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    • Markshire PCs:

    I didn’t want to post this on the main boards, because it can be construed as being tremendously vulgar. Just sayin’.

    Over the past few months, I’ve been chipping away at a new DMFS video game, tentatively titled DMFS: Curtis Joins The Band. It follows the story of our new bass player during his initiation into the Squad; each stage is a minigame featuring one of the band members presenting a particular challenge to Curtis. The player must guide Curtis to a success in each challenge to earn the respect of the band members one by one, and finally become an integral part of the Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad.

    I’m also paying homage to the live-action Sega CD games with this one. Between the stages, the band will be featured in live action video segments, introducing stages, congratulating the player, or condemning them to a fate worse than death. Once the player has beaten the game, I’ll expose them to the cheat code that allows them to enjoy the videos in “classic style”: ultra-grainy and pixelated.

    Anyhow, I’ve currently finished an alpha version of one of the minigames to be in the final release: The Pee In Her Butt Minigame. This is Father Ryan O’Graham’s game, and the concept is borne from an inside joke…Whenever he joins in a conversation about a girl one of the bandmates is interested in, he’ll ask, “So are you gonna pee in her butt?” If we chat about some attractive woman we’ve seen at a show or whatever, he’ll ask, “I bet you want to pee in her butt, don’t you?” It’s a kind of strange allusion to anal sex or something. It’s completely absurd.

    But in this game, you pee on nun’s butts and earn the endorsement of the Pope. Download link is below (about 2MB in size). The final version will have polished, high-quality audio and some voice acting from the Pope.

    I also have a ‘project’ page for this game on The Daily Click:




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