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    • Markshire PCs:

    The room was completely dark save for the soft blue light emitting from the small hammer shaped amulet in Sar Khan’s hand. He sat starting at it wondering where had it come from? was it a gift from Christa? From his father? Perhaps it had been given to him by his mother? Where it came or what magic did it hold he had no idea. All that he did know was that it must be hidden for what reason he did not know. A soft knock is heard on the other side of the door Faith Ask “Sar Are you going to stay up all night again or are you coming to bed You need your rest” Sar knew she worried for him. “I’ll be there in a minute Luv” Sar answered her as he placed the amulet back under his shirt and left the room for Bed

    • Markshire PCs:

    Months had past since he he had left the house on his own. Granted there had been times that his fever had taken him on walks outside. but they usually ended up with Faith and bear dragging him home cause he had passed out somewhere Half dressed his stump dirty and bleeding. It was hard to keep him in bed so that it would heal. The fever had all those close to him worried. The priest that came by from time to time assured Faith that the ritual that removed his hand was not the cause of the fever and that it was Sar’s own personal demons that were making him sick. Then one day Sar just open his eyes got up got dressed and walked out the door and headed to Foothold.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The response that Sar received upon entering the front gates was varied. Several guards quickly went into a state of readiness sending a runner to the barracks expecting the worse and not even relaxing as he walked by them without a word. There were a couple that either did not realize who he was or didn’t care that just ignored him and possibly one or two that offered a friendly nod. It was the populace reaction that he found most interesting. Gawking at him like he was some sort of circus freak. Others offering a sympathetic smile and some snatching up there children like he was some mad hungry wolf looking for a meal.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The hammer fell one last time. Sar set it to the side. as reached to grab his tongs without looking her realized they weren’t there turning to look he saw Karra standing there with them in her hand smiling up at him. she was such a beautiful little lady. saying nothing he just nodded. quickly Karra grabbed the red hot object with the tongs placing it in the water barrel to cool as she pulled it out Sar examine it grumbling he tosses it into another barrel he used for scrap.

    Sar turned his attention back to his greatest treasure Yes?
    are you sad Papa?
    Now why would you think that?
    No hon Just tired I been working on that one for quite a while
    Papa why are you making a hand? Just pray
    Its not so simple hon come lets go to Foothold and get us some supper
    can I have pie?
    Aye anything you want
    Excitedly the little lady runs off to fetch her cloak and shawl. Sar turned his attention back to the scrap barrel pulling his latest work out looking it over he sighs and tosses it back. They were starting to take a better shape but still there was much practice needed. He turned and met Karra at the door and they headed off to Foothold for Lunch

    • Markshire PCs:

