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    • Markshire PCs:

    You’ve heard stories of great adventures in years gone by’ the heroes who crusaded across the Kingdom of markshire’ battling off the vampires and horrifying zombies.
    my name is Reinhart i am looking for a cure for my elven pepole five months ago a poisonous magic mist is turning my pepole in to the walking dead from life to death in days there are ten of us that have not been taken by the mist. My mother and father of the house Reinhart rich and well known in the the Kingdom are now walking Zombies like the ones we have been battling since before i can rember. just five day ago the ten of us left my village in a storm like i have never seen. There has to be a way to stop this mist and i will give my life to do so. The strom has us lost in the forest i hear fighting a war is going on and i can not see a thing i hear my pepole cry out to me and can do nothing to help i was lost in the storm i trip over a body is one of mine no it is a DAMN kobol i will have my revinge. All i remder is Wondering in a feld of ice and cold like my heart is now and see a town foothold. I am the last hope for my elven pepole. with the help of a new friend barbarian named Sar a rude brut that is the only one that can help me unlock the evil that has befallen my elven pepole.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The Koblod Sluaghter
    To the north i killed 30 to 40 koblod i fill like all i have in place where my cold heart was a killer instinct . I fill the the monster in me trying to get out how long can i hold it back will it take over soon or will i hold it at bay and for how long.
    Sar is working with me on my traning i thank he can see it (THE MONSTER WITH IN) where would i be with out him. thor has belssed me with a sword of power i can not wield but i will soon why are the gods helping me what have i done to be blessed by them.
    Sar and i have come to see that thay have a plan for us what it is i do not no i am afraid we will know sooner than i would like to no. A cave to the north i have angerd a bear spirt a hude bear like i have never seen that shook the cave. He let me go with a warning it will not be the last time i see this beast, It was in a koblod cave where i seen the beast i have a new hatred for the koblods thay are nasty monsters plaguing the land how many are there thay never stop comming thay haunt my dreames like demons smothering me with there blood as i hack though them by the hundreds never stoping is it a sign or how i will die.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Today i have set out alone so i can get my self back together.
    My training with Sar is no longer needed me and my sword are one now. Going in to solitude has helped me and has let me have time to look at my fathers studies his scrolls have tot me ways to get divine powers from the God’s and to talk to them. His studies are of Air and magic wich are the one’s i will follow. I am on a new path now i am ready for what comes my way. After months alone i have hooked back up with Sar he has seen the light in me i can fill it more each day it fells like the power was there all the time. now i can unleash it. My father was on to somthing with the mist before he was takin by the evil mist what was it will i ever find the secret of the mist it is here some where in his studies in code will i unlock it. Today me and Sar where in spinehold looking for trouble i was scouting a few yards away win Sar yeld for help running back to his side i was stoped in my tracks with what i saw was a Green dragon it was huge like a monster from books i pulled my crossbow and unleashed a quiver of bolts on him as thay bounced off it’s hard scales was there no hope of stopping it. After fighting for like what was to me to be forever Sar hit the breast of the Dragon with a axe like a true warrior knocking a scale lose it was my chance my only hope to stop the monster i looked down in my third quiver one bolt left i pulled it out and focis on the spot on it’s breast over his heart I praid THOR GIVE THIS BOLT FLIGHT AND GOD”S SPEED and unlashed the bolt with a steady hand it hit the Dragon it let out a scream that knocked me down and shook the bridge. We both got back to are feet and ran to the monster I took out a flask and took blood for my trophy.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Healing up from my fight with that dragon and walking with Sar to spinehold road we ran in to Spana and krum showed up Sar, and Krum both started in on her about Kamas and she started defending him agen like she does all the time. After both Sar, and Krum wasted there breath trying to get her to see that kamas is going to lead to her death thay both left with disappointment in there eyes.
    Spana and I started a deep confiscation and i can now see why she needs to save Kamas but at what cost. There canbe nothing wrong with trying to save someone that is lost it is the right thing to do but is Kamas using that to pull her in deeper into the darknes that shrouds him. Deeper in the confiscation see told me about his master never giving me a name or what he is and that the mist was in foothold days before and that Kamas and his master was part of it some how. Kamas is he the loose end i need to find the secret mystery about the mist to help my elven pepole or the ones behind it and if that is so my only way to Kamas is Spana i can see the light in her she is good with a good heart why can’t anyone see it are thay blind. I do know i will find his master one why or anther for the hope of my pepole and will save Spana and keep a close eye on her I fear for her safety Kamas has to have something up his sleve.

