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    Markshire Setup and Goals


    Flow of Content – The Live Mod is located on the Bifrost and is managed by ONE person at a time. That person may change but there can be only one. That person is hereby referred to as the Live Mod Manager (LMM).

    Definition of Content – The definition of content in this aspect is anything that requires the mod be opened and updated. Updates are allowable but limited to certain types of updates. See separate listing.

    Condition of Content – All content must be cleaned prior to submission to the Live Mod. There are a couple of reasons for this:

    • Accidental Overwrites – The game will export all necessary scripts, palette objects (creatures, placeables, items, etc.) and conversations associated with an Area or Object. This means that certain bad files can be included by accident that will overwrite Global scripts (example: nw_c2_default2).
    • Incorrect Naming Conventions / Missing Tags – This is fairly common. Everything requires a tag; Areas, Objects, Conversations, etc. Files should be named appropriately. The naming convention is listed online but a separate file will reiterate the convention.

    To clean the content, import it into a clean module directory and review the saved directory files for scripts, etc. If a script appears that is not part of the Markshire published list then they need to be reviewed. The list is online with notes.

    Content Publishing – Content can be provided to the Live Mod Manager in one of two methods. The preferred method is as an ERF. This method is required for Area or Palette content. The second method is file delivery. This will only be used if the content to be delivered is text based like Scripts and Conversations. In any circumstance, the LMM has the final say as to how the content is to be delivered for a project.

    Delivery of Content – There are two easy methods of delivering content to the Live Mod Manager. E-mail is the most common. FTP and E-mail notification is the other. E-mail works fine for smaller inclusions. It combines the content with the notification and saves the LMM effort. FTP is better for larger files as E-mail won’t typically allow things over 8mb to be sent and FTP is a better method of downloading larger files.

    Immediate Goals (end of May)

    BETA Death Install – it’s missing some components that I’ll continue to research

    BTP Fixes – setup and install BTP’s fixes again

    Transition Fixes – need to ensure each transition works in each direction

    Build and Deploy NPC Factions – create faction chart for MS2 include online faction chart for reference and debate

    Create Faction Farm (or equivalent) – this is necessary for allowing changing of factions in game

    Finish Feat Integration – build icons and finalize 2DA changes needed to incorporate the background and history feats

    Intermediary Goals (end of June)

    Subdual System – implement the subdual system to BETA

    Begin Work on DB Conversion of Encounter Builder – build web apps that allow control of the varying Encounter Systems into the Encounter Builder System

    Build Design Document – detail how the varying systems will interact with the Encounter Builder

    Create “Tables” – convert or create new tables for varying systems on Google Docs

    Tweak XPTW and CRs – check each monster template for relative CR value and adjust the CR and then adjust the system for any overall inconsistencies

    Continue Rest Research – find the appropriate method to override the events for rest

    Convert the Cleaner System – recreate the cleaner system on MS2 with changes based on new systems and including item recovery and online reporting

    Record Voice-overs of Norns – create scripts for each Norn based on existing conversation and sit down with voice talent to record

    Long Term Goals (Summer)

    Begin Campaign Launch of BETA – start DMs having adventures on the server using a weekly/bi-weekly schedule

    Incorporate PC Reputation System – incorporate Feat recognition into conversations, stores and creatures

    Ongoing Goals

    Implementation of Quests – create, test and implement individual quests

    Area Creation – plan, create, layout and populate individual areas

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