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    • Markshire PCs:

    He would like us to start working somewhat with his Mist story line. The long and short is this mist curses his elven people and makes them into undead. He is looking for a cure and that’s why he’s here. Sar is helping him to this end.

    Currently he thinks that Kamas’ master might have some answers. I was trying to have him interact with the ghoul from Kamas’ master when that all went to hel in a handbasket.. darn that Vru..

    Anyway more on this as it developes.

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    I thought we had sent him a little not about Ravenloft not working within the confines of Markshire. Perhaps he is modifying his backstory.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    I did send him a “NO RAVENLOFT” message.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Yeah I think he is modifying it so that the mist is just some curse…. doesn’t have to be the ravenloft mist after all. But now he’s trying to figure out how his people were turned undead. Vru’s answer to him was classic “They are dead.”

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    He got some vengeance for his village falling to the mists. I played it that the ice troll shaman, the one from the hole, is the one that caused the mists to hit his village.

    Red put in that undead and mists hit and destroyed his village. This troll shaman likes his icky mists and has undead in his pits. So Red, Sar, Shan, and Ederyn went and assaulted the Hole. Took a beating but took the shaman as well.

    Red got a leaf from Kaldt. When he placed it in the meat locked it released some of the tormented spirits the troll shaman has festered in his watery undead factory.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Some significant stuff hit the fan with Reinhart last night. To sum up:
    1. Reinhart finally proposes to Spana at the foot of the Temple of Odin in Foothold.
    2. Spana diplomatically but sternly refuses, saying she’s promised to another (she alluded to the gods, but not to another PC/NPC).
    3. Reinhart, in a jealous rage, threatens to slay whomever she is promised to. He rushes off to the forest.
    4. Retribution steps in (of course).
    5. Reinhart vows to fight against the gods, steal the spear from Spana, and aid the Thirteen. Yeah, he was really on a rampage…
    6. Retribution says that he’ll assist Reinhart on his quest for vengeance.
    7. Shifted Reinhart 5 points towards evil. Via tells, I told him that alignment shift is gradual, but as long as he’s consistent, he’ll earn the change he’s looking for. He’s completely on board with the evil shift.

    Transcript to follow (I’m currently at work, and the log is at home).

    I also gave him an item I created over the weekend:


    Cast Magic Vestment, 3 uses.

    Any questions? Just post them here.

    • Markshire PCs:


    This is AWESOME.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Reinhart and Spana have a chat outside the Temple of Odin in Foothold…

    Reinhart the Red: yes what is it my lady
    Spana Grettisdottir: *small shake of her head then smiles* It is nothing.
    Reinhart the Red: why do you do that i am not a child tell me
    Spana Grettisdottir: I know you’re not a child… and I know you’re… feelings for me…
    Reinhart the Red: /looks to her with troubled eyes/
    Spana Grettisdottir: I just don’t want to see you hurt….
    Reinhart the Red: and i can not change the way i fill for you
    Reinhart the Red: and i no you fill something for me as well
    Reinhart the Red: all i do is for you to see the man in me
    Spana Grettisdottir: *drops her head a moment then looks up at him* You are a /good/ friend, Reinhart, but….
    Spana Grettisdottir: There is so much.. about me you don’t know…
    Reinhart the Red: and i am willing to take that change the is what love is
    Reinhart the Red: i can be there for you
    Vruruk Krain: *nods gravely*
    Reinhart the Red: /bows on one knee/
    Spana Grettisdottir: *small worried frown takes a step back from him* P..Please… don’t..
    Reinhart the Red: i plege my love to you is real as the sun and will never stop bruning for you like the sun
    Spana Grettisdottir: Oh.. Reinhart.. please…
    Spana Grettisdottir: You can’t begin to know…. My life is not my own….
    Reinhart the Red: i am for real you are all i think about all the time
    Reinhart the Red: and i will go on this walk with you
    Reinhart the Red: with out you i am not hole
    Spana Grettisdottir: *closes her eyes*
    Reinhart the Red: i will love you with my last breath
    Reinhart the Red: let me show you
    Spana Grettisdottir: *opens her eyes and shakes her head* No! You can’t… You don’t understand!
    Reinhart the Red: let me try
    Reinhart the Red: open up to me
    Spana Grettisdottir: Reinhart.. please.. listen to me!
    Mogelweg : [Tell] I’m giving you the chance to bury the hatchet with this one…Let me know if you need anything.
    Reinhart the Red: yes Spana
    Spana Grettisdottir: [Tell] see how this plays out.
    Reinhart the Red: In your heart the is a place for me i can fill it
    Mogelweg : [Tell] Of course.
    Spana Grettisdottir: No! Please just listen!
    Reinhart the Red: and you know it too
    Reinhart the Red: /a small tear falls/
    Reinhart the Red: what do i have to do to show you my love for you
    Spana Grettisdottir: Oh Reinhart… you don’t understand….
    Spana Grettisdottir: I know how you feel about me….
    Reinhart the Red: Well let me or show me i am willing
    Spana Grettisdottir: but my…. life is so… uncertain now…. There is too much… too many….
    Reinhart the Red: i fill for you like no one has touched me but the Gods
    Spana Grettisdottir: Please, stop! *drops her head in hands and then runs them through her hair* I..I can’t do this!
    Spana Grettisdottir: Don’t you see…. don’t you understand?
    Reinhart the Red: but why win you are around i fill a fier in me like you can’t understand
    Reinhart the Red: I am nothing with out you Spana

