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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    The following is a list of all scripts currently deployed on Markshire that are taken from outside sources.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar


    by Deva Bryson Winblood:

    UPDATED to latest version. Cold weather is abundant in Markshire. There are a couple of methods of staying warm. Cold weather clothing and cloaks are predominant. Campfires are also available. They provide warmth in a radius from the campfire with decreasing effectiveness the farther you are from the fire. There are areas of cold that exceed your equipment’s ability to keep you warm. Did I mention? This is the KINGDOM OF ICE!

    Chart of clothing, gear and terrain modifiers:

      -1 if wearing a cloak of any kind
      -2 if wearing a warm cloak
      -3 if wearing a winter cloak
      +2 if wearing urchin rags, or vagabond rags, or other obviously poor clothing for cold weather.
      +3 if not wearing any clothes
      -2 if wearing winter clothes
      -3 if wearing heavy winter clothes

      +3 if it is night time

      +1 if it is NOT snowing (I live in a cold area, it is warmer when it is snowing)

      Immune if wearing ring of warmth

      -1 if within 8 meters of a campfire
      -2 if within 5 meters of a campfire
      -3 if within 3 meters of a campfire

    @NWVault wrote:

    FROSTBITE 1.0: This script provides simple to setup scripts for making cold effects in an area. You can vary the intensity without any scripting. NO SCRIPTING REQUIRED to use this script. It takes into consideration being colder at night, and slightly warmer when snowing than when clear. It provides numerous clothing types, and a campfire kit. All these things influence how the cold effects the players. (DOES NOT EFFECT NPCS)

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Another Pack Ox

    by LEX

    I will add this as a merchant and allow rental of the pack oxen at a later date.

    For now, the village or town will loan them to PCs for various uses when needed.

    EDIT: Switched Ox to Pack Ox from CEP.

    EDIT: Updated Spawn Script for more variety.

    @NWVault wrote:

    (Not really a henchman, but if does follow you)

    A pack ox, similar to one posted recently. A bit better, I think. Your items are stored in its inventory, so killing it or picking its pockets gives the desired result. Ownership can easily be changed by abandoing it, charming it, killing the owner, or finding the ox while the owner is offline. Packed up nicely in an .erf file ready for importing. Documentation in the erf comment area. Once imported, just plop down oxen. Also includes a sample module.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Henchmen Always Bleed to Death

    by Demetrious,OldManWhistler&IntrepidCW:

    Bleeding, Death and Respawning – The system has undergone a major overhaul. HABD no longer controls death, dying or respawning. It is solely used to maintain the player database for hitpoints.

    Edit: Removed majority of software.

    @NWVault wrote:

    This is a complete and highly polished beta version, you should be able to configure your death rules as you want. We want this to be hands down the best bleeding/death/respawn system out there and we need your input to make that possible.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    DMFI DM Wand Package

    by Demetrious & Hahnsoo:

    This is the package of DM utility wands that allow the DMs to do some of the amazing things they do. The package also includes the Player Dicebag, Emote Wand and Language widgets.

    A nice addon for the system is the Player and DM voice emotes. Helpful method to ensure that players and DMs can do emotes without having to using lengthy mouse driven commands.

    Edit: Setup to give all players on entry into the module the Player Dicebag, Emote Wand and Voice Command Book.

    Edit: Updated to 1.08

    @NWVault wrote:

    Version 1.07. This package allows DMs to create over 1000 actions/effects/sounds etc that you just can’t do without extra scripting. All rolled up into a clean package. This is a community resource that now includes major contributions from around 15 contributors. Designed to work with HotU version 1.59 and up. HotU REQUIRED for this version. THIS IS A LARGE UPDATE. Base listening code has been changed as well as coding change to PC/DM Dicebag – see the uploaded text file for a listing of changes and NEW configuration options for advanced users. Please save your module as a new name and as always report errors and I’ll get them fixed.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Fireworks Show

    by Awol:

    A special treat for our players. Don’t worry, you’ll find it easily enough.

    They are truly fun to BEHOLD!

