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    Kayla is a young half elf with long red hair and green eyes. Daughter of Vastion Evergreen, A notorious Human Druid Feared and hated by many. In her early days Kayla was considered flighty and childish by many seldom taken seriously and watched with suspicion by many because of who her father is. For years Kayla refused to believe her father was evil making excuses for him stating he was ill. She spent most of her time studying her craft to make a cure. Eventually realizing Her Father was indeed Evil and had actually killed her mother. She disappeared into the desert not to be seen for quite sometime. Once she returned she was different no longer the sweet innocent Flighty child now a very powerful Druid possessed with several spirits. She now seems darker not in a evil sense but in a more serious tone. Now when she speaks she refers to herself as we When shes not patrolling her Forest she likes to lay out napping in Foothold near The Gargoyle and the Militias Headquarters.

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