    Back in foothold i got back up with Sar he is not the same there is something haunting him from his past he will not let me in it is like he is pushing his friends away. He runs in to battel blind with no fear like he has lost something he loved i have seen the changes in him win i got back from my long trip of solitude. This is the start of all the bad that is to come i feel it now i am at one with my peace and the God’s something is comming and i hope we are all ready for it.

    We see Monty in foothold and we all start off to Spinehold but we go the long rout in the forest after a fight with some ocs Sar runs off agen. i look to Monty let him go. And we will move on out of the woods we see Opinvu, and Tyian it is hard for me to be around her for to long she has a sharp toug and knows how to use it.
    Up the road we see a man it is Alty and the five of us chat back and forth win we are Ambushed by worgs and lions and bandits one right after the ather what is this something is up what wood drive beastes like that out of the forest bandits ok i can see that but worgs and lions. What we did after that was have a ambush of are own on some goblins thay never new we where comming we killed all of them in there homes. Running to to keep up i was slow from battel and got lost a bit win i got back to the party Tyian started in on me it was the last time. It was like my fist had a mind of it’s own and i hit her right in the mouth good one to and told her to shut up. Opinvu told me to watch it that i needed to respect a lady like i ever got it from her or like he was going to do soething about it. Win i have helped Opinvu time and time agen with nothing in return but that is what i do help the god’s wish it so it is not about the respect it is the good i do for all that need it.

    The five of us set out to the orcs fortress it was a war win we got to the walls i was hurt bad but i must not let them down i move on over the wall we go to find are selfs out numbered we kill five of thim not counting the the three out side and the two on the walls. looking around to see that Tyian and Alty are dead and i am hurt bad seeing six more orcs conming for us Opinvu yells out retreat and the three of us ran down the hill and all the way back to foothold where i got a room at the reddragon inn to heal and sleep for i know i will need it the orc’s will want there revinge and i will be ready for them.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The day of shame for Reinhart i am dishonorable for my place in what hapend in Foothold with Sar going to jail and me picking a fight with Thyian in town with all the spectators that where there i looked like a city thug.

    Will i be abel to look Sar in the eye’s after i did not stop Kamas from killing him win i was droped by Starkadder. The damn orc played me in to this how could Graulm have the intelligences to trick me in to a fight
    what was i thinking.

    Now i have got to move on i can not show face here.So i am going to Stonemark and bording a ship as far away as i can go. Paying a girl by the name of Faith to take a note and a magic horn that Sar had droped in battel to him how can i face him there was no way this is how it had to be.

    Looking at the girl waking away and the ship moveing out to sea my eyes got watery for i will miss my friends and my home.

    • Markshire PCs:

    This is a good day for my pepole are free at last we have stoped the mist and now my mother and father are with the god’s.
    this is too good too be true for i feel like a new man a huge burden gone and a new light is shining down on me.
    Today i will rest and pray for this evil has past and my famly is in good hands so i lift my glass too the god’s and thank thim.

    • Markshire PCs:

    But I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle-Victorious!”this was not the case today we let something out and it was old and big a black dragon.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Evil what is it some of us should know it we fight it day after day but is that enough and can we ever stop all evil does there not have to be a balance of good and evil. there is going to be a biger bad out there every time we stop a lesser one so what are we doing .

    Why fight why not have a normal life as a farmer or leather i am angry with the god’s and i will not be there pawn or toy i have you know this fight has taken my friend and brother in arms agenst this evil and at what cost will we take it.

    well i say to hell with the god’s i will make my own path now and put a stop to there mataling in are lives who do thay thank thay are playing a game with are lives well i say no more will i let this go on any more for i am Reinhart the Red and i will not be used as a chess pice by no one.

