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    Long ago, many courageous men and women left the civilized cities of their birth. They traveled north until they found a great valley, where they settled. The next few years took its toll upon these pioneers; their village, Arik, was slowly deteriorating. This continued until one day a strange man arrived riding a warhorse and wearing heavy armor.

    Sir Johann Mark made friends quickly with the villagers and learned of their troubles. He set out to fix them. He ran across a woman in the wilderness. She summoned monsters to attack him for interfering with her curse upon the village. He defeated them all and bound the witch hand and foot. Returning to Arik victorious, the villagers made him one of their own.

    The population of Arik made Sir Mark the champion of Arik. However, because of the strife the witch had caused the village was without leadership. It didn’t take long for the citizens who remained to decide upon a course of action. They made Sir Johann Mark the First Lord of Arik and the surrounding countryside now known as Markshire.

    With the curse lifted Arik’s citizens were born anew like a phoenix. With the same majesty of a Great Phoenix, Arik arose from the ashes of its former self and became a thriving city. Eventually Arik became the center for civilization in the north.

    Markshire grew to envelop the entire valley and through a pass in the mountain the neighboring valley as well.

    The land flourished. It was still a hard land but the beauty of the North called many.

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