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    • Markshire PCs:

    So, I have in my toolset and on one of my DM toons a set of 13 Clue Cards, all numbered 1,2,3-13. I also have 13 Scavenger tokens, numbered 1,2,3-13. They all look alike untill #11 which is the same as 12, and 13. These can be used and were used as Bonuses. (placed at enemy creature locations outside the city. Each token weighed 5lbs. I did this to make the easy challenge cumbersome. An unexpected challenge carry 50 lbs of tokens back to the start point. This way no matter how easy it might be (metagamming knowlege) there was a hurdle to jump or problem to solve in getting all 10 back at once.

    I had set up a booth near the Temple of Odin in Stonemark with a Host and guard. A chest on the ground in front of her Lectum had the First clue cards. I personally told them the rules. Collect 10 for a prize once returned. One set of tokens per person, one prize per set of tokens. Three bonus tokens plus the 10 token set would equal 4 total prizes possible. The Standard 10 was a standard prize, most all gift Baskets were the same. The Bonus prizes were more uniqe and limited number so no one really gets the same Bonus prize, but the chance is still there.

    This current set had a flaw, the Lanteer District was used twice and some had to look in all four zones and found one out of turn. Maybe a better clue or indoor location for that area woulda prevented it. Lanteer has no interior areas besides the sewers. (mental note)

    I plan to reuse this with different clues and hiding locations. If anyone wants them as well for their own use, let me know.

    • Markshire PCs:

    well done old chap. I like this idea a lot. The flaw is minor but I see your point. Other than moving one clue out of that district I can’t see a fix. Maybe you could make one of the unique prizes be a token for a DM handout of some sort? They could redeem it for some minor personalized piece of gear… 🙂

    – mule

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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