    Reinhart the Red: just some elf
    Spana Grettisdottir: You’re going to have to be. I know you can be. I /can’t/ give you my love!
    Reinhart the Red: but with you i am hole
    Reinhart the Red: /drops head and tears fall faster/
    Spana Grettisdottir: My life is not my own.
    Reinhart the Red: i just want you to share it with me
    Reinhart the Red: is that to much to ask you
    Spana Grettisdottir: *quietly* I can’t, Reinhart. Yes, it is. I would not put you in such danger.
    Reinhart the Red: i am in the same fight you are i am already there my love
    Reinhart the Red: i would die for your love
    Reinhart the Red: just to show you
    Spana Grettisdottir: *small sad shake of her head* You are too good. And no… there is one who…. I would not put you in his path.
    Reinhart the Red: it is to late for that
    Reinhart the Red: your eneme is my eneme
    Spana Grettisdottir: No it isn’t. And you cannot go up against a god, Reinhart… not this one.
    Reinhart the Red: do not forsake me
    Reinhart the Red: if it is what i have to do i will do it
    Reinhart the Red: anthing for your love Spana
    Reinhart the Red: tell me what to do and i will do it
    Spana Grettisdottir: *draws in a deep breath, then slowly shakes her head* I… care about you. You’re a good friend. But that is /all/ you are. *bites her lip* If I were… free…
    Spana Grettisdottir: there is another I… love…. but I am not.
    Reinhart the Red: anther what
    Reinhart the Red: ANTHER
    Reinhart the Red: how can this be
    Reinhart the Red: I will kill him
    Spana Grettisdottir: *folds her arms in front of her and drops her head staring at the snow* No, you won’t.
    Reinhart the Red: i will drop him there can be no ather
    Reinhart the Red: and his name
    Reinhart the Red: TELL ME
    Spana Grettisdottir: You’re a better person than that, Reinhart. *quietly* And it does not matter anyway.
    Vruruk Krain: *waits patiently for the gate to close*
    Reinhart the Red: i will find this man if it is the last thing i do
    Spana Grettisdottir: He knows it not, nor will he…. As I said before.. My life is not my own.
    Vruruk Krain: *looks at the wildly gesturing Reinhert wit ha raised eyebrow*
    Reinhart the Red: but it can be take it back
    Spana Grettisdottir: *glances up to Vru, then turns away embarrassed*

    Reinhart the Red: tell me his name spana
    Reinhart the Red: you owe me that much’
    Spana Grettisdottir: *slowly looks back to Reinhart, then shakes her head* I belong to Odin, Reinhart and to the other gods.
    Vruruk Krain: *closes the door with care*