    @NWVault wrote:

    Need to celebrate something special in your world? Someones birthday? Well now you can give them one heck of a show. With these scripts you can create your own Firework Show. All you do it flip a lever and the lights will go out, music will start and you will enjoy a 10 minute show (roughly). Best part it will not be the same thing twice as its totally random. At the end the finale will start giving NWN a lightshow its never seen before. When its all over the lights will come back on and your players will be picking their mouths up off the floor. Once started the script control themselves until the end. The finale is scripted but with some random elements for flavor. The show is totally random and run about 10 minutes but can be shorter or longer. The Finale only starts after so many fireworks have been shot into the air.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Dez’s Modified Respawn & Afterlife System, RC3

    by Dezran

    This script forms the basis for our new Bleeding, Death & Respawn system. The gist of our current system … you bleed from -1 to -10 like normal and then upon dying your soul is taken to Elvidnir. Once there you may elect to wait for someone to raise your corpse or see Garm and he’ll return you to the mortal realm. Once returned to the mortal realm either by raising or respawning your corpse will disappear.

    EDIT: Script has been heavily revised to suit our needs. Single respawn point that occurs immediately upon death. During bleeding you are “blinded” and cannot see what is going on around you. The original scripts that we utilize only covered the dying and death, occurances. Garm and such are wholly our own. 😈 This system is still in the BETA phase and may cause ERROR messages or glitches. Please report all bugs in the appropriate forum. This will make it easier for us to fix.

    EDIT: Added fix to Raise and Res spells to bust conversations prior to returning the lost soul to their body. Removed “blinded” function until further testing.

    EDIT: Rewrote the entire bleeding script.

    EDIT: This system now only retains the Penalty script from the original. All other scripts are rewritten.

    EDIT: We have added a change to the Respawn Price extracted by Garm. He now takes into account your total deaths on the server. Basically he takes more XP for those who visit him more frequently. The amount remains the same until you reach more then 25 deaths. The amount instantly removed via the process of transferring to Hel remains the same. Only respawning is effected.

    @NWVault wrote:

    This is the Fourth Release Candidate of my heavily modified version of Moeb’s death/respawn system. I have changed the name slightly to better reflect what it does. It includes: An OnRespawn, OnDeath, and OnDying script. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory areas plus a Respawn area with Succubi to kill you for testing. Various custom NPC items posessed by the Respawn NPC’s… You may rename the Areas to anything you like as long as the WP tags are not changed. Instructions to alter the script are in the res_readme. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me. Sorry it’s taken me SOOOO long to update this, things just seem to keep coming up, but here is RC4. Per several requests, I have included a Penalty system that can be turned on or off by changing a variable within the scripts, and made a few other improvements. I have tested it, but not as thoroughly as I probably should have, so please let me know of any issues you find.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs:

    Lion’s Hold Library Book Drop

    by Lions Hold

    Drop any book and be awarded xp.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    PC Persistent Statistics

    by Invizible420

    REMOVED: Wasn’t being used for much. Nice system just not as useful as we’d hoped.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Accerak’s Simple Spawn ‘n Clean for PW’s

    by Accerak


    Still recommended for those just starting out.

    @NWVault wrote:

    ** MINOR UPDATE as of 04/22/04 ** Added a waypoint for spawning and respawning items. Instructions for updating or doing a new installation of the scripts are in with erf. ** MAJOR UPDATE as of 04/03/04 ** You’ll want to download this updated version, it adds alot of new functionality, and fixes all the problems I could possibly see. A simple set of scripts to go into your area event hooks that will allow you to spawn creatures and placeables to waypoints, and clean up your areas after they are empty. It doesn’t use any heartbeats and should be a great alternative to NESS (for those of you like me that find it too cumbersome).

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    SiliconScout’s Treasure Spawn System

    by SiliconScout

    Through the recommendation of another PW admin we decided to check out and eventually implemented this system. It is fully customized to our world and will generate not only loot for monsters and chests but monsters’ equipment and tell the critter to equip it.

    Between this system and Accerak’s Spawning system we shall have everything respawning that should be, monsters, loot, placed resources, and a whole lot more.

    @NWVault wrote:

    This treasure system has been designed and refined from the ground up to be useful for both novice and veteran builders. I was looking for a versatile system that allowed be to precisely control what treasures were spawned in my modules, yet be simple and easy to use. It requires no scripting knowledge whatsoever to be fully functional. The readme file is somewhat daunting due to its size, but this is only because I want to make sure that I explain everything as completely as possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at the email address listed in the documentation.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Craftable Natural Resources

    by Festyx & Hrnac

    You all know it and you all love it. As of yet, no edits have been made to the system or to the recipes.