    Wow wonders never cease. I got up this morning like every other morning may-hap a Lil earlier than usual and because the girls were still in bed I ran off to the inn in Cona.
    Now don’t get me wrong I loves my girls, All three of them but a man can only stand so many tea parties. And well the reason I agreed to hire a house keeper was so I didn’t have to clean up mud in the Foyer. So I figure I goes to Cona for a nice stout brew. Well I was running from chores and it seems I just ran into more. First off one of Gustov Reyer’s caravans had taken to much ore from the mines and had busted a wheel. Well I know a lot of people tend to get a Lil nervous when I’m around as of late and with good cause. So I decide that maybe I help ole Gustov out and get his wagon back on the road maybe it might help my reputation a lil so I down me a potion of ox piss and start unloading the wagon so they can replace the wheel it don’t take long they gets it fixed and I loads it back up. and they go on there way to Yar. and I head on into Cona.
    I walk through the Gate ignoring the comments made by a couple militia who have more nerve than sense. I make a bee line for the Inn. Well before I can get up the hill The local Dock foreman approaches me asking for help seems that three of his workers have gone missing. Well I start to ask him for a description and get down to the root of the problem. But it seems that he isn’t interested in finding them he wants help loading the boat. Well im just about to tell him I don’t do that kinda work when he says he will pay me all three mens wages if I can carry their load. Well thats pretty good money especially for it being the same kinda work I just did for free. So off to the docks I go I get right on the job and get that boat Captain on his was 20 minutes sooner than normal true to his word the Foreman pays my three mens wages for the day.
    Finally I make it inside the Inn. I sit down order me a Ale slap the wench on her ass. and down my first ale in days ahhh life is good I do hear the occasional murmurs about my had some speculation a couple that actually knew how it happen and the story of my downfall I was just about to leave when who walks in the Door but my old friend Belferon and who does he have with him but Keli
    Well I’m Happy as hell to see Ole Bel not so much to see Keli So I give Bel a load happy shout which scared the crap out of a couple other customers that immediately dove under there tables. So Bel and I go sit down ….oh and Keli too and we begin to catch up on whats goin on in our lives when I ask what brings him to Cona? Well thats when Keli jumps in and says shes thinkin about goin to Arik. Well the first thing I thought funny was her thinkin I didn’t think that possible And second was her goin to Arik. Now she wont admit it but the last time I went to Arik with her It scared the hel out of her. And I said as much. Well she threw up this big speal about how shes never been scared of any thing so I Threw up a challenge I bet her 100 gold that she would piss all over herself before we were done with one round through Arik and another 50 gold she would crap herself, and then i waited for her to start backin it up.
    Well next thing I knew we were headed to Arik with this Crazy wench in the lead. The first thing we ran into was a group of Slavers and I do mean ran into around the corner and there they were, so we get down to business we were really out numbered one of they dropped Keli and another stunned me. I thought This was it But I quickly came to and helped Bel finish them off. I used one of the scrolls I have to pull you back to your body on Keli and was waiting for her to start running home. But no we just kept goin and goin. well killed at least 100 of them squid faced freaks before I had had enough and was ready for home so I tell Keli ok bets off you did good and I’m Man enough to pay up so I pay her the 150 and we head home. And then Ill be dipped in crap and then dipped again if we didn’t run into not one, not two, but three Blue Dragons and Keli was right there hackin and slashin like a ol pro I had to give her her due she fought well I was really impressed. Well we walked back to Dwarvin city gates said our good byes and I went home but the day didn’t stop there.

    I was headed to be when i walked by my private Temple, My Shrine to Thor There was a light under the door I hadn’t been in there in months I open the door and walked in to investigate as i crossed the threshold suddenly the door slammed shut and locked and then down from the heavens Came a Valkyrie not just any Valkyrie But this one was Christa I just know it even if she didn’t acknowledge it.
    She Asked me where had I been? Why had I not been for filling my duty. I told her I had been home and my Duty was to my Family she asked who I was I told her I was Sar Khan.
    She Question me again “What are you Sar Khan?”
    I stated “I am a man a father and Husband”
    She Scolded me and the room began to charge with electricity “WHAT KIND OF MAN SHIRKS HIS DUTY!! What kind of Father forsakes his children! What kind of husband fails to protect his wife!!!”
    Angerly I yelled ” I have done none of these things”
    “Oh But you have Sar Khan You Have” she simply stated
    I asked Her “how so”
    She points her finger accusingly ” You Neglect your Temple your Shrine By doing so you neglect your God your duty! You are Sar Khan Champion of Thor Hand Picked by your God to be His Champion!! His Children are your Children!! and you neglect them!”
    ” I am no champion” I stated
    She looks down at me “No perhaps your not you are a spoiled sniveling child angry that you were punished refusing to look past the punishment and the reason for it refusing to grow from it. You are a Waste and will remain a waste no good to anyone or anything until you learn from your past mistakes there were such High hopes for you so much has been overlooked in hopes that you would grow into your destiny. Tis time for you to grow up Sar Khan how will you be remembered? As a sniveling child or as a hero the choice is yours, it always has been. You will see me no more I have done all I can for you. I wish you well, I have faith in you Sar Khan Champion of Thor”

    I looked down at the floor in shame everything she had said was the truth I had to do better I could not fail I already had nothing left I’ve lost my place in Valhalla Ive lost my hand I’ve lost the respect of the very people that I had once sworn to protect My children were wandering farther and farther from the house every day what would they think of me once they began to hear of my exploits.
    I looked up again tears in my eyes ready to beg forgiveness on bended knees but she was gone. I headed off to bed still crying silently hating myself it was then I remembered what is was that the Gods despised above all things Regret it was time to stop this life was not mine I had died long ago it was by the grace of Odin that I still walked this world it was by the Gods grace I had this life this home this wife these children everything I had and was I realized was not mine but was in fact Thors. I was Thors I was Thors champion because that was what he wanted “I AM SAR KHAN CHAMPION OF THOR I WILL PRESERVER and I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!!”

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