    Reinhart the Red: as do we all
    Vruruk Krain: *decides to stay out of it*
    Mogelweg : [Tell] Wise man. πŸ™‚
    Spana Grettisdottir: No, you still don’t understand.
    Reinhart the Red: there is time for love
    Spana Grettisdottir: *quietly* No, there isn’t.
    Reinhart the Red: if i can not be with you no one will you will see my fire my love one way or anther
    Spana Grettisdottir: *slowly moves to the steps and sits dispondently*


    Later, as Reinhart travels through the forest…

    Mogelweg : [Tell] *you feel as though someone is watching you as you travel through the forest*
    Reinhart the Red: I have no time for games today is not the day come out
    You cannot use an unidentified item.
    Retribution: Is that so?
    Reinhart the Red: and you are
    Retribution: …A friend.
    Retribution: A friend, who knows that you seem a bit down.
    Reinhart the Red: no is a bad time to see me i am at my low point
    Retribution: Why’s that? Feel free to tell me.
    Reinhart the Red: how do you no this
    Reinhart the Red: how do you no me
    Reinhart the Red: are you a god
    Retribution: *his wolfish ears prick up* I have my ways of knowing this.
    Reinhart the Red: i am in love with someone that can not love me
    Retribution: Why can’t this person love you, as you say? …That sounds terrible.
    Reinhart the Red: For the gods need here more than i
    Retribution: *shakes head* tsk, tsk, tsk…Truly terrible indeed.
    Retribution: One who loves the gods more than you, you say?
    Reinhart the Red: i do all my work for the same Gods
    Retribution: And they’re not listening to you, are they?
    Reinhart the Red: we should be on the same path
    Reinhart the Red: no not anymore
    Retribution: It’s as if the gods don’t really care about what you do, hmm?
    Reinhart the Red: so i will make my own path they will see
    Retribution: *raises a brow* Oh, is that so?
    Retribution: How does one such as you *chuckles* aim to conquer the gods?
    Reinhart the Red: my heart is cold as ice now they have anleshed the monster in me
    Retribution: My word…I must say I’m impressed.
    Retribution: It sounds as if you might not need my help at all.
    Reinhart the Red: by working agenst them in all i do
    Retribution: You seem so dedicated…So true in purpose. *slow nod*
    Reinhart the Red: i will be a puppit no more
    Retribution: *wolfish grin* Good for you…
    Retribution: You wish to strike out against the gods, don’t you?
    Retribution: They took your woman away, and now they will pay.
    Reinhart the Red: For i am Reinhart the Red and they will no my name soon
    Retribution: Reinhart the Red…Such a powerful figure, with a powerful name. *nods*
    Reinhart the Red: all i had was Spana and my pepole and they are all gone now
    Reinhart the Red: so it is just me
    Retribution: …Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
    Reinhart the Red: and if she is not on my side i will fight agenst her with the 13
    Reinhart the Red: and thake that damn sper from her
    Retribution: *his eyes widen* That’s quite a vow. Are you sure you’re man enough for it?
    Reinhart the Red: there is some way to gain power it is there
    Retribution: True…but power enough to challenge the gods?
    Reinhart the Red: for i am not fighting for good no more it has got me nowhere
    Reinhart the Red: but alone
    Reinhart the Red: where do you stand
    Retribution: *nods* It’s about time you fought for yourself, isn’t it?
    Reinhart the Red: yes and it fill so good too
    Retribution: And if she’s not with you, then she’s against you.
    Reinhart the Red: yes you see what i mean you understand
    Retribution: …Of course I do.
    Reinhart the Red: someone does
    Reinhart the Red: can you help me
    Retribution: *sniffs, and licks his chops* Well, I don’t give out my help to just anyone.
    Retribution: What would you be willing to offer in exchange for my assistance?
    Reinhart the Red: what can i do for you anthing for power
    Retribution: *laughs* Anything?
    Reinhart the Red: anything i have nothing left
    Retribution: Reinhart…you can count on me for support.
    Retribution: If you have nothing else, then rest assured you have me.
    Reinhart the Red: i will not let them no i am evil just yet so i can play the game and make it my own
    Retribution: But I would like some small demonstration of your powers.
    Retribution: Your dedication is absolute, but I also must see the strength behind your devotion.
    Retribution: The strength of your arm, that is.
    Reinhart the Red: what would you have me do
    Retribution: *twists his whiskers a bit*
    Reinhart the Red: and what gods will help me
    Reinhart the Red: i my fight
    Retribution : Who needs gods, when all they’ll do is turn their back on you?
    Retribution : Besides, I can give you all the strength you need.
    Reinhart the Red: you are so right
    Reinhart the Red: to hell with the gods
    Retribution: …That’s what I like to hear. *licks his chops hungrily*

