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    Portales Penmanship is slightly taller than the average gnome. He has a thin build and dresses neatly, with a very gnomish sense of style. Unlike most gnomes, he wears no facial hair as he’s quite young by gnomish standards (the equivalent of a human at the end of his teens) Portales is an extreme extravert, always talking laughing and singing, with just about anyone he can find. He is also a bit of a prankster which periodically gets him in trouble. Though he sometimes carries a crossbow around, he’s not mistaken for an archer, as he hasn’t quite figured out how to use it, often loading the arrows in backwards during any kind of conlflict or stress. Portales fancies himself a singer, songwriter, poet, dancer, writer, and scribe, though he’s not particularly good at any. He has a great fascination with heroes or anyone he perceives as heroic, and will often follow them around (without really helping them) singing and writing about them (in his own illegible messy script). Most find him either mildly humerous or slightly annoying, but his enthusiasm and pleasant nature often over shadow (or excuse) his erratic behavior.

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