    EDIT: Thanks to Lt. Tyler for working out some amazing recipes including new Bows and nordic style foods.

    @NWVault wrote:

    Craftable Natural Resources (CNR) V3.05 by Festyx & Hrnac. This is a trade skill system with over 1200 recipes. Built on an easy to configure recipe sub-system.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    MRES: Markshire Random Encounter System

    by: Hrogath of Deephold

    This system is a multi-phase program that has been custom developed for Markshire.

    Phase I MRES: Phase I is a method of generating random NPCs within a given area at waypoints scattered about. The NPCs are drawn from a list of variables on triggers near the entrance. These NPCs are exempt from the world’s cleaner scripts. The capabilities of this early phase are limited to spawning and random walking.

    Phase II MRES: Phase II is a more complete system based on the original PnP random encounter table system. A table of possible monsters is assembled and consulted by the script upon a Player controlled creature entering an area. The table then specifies what is to appear along with how many. Each area can access a different table, have a separate chance of there being an encounter and setup the encounter in a different manner.

    Phase III MRES: Will go into production soon and will increase the possibilities of Phase II. Allowing for even greater variety and a certain amount of scaling of the encounters.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire Broken Transit System

    by: Hrogath of Deephold

    @NWVault wrote:

    This is a paired placeable and script to allow for dropping temporary placeable transitions between two points or areas.

    The placeables we use are carpets from the CEP and represent OOC – Transitions for broken transitions or temporary magical portals for in game use.

    They are labeled A & B. Multiple placement of either will result in nothing happening.

    For use on any two other objects simply add the script to the OnUuse and make sure your tags match and end in A/B respectively.

    We’d be happy to demonstrate them on our server for any who ask.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire Quill of PC Recording

    by: Hrogath of Deephold

    @NWVault wrote:

    A custom item and script pair for saving PCs to the servervault (multiplayer) or localvault (single player).

    A simple system to be assured and probably elsewhere on the vault. We wanted to include a message to the PC stating that their character had been saved. The message includes the Module’s name.

    It also writes the fact that the player saved to the server log for tracking purposes.

    See the attached screenshot for a sample message. Both messages can easily be updated within the script.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    MCRS: Markshire Campsite Rest System

    by: Hrogath of Deephold


    The new rest system is similar to our old rest system with quite a few changes to ensure that role-play and game mechanics are all accounted for. The system is setup to incorporate the following aspects of rest:

    1. Time between rests
    2. Campsite nearby or on person for setup
    3. Campsite can now be used indoors (bedroll) or outdoors (tent)
    4. Choice of 5 rest animations
    5. PC is blind during rest
    6. PC is locked and uncontrollable during rest
    7. PC heals majority of hit points initially and slows towards the end
    8. On going effects, both benign and malign, are not removed until rest cycle is complete
    9. Rest can be interrupted by hostile Monsters, NPCs AND PCs
    10. Interrupted rests may return to resting
    11. PC stands and emotes a random saying at the end of their rest

    The rest system requires a campsite kit. There are three kinds and they are backwards compatible with our current campsite kits. The three kinds of kit so far are:

    Kit Name                        Icon             Weight
    Normal Campsite Kit Bedroll 10.5 lbs
    Heward’s Campsite Kit Bedroll 5.5 lbs
    Heward’s Compact Campsite Kit Compact Package 0.5 lbs

    System Process:

    1. Player clicks the REST button
      1. The PC then moves to a nearby campsite OR
      2. The PC sets one up in front of themselves and removes one from their inventory
    2. Player selects the campsite
    3. Conversation appears and they can select:
      1. Rest (only if they are tired)
      2. Strike campsite
      3. Nothing now
    4. Player selects Rest and they receive the following methods of resting:
      1. Flop down on my chest exhausted and rest.
      2. Plop down on my ass and then pass out.
      3. Recline near the campsite and rest.
      4. Assume a meditative pose and rest.
      5. Kneel for prayer and rest.
    5. Player selects their preferred animation and the PC performs the animation
    6. PC receives the Blindness effect
    7. PC cannot be commanded until the rest finishes or is interrupted
    8. PC heals 25% of the hit points they need to heal every second until the number of seconds remaining is greater then the number of hit points still missing at which time they only heal 1 hit point a round
    9. PC finishes resting and ALL effects are removed including Blindness.
    10. PC stands up and stretches and emotes *stands and yawns* plus a random saying
    11. A time stamp is created on the PC as a variable and their REST_STATE is set
    12. The PC then selects the campsite and is given the option to Strike campsite
    13. Strike campsite removes the campsite from the ground and restores the campsite to the PCs inventory