    Standing over Sars grave i tell my self this can not be the end of you my friend i hope to see you soon what ghost walk these hallowed hills where once the cry of battle reigned who are these smoky misty froms that by there blood this ground was stained.
    Build no monument to these men this ground shall be their shrine.
    Let angels hover above the trees and guard these men of foothold
    good bye my old friend as the wind pick up and freezes the one tear
    before it touches the ground.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Evil that is what i am here to stop it will be a life long battel. With my new sword survival that has fond me. A gift from my fallen pepole and the last weapon of magic to hold back the evil there is that word agen
    you can be having the best day and it will hit you like a reminder that your job will never be done.

    Survival my sword it’s a good name for i have had to learn how to do that all my life and i am the last of my pepole to be alive.

    Spana is the only thing that keeps me in the real world i thank if i did not love her like i do i would slip away more and more with all the blood i spill day after day like the Warrior in me will take control and all i will be is the monster i am hunting.

    Spana she takes me away from all my pain and killing she reminds me of what it is like to have a family i no she does not love me but i hope that one day i can prove my self to her and she will take my hand.

    I worked with Spana the ather day there was a boy.I could tell from the start with what the farmer told us that this hole thing stunk the farmer was lieing but i played the game he had tricked us in to playing.
    The boy his name was kevin he was going to be used as a sacrifice for the spider temple that would give the farmer some kind of gem of power.
    Me and spana with help stoped the farmer and the bandits there would be no sacrifice the boy we took him to foothold to see father Richy he took the the boy Kevin in and will find him a good home.
    There was a map that told of this sacrifice i went to looking for it finding it’s hiding place i took the map back to foothold to the temple where father Richy destroyed the map so it would not find it’s way in to evil hands.

    • Markshire PCs:

    How can you cure a broken heart is there not some magic potion.
    i am going to give her the poem i hope she will like it.

    what can i do to let her no how i fill in side she is all i thank about.
    my mind should be on other things. But i forget all that each time i see her face.

    What will i do if she will not have me or if she laughs at mewhat do i say or do. How can this be harder than facing a dragon.
    I will give her the pome.

    I never was struck before that hour
    With love so sudden and so sweet.
    Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
    And stole my heart away complete.

    My face turned pale, a deadly pale.
    My legs refused to walk away,
    And when she looked what could I do
    My life and all seemed turned to clay.

    And then my blood rushed to my face
    And took my eyesight quite away.
    The trees and bushes round the place
    Seemed midnight at noonday.

    I could not see a single thing,
    Words from my eyes did start.
    They spoke as chords do from the string,
    And blood burnt round my heart.

    Are flowers the winter’s choice
    Is love’s bed always snow
    She seemed to hear my silent voice
    Not love appeals to know.

    I never saw so sweet a face
    As that I stood before.
    My heart has left its dwelling place
    And can return no more.

    To my lady Spana

    • Markshire PCs:

    The Koblod problem was getting worse so i went to shorten there life span a bit. This time they where ready for me like they had a plan something was leading them.

    The littel monsters had been traning for war and i was alone there was no way to go back they had cut off my exits and taking a bolt in my right leg. Fighting my way to a barn i held them off.

    In side the barn was four kobold shamans there magic stuned me for like two minutes and it was to late they where on top of me. One sinking his teath in my left sholder holding back the pain i bached it’s head with the helt of my sword.

    With the two on my legs and one on my back i began to lose my footing and fell back there was a hole in the barn floor lead down by a chane. So i grabed it doing nothing for me for it was slippery with blood from what i did not know.

    Falling a good twinty feet the whight of me and my armor crushed the koblod shaman on my back to death. Out of air for it was knocked out of me i pulled my self to my feet forgeting about the bolt in my leg and hit the bolt on the wall driving it deeper in to my leg.

    But i had to keep going there where too more kobolds and no telling what else down this hole. Cutting them both down with one swip of my grate sword knocking them both back down the tunnel.

    darknes was all i can see not a drop of light down here but you can here them there are more kobolds and something else that the kobold where chanting too Cold Scale Pain God.

    The chanting getting louder and louder as i got to the lower chamber i pulled out my last magic bottel of healing and poured it on my leg and jumped down the hole to fight this Pain God and his followers.

    The bottom line is even if you see them comming your not ready for the big moments. No one asked for there lives to be changed but it does.
    So what are we helpless puppet no the big moments are going to come you can’t help that it’s what you do afterwords that counts you’ll see what i mean.