    • Markshire PCs:

    Okay, big night with Red this evening. I’ll summarize now, post the log tomorrow.

    –Red trades in “Survival,” his magic greatsword, for a smaller longsword model. It’s currently in keeping with the Radiance Elementals. He realizes that a weapon infused with positive energy would be bad for his complexion if he held on to it for too long, so he wanted to rid himself of it somehow.
    –Trevor Lionsol fashions him a Longsword of Fire with some magical ingredients that Reinhart hunts down.
    –Reinhart waltzes into the Foothold Graveyard, and says he wants to resurrect the Blood Spray orc chieftan, and puts out the head. I let him know that since most of the body’s gone, he’ll need a proper altar or sacrifices for such a task.
    –Here’s the important part: HE LEAVES THE FRICKIN’ HEAD ON THE GROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GRAVEYARD, along with a few other sundry items. He literally leaves town and hunts animals or something for the next twenty minutes.
    –In the meantime, the head is found by routine guard patrols, and sends everyone in a tizzy. Guards are posted at the main gates and at the graveyard, and they question everyone they see.
    –Upon his return, Reinhart frames Spana, saying he noticed her in the graveyard carrying a bloody bag. A Foothold guard escorts him in to Captain Hillar’s office, where he explains his story and further lies to frame Spana for the severed head and attempted ritual.
    –Opinvu helps me out when Spana logs on, and she comes to Hillar’s office. Hillar questions the two of them, and Spana is eventually exonerated. Hillar apologizes to her, and she leaves.
    –Hillar confronts Reinhart in his lie, and Reinhart won’t back down. After Hillar states that Reinhart’s denial and veiled threats are not helping him, Hillar is attacked by Reinhart.
    –Reinhart is spanked soundly. The guard nearby slaps shackles on Reinhart. Hillar states that Reinhart should go off to Yar Keep for questioning. Three guards escort him there.
    –Along the road, of course, Ghak sneaks up and destroys the guards. He snaps Reinhart’s shackles, and they run off to the Cona Mountains via the Caves. The goodie-goodies that are logged on start to trail them through the Plains, but eventually turn back, realizing it would be fruitless.
    –Ghak leads Reinhart to the valley for the test. Reinhart fails, but in the “other valley” he’s confronted by a ghost of his former elven clan, lamenting Reinhart’s fall from grace. The ghost disappears, leaving Reinhart raving.
    –Ghak confronts Reinhart when he finally emerges from the valley, and even Tarek shows up. Tarek says that even though Reinhart has failed him, there’s one last chance for him to redeem himself: find a substitute dinner for Ghak.
    –Reinhart scrambles away and becomes lost in the Cona Mountains, eventually ending up in the Cave of Ice. Retribution meets him there, and offers his assistance once again. Ghak shows up, and reiterates his dinner request.
    –Retribution teleports Reinhart to Stonemark, in the Laatneer district. He offers Reinhart some supplies, and suggests that Reinhart check out the sewers for some easy dinner targets.
    –Reinhart picks up several recently-killed elven corpses from the home of some of the sewer citizens, and races back out of Stonemark to give them to Ghak.