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Subdual Damage

    by Rocc

    This will allow PCs to engage in Character vs. Character (CvC) combat and they will only be dropped to the ground and winded, then blacked out, then knocked out, and then a concussion. This takes time to recover from or resting. Enjoy.

    EDIT: Removed the item drops and gold loss.

    EDIT: Added support for PC Associates (includes, companions, summons, familiars and henchmen)

    EDIT: Increased down time to better reflex reality of damage taken and avoid standing up during an ongoing fight.

    EDIT: Added Logging of Subdual combats both to Server Logs and DMs.

    EDIT: PCs now receive a reminder on what to do after being subdued as well.

    @NWVault wrote:

    Subdual damage scripts used in the PW Story module, City of Arabel. It is meant for PvP battles only, and allows players to knock out other players, as opposed to killing them.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    MPCS: Markshire Persistent Chest System

    by: Hrogath of Deephold

    After much head banging and retracing my steps I had lost hope of finishing this system. I was preparing to search the NW Vault for a system to utilize. Then in the midst of my preparations for hari-kari I had an epiphany. The result Markshire’s totally different Persistent Chest System.


    Persistence is the key to a continued experience on any world. Storage of items outside of your personal inventory there is little to do using the basic game. So utilizing a simple single command I have built a system that allows many options not normally found in Persistent Item Storage.

    The following options are capable in Markshire’s PCS:

    1. Storage of stackable items. Regardless of number.
    2. Storage of containers with contents.
    3. Storage of non-palette custom items.
    4. Maintenance / organization of your storage space for easier retrieval.
    5. Portable within the limits of our world.
      Markshire limits opening chests to Inns, Temples and PC Homes

    Storage Capacity:

    • 15 containers page over 6 pages
    • 35 squares per container

    This allows for a total storage capacity of 3150 squares.

    PLUS: Bonus slots for a helmet, a cloak, a necklace, two rings, a pair of boots, a pair of gauntlets, a set of bolts, a set of arrows, and a set of bullets.

    Just look here …


    How does MPCS compare to standard persistent chest systems? Let’s look at them:

    1. Typical persistent chest systems are simply placeable objects (chests, armoires, etc.) that have up to 25 windows of inventory at 35 squares per window. That’s 875 squares. Not bad.
    2. Those same systems are limited as to what you can place in there. No stackable items like potions, no containers with inventory of their own, and most definitely no custom items. This is because the systems all destroy the objects and store the references to those items. Then when you open the inventory for the chest again it rebuilds everything.
    3. The old persistent chest systems were limited to their placed locations.


    The Mages Guild of Markshire was faced with a dilemma shortly after the creation of Stonemark and the full-fortification of Gastlinyk Gate. The country needed a better means to move supplies. The Guild created magical portals to teleport inanimate objects around the country. However, the system was unstable. So they crossed the land using their magics to Dimensionally Anchor locatons that were secure. They concentrated on Inns and Temples.

    One day, many years later, the Mage who grew up as a cooper decided that these dimensionally anchored points could be used for something else. He eventually created his special chests. Chaz Abihsot’s Secret Chests are now sold at his shop in Stonemark’s Common Market. They can only be opened in the dimensionally anchored locations but they work like a charm at storing away many, many items. There have even been rumors of some who have stored bodies in them.

    And for a price, Abihsot may be persuaded to Dimensionally Anchor new locations. He’s quite adept at the ritual needed.

    EDIT: Added the ability to store gold inside your chest. The chest will take increments of 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 from your gold and store it in the chest. It can be withdrawn from the chest and counted. The system is setup independent of the chest in case of DB errors with the intensive chests. So if you lose your chest your gold will be safe.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire Experience System

    by Hrogath of Deephold

    Well, after using the Bioware standard system and then Lord Delekhan’s system we decided we needed one to better suit our specific needs. So we have added our own system.