    Cutting down the kobolds as fast as i can i see him the Pain God it is huge and it has a big stick to crush me with. It does not see me yet so i pull my bow and let off to fire arrows to it’s chest and it lets out a scream and run at me.
    Parrying off the monsters club was a work out all by its self.
    the stringth of the monster was grate for it was crushing bolders under it’s club and it’s wounds healed like magic so the only thing to to was i hoped to tire the monster out before it killed me it took like to me forever but i rolled under the monsters legs and jumped up and with all my stringth and prayers to my God Odin i cut off the Pain Gods Head.

    Cold Scale Pain God

    • Markshire PCs:

    Red it is a good name for me becuse soon there red blood will be all they see. Foothold is going to fell the pain that i fill and that damn Captain Hillar to hold me like some peasent I am nobel and i will have his head for what he did.

    Hate it is what drives me now and my new God Retribution for he will help me on my new path my blood is like fire in my soul i pulled a dagger out of my pack and cut my arm just to see if i can fill anymore
    there was no pain just red blood the blood and the name that i curse Foothold and that Captain Hillar by my Reinhart name.

    The time is not here just yet but i will be comming for my revenge and they will never see me comming in the dark of night for i know where they all sleep in there happy homes of foothold.

    Reading books of the past i have come to find a grate witch her name i do not no but i will soon find she had used her dark magic to curse foothold long ago and i am going to find a way to bring her back for to things to curse foothold once agen and to make me a love spell that will make Spana love me for i will take what i want from now on.

    Sar my old friend is back he thanks i have just gone mad or it is just about a girl but it is about loss and death for she was the thing that let out the beast in me it was there all the time i could fill it at bay every time i drew blood from a foe or monster.

    Soon I will be the monster they will fear and tell there children about at night I will be the thing that goes bump in the night
    Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Sar the pour man thanks there is good left in me but i am sorry to say he is so wrong and i hope to get him to fall into my little trap as it unfolds with the help of athers.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Well where do i start it is just so evil of me and i fill so damn good about it . Pour sar and faith they have no idea what is to come all of foothold will fill my wrath i will bring the old witch of foothold back to cruse the damn town of foothold i have the book and have all i need but the dragon blood i need.

    Would have had it win to took faith to get what i wanted and win the blood was in my hand i let her go back to her pour sar with a price i poisoned her that will kill her win she goes in labor with out a cure i will have my dragon blood or faith will die ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

    • Markshire PCs:

    Reinhart The Red it was a name that held honer and trust at one time what have i done.
    Now all I have as a friend is a rat I named shadow I share my one loaf of bread with each day. My cell is damp and wet I am so cold here and lost. I have had a lot of time to see things out .

    Sar Khan where would I have been with out him I have prayed to the Gods to show me the light so i can find the path back to the elf i was and the name that meant something.

    Lies is all I have had to keep my company like the lie of poisoning of Sar’s love Faith all lies to get what I wanted. How can I find my way back in to the light I must redeem my self and make my people proud for I am the last of my people the cold here will no longer stop the firer burning in my heart that is thawing out the ice that turned me so cold and evil.

    Spana how could I want to hurt her so bad win I loved her so much why was I so damn selfish and mad. No one will ever come to trust me so I will show them the old Reinhart is back and here to stay.

    The first thing i need to do is find my peoples sword how could I have left it behind like that how did I go so mad this damn cold all the damn snow drove me mad I am so sick I need help and if I do not get out of here soon I will die.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The days I have lost track off do not even know how long I have been in this damn cell will i surely die here with out atoning for my sin’s how can i fix what i have done form in a death trap.

    Shadow is getting fatter for I am fasting to show Odin that I mean what i say will he here my cries for help or has he forsaken me like i did him and Thor.

    My skin is pale from no sun light how I miss the warm sun on my face and running in the woods. What i miss most is the feeling you get after fighting back the evil and how the towns look you in the eyes and know you are a good man.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Serving my time in prison I have learned the I can no longer do this alone I need help do not get me wrong I am still the killer I once was I just where a new face on the same old body I will have my revenge for what Foothold and Hillar did to me but all I have is time now you see there eyes do not look to me as they once did I am no longer in there spot light any longer.