    I told Reinhart that he is well on his way to ‘evilness’ (earning several points’ shift tonight; would have been more if there was time). The meal for Ghak helped even things out with that camp, I’d say. The Foothold guardians have been instructed to bring in Reinhart for questioning; Hillar still believes that there may still be time for Reinhart to turn around and become a hero once again. Survival, Reinhart’s greatsword still remains with the Radiance Elementals (OOG, it is saved with Mogelweg, too).

    Again, I’ll post a log of all this later today. It’s been a long night.


    • Markshire PCs:


    I can’t give you enough props for the bit about his elven ancestors. Well done. I was going to suggest this. He should be plagued, HAUNTED by these guys for turning to the dark side after all he has done to save the honor and memory of his lost village.

    Good stuff Senior Riot.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The ghosts in the valley worked out great, since Ghak couldn’t intervene, and I don’t think Red had ever been there.

    Also…until things are sorted out either way with Reinhart’s allegiance, he’ll be spawning in Stonemark. Retribution mentioned that he’d more easily blend in with the teeming masses if he goes there for the time being.

    Whether he returns to his good roots, or sways completely to evil, is up to him. In the future I see his dependence on Retribution waning once the choice is made, regardless.

    And thanks for the props, BTP. I’d like to add that things definitely wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without Opinvu’s help, especially in herding the PCs through Foothold when martial law came a knockin’. It was an exciting night. Thanks, Opinvu! πŸ™‚


    • Markshire PCs:

    Welcome brother! Glad to be of service! I know how great it is when another DM logs in….. ( I’m going to Props this to now I think of it)…. and you in the middle of something need a miracle. Your request goes off to them and without question they are on top of it worken magic, or at least carrying enough water immediatly that ya don’t sink. So, I try my damndest to be that way too. Help where can, quick and smoothly as possible to keep the illusion strong and seamless.

    Aye aye! Props with Red, sounds like a fun time! And I agree that elven ghost appearance… brilliant touch! I will perpetuate it as well when fitting. Although… what would an elven ghost say to a guy like him? Can you elf experts provide some good examples for a good clue in mimicing the thought train?

    • Markshire PCs:

    A small note, I couldn’t find the logs of last night. I checked the log file but all that was in there was blank log files. Do I need to set up to keep logs? I should check on that.

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    FYI, here’s the exchange between Reinhart and the Elven Warrior ghost that appeared.


    Mogelweg : *the wind picks up, and whistles through the valley*
    Elven Warrior: Mighty warrior…
    Reinhart the Red The Red: who are you
    Elven Warrior: …You have forgotten so soon?
    Reinhart the Red The Red: yes i am Reinhart the Red
    Elven Warrior: Our protector, our guardian…
    Reinhart The Red: yes i was thatat one time
    Elven Warrior:Reinhart the Red…Who has sworn to avenge our loss…
    Reinhart The Red: i did that
    Elven Warrior: …You have abandoned your cause…Why have you done so?
    Reinhart the Red: i set your souls free
    Reinhart the Red: i fill nothing but loss and pain and hate now
    Reinhart the Red: it is my drive
    Elven Warrior: …You are a being of hate? Of loss? Of pain?
    Reinhart the Red: it has taken me over
    Elven Warrior: ….You must fight to regain control, Reinhart the Red.
    Reinhart the Red: i was not as strong as you thought i was
    Elven Warrior: *the elven ghost appears to have tears streaming down his face*
    Reinhart the Red: but i like it in the dark
    Elven Warrior: You, who wielded Survival…You who defeated countless evils…
    Elven Warrior: You must reclaim your birthright…
    Reinhart the Red: you are all gone lleft me all alone
    Elven Warrior: …You are the one who has left, Reinhart the Red.
    Elven Warrior: You have strayed from the path…
    Reinhart the Red: here there is power
    Mogelweg : *the ghostly being vanishes*
    Reinhart the Red: to hell with you’
    Reinhart the Red: you left me you left ME
    Mogelweg : *you hear nothing but the sound of the whistling wind in the valley*
    Reinhart the Red: NOOOOOOOO
    Mogelweg : [Tell] *you feel an urge to leave this valley*
    Reinhart the Red: [Tell] well i can not go back to foothold now what will i do

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Reinhart has been incarcerated.

