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    • Markshire PCs:

    This female entity is the embodiment of the strong human, demi-human, and animal spirits that perservere in the cold climates of Markshire. Kind and benevolent, she offers aid to weary travelers where she can, most often in the form of wisdom, warning, or healing. She also seeks to preserve wildlife from wanton destruction.

    Kaldt is in tune with the natural lands of Markshire, embracing the frigid clime. She understands that it is a harsh, brutal region in which to live. She does not interfere with nature taking it’s course, whether it is an orc tribe hunting elk or a fox hunting a hare. She does however strive to prevent suffering.

    Alignment: Good

    Common Interaction with: Druids and nature clerics. Some barbarians.

    Appearance: Kaldt is a beautiful female, human in appearance. Her skin and complexion reflect the clime, she is the color of ice and snow, with a tinge of blue. She typically carries a staff.

    • Markshire PCs:

    (copied from another post)

    A mother sits at dusk near a pond, watching her children frolic about the snow, playing with the family pet, a husky. She thinks about dinner for the evening, and how she will have little to provide them with. It has been hard since their father left them. She is amazed that her son has grown to the size he has, he is nearly a man at age 15. Her daughter rides on the back of the dog, giggling and laughing. She is just about to suggest heading home for the evening when the dog stops, dropping the 7 year old girl in a puff of snow.

    A low growl emanates from the husky as a pair of dark shapes appear from a nearby treeline. Low slung, yet larger than the family dog, wolves. The husky immediately places itself between the three and the threat. But soon it is forced to make a choice, as the wolves split and encirlce the group. It chooses the larger of the two, and streaks forward.

    Branwen knows that she must get her family out. The bitch shoots in at her son, and she is forced to choose. Stay by her daughter’s side or help her son. In the time it takes for her to decide, her son lays in a circle of crimson snow. The female wolf slowly pushes her and Lexi back. She keeps her daughter behind her as she retreats, always facing the wolf. Just as Lexi is about to say something, the wolf lunges into them, blindingly fast, and knocks both of them into the pond, the ice breaking and cutting her as the three are engulfed. The wolf bites into her arm, she feels Lexi clawing up her back, her lungs burn.

    Then a moment of clarity settles over her. She ceases to struggle, instead using the wolf’s embrace as a point of reference. She grabs Lexi by the coat roughly, and shoves her towards the shore. In her struggle her head breaks the surface. She sees Lexi clinging to an ice floe, and beyond that the male wolf limping back into the wood. The husky lies steaming 40 yards away. The weight of the female pulls her below the surface, and in the middle of all this horror, Branwen finds solace. Then she finds darkness.

    Nearby a woman watches motionless, tears in her eyes. She watches as the young girl claws her way to the shore, and collapses weeping, looking at the surface of the pond. She loses consciousness soon after. The woman watches on as darkness conquers the region. Kaldt and Lexi are the only ones to bear witness to the bravery of a mother and the bravery of family. She will make sure this child is not lost. While it is often impossible to interfere directly, she will not see this girl lost.

    When Lexi awakens in the morning, she is covered in warm blankets. She manages to walk home, alone. Her story is oft told on cold winter nights, and becomes reknowned through the region. In time she has her own family. And not once does she fail to uphold her mother’s memory, not once does her own well being come before the well being of those she loves. Over the years, Kaldt looks in on her, and each time she smiles. She knows that while much was lost, not all was. The strength of family and the selflessness that is often found in it lives on with Lexi and others. And at this Kaldt smiles.

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