely scribed, one might mistake it for work by a Portales Penmanship. Thought it is not easily based on the grammar, this document is instructions to a place and order of completing some sort of tasks.

    **Location One

    The Shaft Giver’s heart, opened at the base of the tree. Grippli shall guard it with their lives. Fight until death for the sake of the Shaft Giver. The Last location to visit, the last instructions must use.

    1. Hibernate: Set Shaft Giver to rest (completed by Master Threecard)
    2. Rope: Cut strands 8 badgers long
    Measure length with and mark with 2 coils, uncoil to opposite bundle and cut until all rope cut
    3. Bronze Shields: Hang with rope about heart
    Loop rope through shields holes, anchor ropes to ceiling with Grippli Sticks Sharps
    4. Glacial Ice: Extinguish fires with 3 glacial ice
    Fan ice as flames until near for setting on side, fan tell flame frozen

    Location Two

    Second opening not allowed at Shaft Giver. Frank walk to find close hop for opening to location two. Find venting steam close to road, open above belching pit. Here is not far from Location one. Here is second location must visit after the first location is visited.

    1. Lantern of McGreggor: Power in lantern exploded over belching pond.
    Grippli Sticks Blunts striking lantern over pond will explode, careful belches not blow lantern away from reach.
    2. Glacial Ice: Place as described in Instructions on Location One. Gas flames here must be frozen
    3. Graveyard Dirt: Sprinkled over belching pit after Lantern.
    The jars must burst and sprinkle about middle, cover burns from blast of the lantern, bring new life to dead earth. Grippli Stick Blunts shall shatter jars or bags in the right manor.

    Location Three

    Long walk North with Shaft Giver at back, small earth quake under Grippli makes walk long and jagged a Shaft Giver sway. Opening possible at foundation of land and home for third location to visit after second location is treated. Frank look in hole, long tunnels are good for seeding good soil.

    1. Bones: Broken and piled, raised and slain to be released from their prison along the path.
    2. Fish: Deposited along path in small holes, covered.
    Dig small holes, place fish in hole, run sword through fish into ground and remove sword, cover fish, run through covered fished with sword into ground again and remove sword, cover more if need.
    3. Silk: Provide homes for spiders and aphid catchers along path
    Needle and thread the silk about Grippli Sticks Sharps anchored in corners.

    Location Four

    From Location Three the path leads west again, and north. Near a log home in a stump of a dead root sprout. Opening the first location to be visited Frank thought not enter. Underground water source must be cleansed first. For not have any items for location one, proceed for second location to visit, have not the items for the second location proceed to third location to visit, for not items for this third location proceed Location One for last location to visit. Perform instructions for each location in order of list. For not for one hop over for two, if not for two hop on for three.

    1. Emeralds: Thrown a manageable distance into largest pools. ((Toss is sum of a 1d20))
    2. Sugar: Canisters tossed over the landing of the emeralds. At least five must land near. ((within 3+/-))
    3. Sand: Tossed over the landing of the sugar. At least 4 must land near((as above))
    4. Ginseng: Tossed over the landing of the first. At least three must land near. ((as above)) Note for DM: Bags can be mixed with ginseng for 13 tries at this

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 9 ‘Shaft-Arik’d!?’ ( Done-Well )

    The First trip to Arik, easy and auto piloted. This trip should get them at least as far as the Subterranean. This Episode will be restricted to the ones who attended previous episode. Stragglers will be left above in the midst of the slavers. Kaldt will be found down here, she will be looking to give them her thanks for their defeating Father McGreggor. Both fights were distractions saving Opinvu from his pursuit while he searched out the towel. The kill allowed her to aid Dweeble in distracting a deamon. Evading notice while aiding the situation, she was unable to witness any succeses or failures but the one fact that Opinvu is no longer in Arik. But, sadly Father McGreggor has returned from Garm’s ranch. As they speak he is leaving Arik in pursuit of Opinvu in the desert. Dweeble and Opinvu’s exact condition or location is out of her reach. McGreggor is clouding the already clouded wastelands.

    Characters locked out until next Episode

    Belferon, Durok, Faith, Keliana, Portales, Sun-OK, Voran, Walis

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 10 ‘Deep Darpli’ (Done, Failed 1 times)

    Continuing the venture into the deep depths of Arik, the party must find the Forgotten chamber and locate the chest described by Frank. They will be warned, the key will open only one. A narrative of the conversation they had but didn’t have with Frank before they left will be recalled to the players. The goal shall be found and the return trip is only to the surface.

    Optional Quest:
    Seeking Opinvu and McGreggor to help Opinvu escape may be pursued if requested. Opinvu will not be found, but McGreggor may be found at the Wall at Gastlynik Gate. Defeating Or engaging McGreggor will save Opinvu to escape out of the area without knowing they are there.


    Seed half of the Tree of life

    Travel back to Foothold / Optional Quest

    Attendance 1:
    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Monty, Sun-Ok, Voran, Walis

    Attendance 2:
    Belferon, Keliana, Voran, Walis

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 11 ‘Gripfam Reunipli’ ( Done-Well – Note)

    On their return to the SG-Tree they find the camp of Grippli rounded up in cages on wagons. The only culprit stands before them admittedly, Ebb Sterling. He explains the case; the one from the temple took his wife, her safety balances on his success in obtaining what the party has come to deliver. He must leave with the Seed, or there will be a massive killing of Grippli and heroes. A fight ensuing reveals it’s not really Ebb at all, but one of the Thirteen Champions. Defeating him frees the Grippli. Frank informs the party the entrance to the Heart chamber was hidden and will open in a different location. He will give them the clues to find it after they rest up from the fight.