    He is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, breaking his banishment, and assault.

    I told him we will talk about it on here and setup a trial within the week. He is available Sunday and Monday.

    Ederyn (G_Kinkaid) assisted in Red’s “apprehension” when he entered the barracks to kill Hillar.

    Red is cool with the situation and the trial.

    He is blatantly guilty considering his death threat note and the events tonight. G is sending in his testimony to Hillar via PM.

    The trial is really just a formality. This is a medieval time and guilt doesn’t need to be proven.

    Please see the punishment thread located here:

    • Markshire PCs:

    Thanks T and G for the bail-out on this one…. I just got home from Sunriver Resort in Bend Oregon sunday evening and logged in to see how all were doing since no DM was present. All was quiet and the RP interactions were thick. I had to do laundry, was top priority for work in AM. But, none the less all deserved a nice little 20xp for the RP flowing around all the players, cept Mule and Brak, looked like hotkeys to me. (they pro’s anyway)

    Sar had found Ederyn outside the Bazaar, the guards were all out on lunch, and getting warm when Red snuck into town through the gates. Red found himself in the company of Sar and Ederyn talking about him on his way to the Mines, as it looked. It started to get a bit heated. I was able to run and spawn some guards in the meantime while listening in and answering a few questions for Silver.

    The reset occured….reset…crash, bang! Booom! *Mule says: Ooopsy..hehehhe*

    The three regatherd back tot heir spot and continued the conversation. Heated it rebecame quickly. Then, the phone rang, was my father.. he forgot I told him I was going to Sunriver and was worried I was dead or something, but it’s ok cause his Norton Anti-virus disc arrived and it’s working ok. So, if I wanted to go I shoulda told him again while I was gone I was gone still, and I would wait to die tell after his PC problems are solved. Then the laundry timer goes Ding and Ederyn mentions he is ready to call for the guards. I say.. not yet!! But to late, they are off on the run… Guards is yelled once, and the are in Cap Hiliar’s office before I even get the guard possesed. So it asks Sar what is the camotion about? You better get control of your friends… Meanwhile Dad is still going on about something and needs a reassurance I am listening, so I say something has come up, and my laundry is done.. but he cuts me off cause it was enough reassurance I was still listening.

    The fight starts when Ed catches Red in the Barracks. I summon a guard and they roll outside… I go outside buyt they had rolled back into the door… so I go back in and hear a woman yell in my open door that my laundry is ready to move to the dryer… So I tell this to my dad insisting I must go, and he now wants to know why, what’s that all about, it reminded him of the time…. The fight is ushered infront of Cap’ns door by Sar, Red is pummeled tot he ground and bruised all over to ensure a slow recovery.

    I tried to stall and not be ooc for Hiliar in this situation. I played restrained rage. His furry being masked with stupid calm questions. Asked Ed for some help, he and I had bad law encounters on WoE with the Brit DM. He was thinking same as I… what to do and how to not end up with a WoE situation. Dad was going on about melons or something, and there was a knock at the door with a voice asking if she should just do her laundry tomorrow… Them T took over. Thanks to G being able to alt out.

    The conversation was primarily the normal Sar and Red volley. Both finding contradictions in each other’s statements, and Ederyn moderating. Red playing the victum of betrayal by Spana recently and the others in their own ways, begged for trust even after admiting his presence was for that of assasinating Hiliar. His proclaiming of the conversation being over and his deed to comense, the chase and fight began.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Ed’s PM to Captain Hillar:

    @G_kinkaid wrote:

    Reinhart approached Sar and I last evening near the bazaar entrance. He said the guards were changing over and he walked into the town unnoticed. We spoke with him for several minutes, tried to get him to turn in his weapons and turn himself in. He would not. He claimed several times that Foothold and all that live within are his enemy, that he would unleash his hate and power on them.

