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    Back Ground Investigation Form 10-343B

    Investigator: Irtin Downfoot

    Subject: Garkas Joterhun
    Race: Hill Dwarf, Clan UNK
    Religion: UNK
    Height: 4’10” (approx)
    Weight: 235 lbs (approx)
    Birthdate: UNK
    Birthplace: UNK

    Subject Garkas Joterhun has applied for Sir Alex Mark’s Markseteers. He has completed all test, with pending scores. Garkas claims to have been a scout for the Gastlynik Gate Guard, and produced a worn patch with the city seal on it. He was observed collecting bounties for orc shields at the stand, near the registration desk, by the Registration Officer. No records found in Stonemark for a Garkas Joterhun, or any Joterhun.

    The undersigned recommends continued investigation. An interview will be conducted with shield bounty personnel. Record checks still pending from Highhold and Bal’ynaz. No record check available from Deephold.

    Submitted by:
    Irtin Downfoot, Stonemark Background Investigator #82

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