One Day, Long Ago in the Former Capitol of Markshire

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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    The Great Mage Hysteria was once upon a time the greatest mage in Markshire. Many, many years ago when Markshire was still a new kingdom she stepped out onto the balcony of the tallest tower in Arik and proclaimed …

    “I have divined that what this city needs is some FUN!”

    Magically her voice carried across the city. Everyone heard it as if she was standing right there in front of them.

    “So in the spirit of FUN I have devised a CONTEST!

    To the winner of this contest goes 10000 gold pieces.

    For those who take 2nd or 3rd place goes 2000 gold pieces.

    Let all know that all those who participate shall be rewarded.

    For at DAWN tomorrow starts the GREAT PENGUIN CAPER.

    Tomorrow at dawn the city’s streets shall be littered with Penguins. Magical Penguins. At the gate of the city each person who wishes to participate may receive a Snowglobe.

    The rules are simple …

    There shall be no fighting. No collaborating. And no Magic Use by spell or by item.

    You must capture as many penguins as you can within TWO HOURS.

    They cannot be harmed. They can only be captured using the magic snowglobes you will be provided with.

    Get some rest! For tomorrow you shall hunt Penguins!”

    With that she returned to her chambers and everyone was left wondering if she was insane.

    The dawn sky turned from grey to fire and the city was covered in Penguins. So many in fact that they nearly blanketed the ground completely.

    The little guys were constantly moving and when you approached, they ran away. When they were cornered they bit back.

    When it was over, the grippli known as Greymalken was the victor. And much hilarity was had by all.

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