    He expressed interest in killing you and Spana specifically. Said he was wrongly accused of performing some ritual in the graveyard. He drew his blade and stated he was going to kill you and fled. We chased and fought him just inside your building. When it was apparent he would fall, he made a desperate run to your office door. That is where the fight ended.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    The PM sent to Red:

    Okay, I have the situation ready to proceed with for Red.

    Is tomorrow night still good? You said Sunday or Monday.

    If not we can work something out.

    Here’s the gist …

    All PCs must have some form of punishment in game that would be a result of their unlawful actions. So we have considered the options and developed the following.

    Medieval courts are not as “forward thinking” as today’s courts.

    You are guilty until proven innocent and trials are not so much a chance for your defense as a circus for the masses.

    Markshire, however, is a Lawful community and therefore will give Red a chance to speak prior to the passing of sentence.

    As it stands, the guilty verdict for Red’s crimes will result in one of two in game punishments …

    • This is the RP punishment and has the greatest amount of room for “enjoyment” and advancement of your character’s RP development.

      Your PC will be indentured as a miner:

      1. You will receive a sentence of two Real life weeks (Not including downtime already served) of mining with 150 nuggets of iron ore to be produced in each week for a total of 300 at the end.
      2. Red will have all of his gear removed.
      3. You will receive a token that allows you to spawn to the Cona Mines on login and prevent you from leaving.
      4. There will be chances for you to plan an escape, bribe a guard, or involve visiting PCs.
      5. You will be able to hide away mystery minerals and possible other contraband
      6. At the end of the two weeks your gear will be returned and you will be able to re-enter town and such as a free man.
      7. Failure to procure the appropriate amount of ore will result in extended time in the mines.

    • This is the bypass punishment and doesn’t result in any chance for reward. it does however allow the time to go by quickly.

      Your PC will be sent to Prison:

      1. Your PC will be unavailable to be played for two Real Life weeks (not including downtime already served)
      2. This option doesn’t provide the means for RP, XP or advancement of your PC in any form
      3. After two weeks you will be “freed” from prison and you will be considered to have repaid your dept to Markshire.
      4. Of course, you can continue playing Faith or even create a new PC during this time.

    Your response is needed up front so I can finalize the plans for your next two weeks. If you cannot participate in game during those two weeks just let me know and we will reschedule appropriately.

    The RP option will result in an XP reward at the end for your participation. Any RP during the course of his indentured servitude will also be rewarded as the presiding DM sees fit. Occurrences during mining can happen (rats appearing and attacking, etc.) but in the end you cannot escape without DM aid.

    The second option is also viable if you feel you do not want to put in the time and effort of option 1. In either case, your PC will be known as a criminal and will suffer penalties in reactions with various individuals both PC and NPC. However, the NPC reactions will only be run by DMs. NO code will be added to enforce this. So if you were to disguise yourself the game will still function normally for you.

    As always RP can change your circumstances over time.

    Personally, I do hope for the Indentured Miner option as it will be fun to create (nearly finished actually) and RP.

    Let me know what you would prefer and we will hold trial/sentencing.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Red has opted for Indentured Miner.

    Trial is set for 7PM Monday EST.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    @bigred wrote:

    the trial was good pepole do not know who to belive me or the guards or hiller i love that part of it. Reinhart will use it to help him later you all did a good job i just would like to thank you all .

    and the cona mine thing is cool to it is so real and that is what i love about markshire thanks agen for the best Role playing keep it comming josh reinhart

    A.K.A big red

    • Markshire PCs:

    @Red wrote:

    I would like to do my time like i am back on the right path agen i know it will be hard for some old friends to trust me agen.
    I am going to try to get pepole to see that hiller and the guards of foothold can not be trusted and that is why i fight agenst them and how you seen that my trail was a fares and i thank i can get a few to see thaings my way on the guards and hiller to keep the town and the guards on edge at all times i am hopeing this will keep the town in some chaos.
    Reinhart has been studing books he has one in his magic chest it is called the History of foothold in this book it talkes about a powerfull witch that had a cures on foothold a long time ago. she was stoped by some guy i can not rember his name it is in the book reinhart has
    well i would like to bring the witch back to help me get my revenge and let her get her revenge and for her to cruse foothold agen and make me a love spell to make spana fall in love with me.
    I am hopeing we can bring her back and have some chaos for for some time and let the wrold of markshire see how evil reinhart can be with a big power behind him and yes i know all evil has it’s price
    i hope you all like my plot and we all can work on is soon let me know what you thank or how you all will have it go down thanks
    Reinhart the Red