    Sun-Ok is in possession of the Gloves of Strangulation, this episode ran on Friday the 13th of June. Her gloves gained strength and encouraged her subconscious to put the gloves on. Now that they won’t come off, she attacked several during the trip back to the SG-Tree. This episode has triggered the party’s involvement with her and the gloves. Frank was asked for help after his release from the cages. He revealed to them the key of removing them. She must fight a mental battle that requires great wisdom and strong will to overcome the curse. She ran off to save everyone from herself, the rest returned to Foothold to help find aids to wisdom.

    Thirteen Champion—Kalem Saldt

    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Sun-ok, Voran, Walis

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 12 ‘Sewing, Grippli Style 101’ (Done- Well)

    Party ready to sew the seed and restore the divinity to the SG-Tree, they pursue the location of the opening to the heart Chamber. Frank will ask the tree where the location is. The response is again a riddle. When they arrive they discover it is not there. Exhaustive searching will make them question Frank’s instructions or their own conclusions. If the party does not return a Grippli will be sent out to fetch them and return them to Frank. As if by its own desires, the opening appears where it is supposed to be. This frightens Frank. His preparations of hiding the entrance were flawless and powerful. For them to have been averted in such manner brings him to warn them of something very powerful below, maybe waiting. They find the heart chamber not looking the same as it did the first time entering it. Scouting the caves they find the threats lurking in the shadows and around corners. They find themselves, waiting for themselves to ambush themselves and take the seed. They are then insured that themselves will be victorious and not themselves. Killing one is only temporary, until Yellow and Blue crystal is destroyed. Each crystal pair is with a copy of the Player denoting the person’s copy it is powering. Completing this will reveal a once concealed door allowing them access to the heart Chamber.

    Sun-ok rolls a 25 for release of the gloves of Strangulation. Walis dies the most as they battle themselves, with Voran close behind.

    Set players copies to NON LOOTABLE corpses. (leaves static corpse)

    Snakes, the tree hates snakes.

    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Monty, Sun-Ok, Voran, Walis

    • Markshire PCs:

    Episode 13 ‘Saving Grippli’ (Done – Minor Changes)

    The final Episode, the final fight, the final Act that takes it all to rest, this episode wraps up Opinvu’s adventure and the Grippli Tragedy. They enter the heart chamber and find three familiar faces. Opinvu, *Sar, and Ebb Sterling, again. The three claim to be there to stop them from doing this. Stop them from doing a bad thing that looks right. They urge the party to stop on the basis that the tree is actually evil; its roots gave new life to the Spider temple and helped raise it from its sub-earth tomb. Opinvu claims to have the towel with him, and he has found that the lich is in the tree now. *Sar claims to have found Opinvu near his home and helped him track the black ooze to the tree. Ebb claims to be the real Ebb, Opinvu and *Sar had freed him when they found him. Who brought him there is a dodgy fact. The three stories line up but don’t make to much sense. Their captor, the lich, wants this divinity to become a god. Giving it to the tree will be playing into his trap. If they are not confused enough, then more details will be required. If so, then Kaldt will appear like a vision on the wall. She will try to warn them that they lie, that they must use the seed on the trees heart. She will reveal how she is able to project her image as proof. This act being proof that Opinvu is safe and has already defeated the Lich that was now infecting all the water of the forest. As the three imposters argue otherwise and to ignore the Lich’s trickery. She will counter with the tale of the imposters. The three were brought back in a deal with the now dead and absorbed Lich. His veil and power in this world will slowly decay and vanish forever. The contract held keeping them in good terms with the pact is also dissolved; their defeat will too thusly be permanent. She looses her connection for the time being after this. The Three reveal their true identities and battle for the seed.

    Once battle is over, the seed is sewn and the tree recovers. Chests from the earth above them fall at the tree’s wish. Frank enters the room joyous and gleefully congratulates them and conveys the SG-Tree’s thanks as well. The Tree knows of Opinvu’s safety as well, and the fact that the lich is dead, the Spider temple is weakening though the minions inside grows stronger. Good is winning, but chaos is the new growing threat over evil. Frank leaves to the hills, and the Grippli return home. The forest lives happily ever after.

    Minor Changes:
    Sar was removed and replaced with a wandering cow. Opinvu was played by a Halfling model, Ebb was in character minus the proper sword. (a clue along with the cow roaming in the area) The illusions of Opi and Ebb nearly convinced the party to give up the seed. The pair attempted to trick them into believing a different story as described above. Kaldt’s appearance was summoned by the call of the players praying to her for a sign, or opinion. With the Lich technically dead, I allowed her a casting of her likeness to warn them of the trickery. They still almost believed Opi’s story that the Lich had infested the tree and was controlling the illusions. Someone then went over and killed the cow, the image faded and Bovinious the Destroyer stood up and shook off the blows and attacked. The other two in the trap ran for cover as their illusions were blown. The three champions fought them twice and lost, miserably.

    Opinvu (representation) – Champion Illusionist
    Ebb – Champion Halion

    Player Rewards
    1. Belferon – Ring, Longsword ‘Lost Ring’
    2. Durok — Armor
    3. Faith – Walkingstick (forfeit, no-show)
    4. Keliana – Womans Helm, Arik Defender Blade
    5. Monty—Arcane Robe
    6. Portales — Horn
    7. Sun-Ok – Sword Upgrade to +2, Ring
    8. Traudek – Forfeit/ No-show
    9. Voran — Armor
    10. Walis – Basterd Sword Willing Battle
    11. ALL Attended this Episode, Grippligeddon Ring. (regenerates HP +3, Large damage vulnerabilities {25-50%} Blug/Slash/Peirce)

    Belferon, Durok, Keliana, Sun-Ok, Walis

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