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    • Markshire PCs:

    As some of you are aware, the Monty house is a Halloween haven for spooks and goblins. Even though I didn’t get home until 6pm tonight, we put out all the fun stuff:

    – A floating goblin that moans and rises and falls with realistic floating arms.
    – A spider that drops on the unwary as they stand at our door.
    – A flying bat that flaps around the front yard.
    – A new Pirate skull that rises and falls, and screams at the unwary to keep away.
    – Assorted lights and mini faces that hide in the hedges.
    – Outdoor hidden speakers that have sound effects, scary stories, and general creepy stuff.
    – A fog machine run by yours truly, used at the proper moment to induce panic in those that come by for candy.

    My wife actually introduced the best thing we’ve added to date – we were in the flower nursery, and the guy sells Halloween stuff in the fall. Since it’s fairly quiet in there, he gets the halloween stuff to trigger off by dropping the mini-poppers on the floor, so the customers step on them. We thought this was such a great idea, we had to try it, so we seeded the walkway to our door with these. Well, some kids were passing us by, and the wife got the brainstorm – put the poppers on the sidewalk outside our gate! Oh, man the fun we had!! We had people jumping, and screaming, and one lady brings her 3-4 year old kids to get candy, gets it, and then gets them back in the car without setting off a single popper, how I will never know. Then, she turn to get into the car, and BANG! We laughed until we couldn’t breathe!!



    • Markshire PCs:

    LOL! Sounds like a blast! I spent it at a resprt on the PR coast on the Company dime! And.. under the company eye… so it was just relaxiing…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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