    A.K.A BigRed

    From what I gather from talking to red he wants to make it seem like red is repenitent and then work his mojo behind the scenes. Apparently he has some history book which mentions a witch and he wants to meet that witch and enter into some sort of pact, where he helps her curse Foothold and in return he gets a love potion to use on spana. All in all, not a bad idea for a minor storyline. It would require spana to be willing to go along. I was thinking about using a potion of charm person if I can make it..

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    WARE these two (Sar and Red) for they make up a LOT of stuff. I have tried to convey to them that they need to clear any event type stuff with the DMs so it isn’t cheesey, hope this was something someone did run for him.

    • Markshire PCs:

    This is something he’d like to do.. hence me quoting his PM to me.. πŸ˜›

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    Well, he wanted to have wings with Faith and have her be angelic and have an Epic sword just given to her to save the world as well. πŸ˜›

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    @Red wrote:

    Reinhart has been studing books he has one in his magic chest it is called the History of foothold in this book it talkes about a powerfull witch that had a cures on foothold a long time ago. she was stoped by some guy i can not rember his name it is in the book reinhart has

    History of Foothold and a Witch who cursed it?

    *scratches head*

    News to me.

    • Markshire PCs:

    And now for something completely different…

    First off, Reinhart is bellyaching about being stuck in the mine. He’s mined over 400 iron ore or something, by his count, and wants to know if he can be let out early ‘on good behaviour.’ I hinted gently to him that it’s not likely. Primarily, because he agreed to the sentence; secondarily, his behaviour has been quite mischievious, and he hasn’t earned it. He requested audience with BTP or Thrym, so you two can expect a PM from him sooner or later regarding a reduction in his sentence; you can be the ones to tell him no. πŸ™‚

    In other news, he started riling up relations with a Free Miner, and it got him nowhere except on a train to Surly-ville. Then he found a fissure that he cracked open while mining. Found a small cave with ice spiders within; nearly died and used up the potions he found in there while defending himself (which is what I was hoping). He also pocketed a couple gems. An interesting thing was that he found some bones down there too, and immediately attempted to make a shiv from them (failed the Dex check rather badly, so it didn’t work). Pretty cool idea to see happening, though.

    Awarded no additional XP during the mini-session; nobody else earns XP for digging rocks. πŸ™‚

    Used the Cavern of Ice, highly-modified, to run the session. He fought Ice Spiders (CR 5), and basically had his butt kicked; Barkskin and Bull’s Strength potions helped turn the tide.


    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Good. Nicely done.

    If he RPs stuff well with the locals then go ahead and hand out a small award.

    As to release, he’s only got until Sunday. Waaaa! No early release here.

    No one else has petitioned for an escape attempt.

    So it stands.

    I watched for him until 3:30 yesterday to check his count and such. No show.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Thank you very kindly Steve-O. Greatly appreciated.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Ghak will run into him and might try to break him out. That is if he’s ever one with Red when I’m on. He usually has Faith out. So consider this a petition for a break out. Though I doubt it will happen before sunday.

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    Well Ghak, you’ll have another chance at a jailbreak.

    Red’s been imprisoned once more, this time for assaulting citizens and Foothold guards. Vruruk, Monty, and Sar Khan were all witnesses to his foolhardy behaviour.

    This trial, if any should go much quicker. I’d say Hillar is losing his patience with Reinhart. The sentence should be longer too, so we can accomodate schedules with a possible jailbreak scenario.

    We have the imprisonment system…let’s roll with it. Reservoir Dogs, baby. πŸ™‚

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