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    Lt. Tyler
    • Markshire PCs:

    The young elf mage bears a look of intense concentration upon his brow, a small drop of sweat beading at the temple until it streaks a path downward. He mutters the word as the ancient tome described, and makes the prescribed motions, channeling the magical energy that flows all around.

    Yet all that appears is a small pop of a flame, that is immediately extinguished in a huge ball of smoke.

    Damn!,” the elf curses, anger visible in his reddening cheeks. He turns back to the book, to study the words and motions once more.

    Suddenly, before him appears an old elf, his wizened face framed by long white hair. Calmly he says, “I can help you learn this seidr if you wish.

    The Seidrjarl is the embodiment of all the efforts, struggles, and practice that those who rely on magic in Markshire must experience along the path to true mastery. They often find themselves visited by the Seidrjarl during particularly trying moments, when success seems impossible.

    Common Interaction with: Those who seek knowledge of magic, in all its formsl.

    Alignment: True neutral. The Seidrjarl only helps in the acquisition of the magical skill; the uses of such knowledge are left to the individual.

    Appearance: The Seidrjarl never appears the same to two different people, being variously described as both male and female, and both human and demi-human (depending on race of those visited). Reports do consistently describe the Seidrjarl as having white hair and an aged face, while wearing plain red robes and carrying a simple wooden staff.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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