    I do not blame Spana or Sar Khan for this any longer and I do want to be good but I am a warrior first and I have a thirst for blood. I can not make Spana love me or have Sar’s trust. There is a new group growing in Foothold called the Blood Ravens what are they up to all I know is I am going to find out so I went and sauté them out with a plan to join there ranks the best way to find out what there doing is to become one of them.
    I went to find the captain of the the Blood Ravens I did not come alone brought lots of gold to buy my way in I did not know if I could get in on reputation alone.
    But it worked I landed my self her second in command of the Blood Ravens.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Reinhart the Red that name you hear it all over foothold in whispers with foul looks as he walks by you can fill the evil he carries on his shoulders and if you know Reinhart he has gone to far down that evil path to come back from it. I do believe at one time his heart was true till the day Spana broke it for she denied his love.

    Today I have worked my plan to well there is all chaos in foothold it makes me feel like a god loki would be so happy. I can not take all the credit for the chaos but I have done my part’ you see getting what I want is something I am good at and revenge is what I want if it is the last thing that do in this hell called foothold.

    The Blood Raven’s fell for my trap for gold how easy it was to push them where I needed them. We all know Hillar and Ed do not trust them they are seen as mere mercenaries killers for higher and most of there numbers are I do fill a little bad about betraying them like I have but that was my plan all along. who am I kidding feel bad hahahahahaha me feel bad.

    When the mercenaries in the woods attacked me Raven’ and, Kyle a light turned on in my devilish mind a war four you see they called the Blood Raven’s out that day it was a trap I my self fell in to. After that day I have not seen many of are members are they hiding you see the mercenaries true killers men I would love to run with have shown there fasces and we see the path of death they can bring.

    With all this and all the distrust in Foothold I went the Ed and that damn Vurak followed I named all the Raven’s to him some he was quiet surprised you see just the right word’s spoke in the right ear at the right time can do more harm than a sword I told him that kyle could not be trusted nor Nitha that they where plotting to kill Hillar and that Raven her self was working with a wizard of necromancy and that they where the reason why the mercenaries where here and killing are good people of Foothold and Yar. They where who started this war and need to be disbanded before there numbers grow much more not all of it was a lie I do believe the mercenaries have come out to show the Raven’s what it is to be true killers so now my trap has been sprung let us see who will fall in to my web of chaos.

    • Markshire PCs:

    My body growing colder i could feel the blood leveeing my body as i look up at my killers all i can see is Sar Khans face and i smile for i would do more harm to him in death than i could in life as my last breath leaves me.

    I could see my body on the cold ground as dark shadows pulled at my soul ripping and tugging at me pulling me down in to the darkness now they have me and i will pay for all the chaos and death i have done and all i can say is bring it on and i hope you choke on me for i am Reinhart The Red come and get it.

    I can remember brighter days be four the darkness came and and stole my mind and darkened my heart. Now my soul is trapped in chains as i walk among the dead can anybody hear me as i cry out in the darkness set me FREE the End.

    (ooc here lies REINHART THE RED R.I.P 08/05/07)[/img]

    • Markshire PCs:

    I have come to the fact that i am dead and my soul is stuck on this plan left to rome the land as a spirit, I yell out but no one can hear me even when screaming in there faces they do not no i am there.

    I sit and watch and and take notes on what everyone is saying and doing they make me so sick always running to help the helpless.

    This form has some powers i can move small things around a room for a short time using that i can lift a item off some one and put it another’s pocket and watch the show doing this i could feel something like i was getting stronger yes i was it was Chaos I was feeding off it and it felt good.

    I came to a sick farmer a few nights past I entered his body i was in control of him like he was my puppet to make do what evil i could so i had him right rember me Sar Reinhart the Red is back in his own blood all over the farm house then i made him cut his throat at that time my soul left his dead body i was so week it took a lot of my power to posses the man.

    With my new tricks i was off to finish what i started to make Sar pay for killing me i will haunt him for the rest of his life.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The road to Yar from Foothold is where i rome night and day passing the place where Sar Khan took my life.
    Watching folk pass by with there day to day tasks watching but they never see me for i am dead and stuck here to rome the land my fate is set and all i want is Sar Khan to suffer as I do.

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