    The system is designed to promote teamwork (aka Parties) and to better reflect your actual experiences in combat. The system utilizes a new formula that is modified from the PnP base. (thanks to Cayle for working it out with us)

    The single PC receives a base award now. It will say “Combat XP Award:” then the amount of experience gained.

    How other creatures affect your Combat XP Awards:

    1. Parties – If you are in a party you will receive a Teamwork Bonus for working together. It is listed as a separate award “Teamwork XP Bonus:” under the combat XP.
    2. Party Location – If you are not in the same area as the killer of the creature you will not receive an XP award.
    3. Henchmen – The use of henchmen is a “crutch” and detracts from your experience as you adventure. You will receive less XP while using a henchman. Even if partied with a group of PCs.
    4. Summoned, Companions, and Familiars – These creatures are part of who you are as a PC and do not cause a penalty.
    5. Summoned Enemies – Creatures summoned by enemies do not generate XP awards. As per D&D rules, the Master of the summoned creature has already had their CR adjusted to take this into account.

    The system also checks the party for level disparity. If you are outside the average range of the party’s average level then you will be held in disparity and receive a penalty to your XP award and not receive a Teamwork Bonus. This is in place to discourage high-level PCs escorting low-level PCs around so they get more XP for their kills then normal.

    And as we always prefer … defeat of any monster will always generate at least 1 XP award and if partied at least 1 Teamwork XP Bonus.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire Roleplay Systems

    by Hrogath of Deephold

    This is really a collection of systems that are conceptually based in automated roleplaying assistance. PCs travel the world and interact with merchants and other NPCs looking for quests or a good buy. However, some PCs might have altruistic goals or they are pious and want to help the needy. This usually requires a DM or at the very least suspencion of belief as you throw out the item you are donating or the gold you want to hand to the NPC beggar who doesn’t have a conversation.

    But now Markshire includes several RP related options and each have a reward.

    Junk Merchants:

    The average merchant isn’t going to want to pay your PC good money for the child’s mask you find or the waterpipe the Orcs use or even the giant sized ironshod toothpicks you found.

    BUT Junk Merchant’s crave it. Since the items are miscellaneous items it’s tough to assign a value to them and not have one merchant buy the item while another does.

    So we bypass the store system. The Junk Merchant is really an NPC standing next to a container. The container (a counter or something) fires a script on close and checks the inventory of itself. Anything tagged with the word “junk” in it is “purchased” and the rest left alone.

    Bounty Merchants:

    Bounty merchants operate under the same concept as Junk. Except these accept very specific items from laired monsters to represent a service to the kingdom (ie. Keeping the orc population down). The reward is usually an amount of gold (dependent on frequency of the item) and XP (very small amount).

    Currently employed for Orc Shields from the two tribes deployed in Markshire.

    Butcher Merchants:

    Butcher merchants are similar again to the Junk and Bounty merchants but only give XP as the Animal Meat is donated.

    Tithe Merchants:

    This system is different from the others as it is conversation driven with the Tithing Desk. It allows you to donate gold to the Temple and receive an XP reward. (limited XP)

    Variations on the theme:

    I imagine it won’t be too long before we add even more variations on the themes above. One considered option is the Druid / Ranger Wilderness Animal Shelter. Allowing those with Animal Empathy to bring in an animal to the shelter. Stay tuned.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire’s Nomenclature

    by Hrogath of Deephold

    @NW Vault wrote:

    We all love the new stuff that came with 1.67. Colors, radial changes, and most importantly, SetName().

    Well, now fully utilize the SetName() function with your NPCs.

    Have a bunch of monsters with names like …

    Ancient White Dragon
    Demon Skull Orc Lieutenant
    Stonemark Citizen
    Troll Shaman

    Should the PCs be given this OOC information or should the monster’s names be changed OnSpawn to something a bit more generic? Like …

    White Dragon
    Demon Skull Orc or just Orc

    With this system added to your OnSpawn script (nw_c2_default9) your monsters can remain descriptive for the DMs but become generic for the PCs.

    Simply add the include line and function call and you too can have more control over what the PCs see.

    On each creature simply add the STRING variable “SET_NAME” and set it to what you want the creature to be called OnSpawn.

    However, what if you want a Random Name?

    Then simply set the STRING variable “SET_NAME” to “RANDOM” and the program will devise a random name based on the creature’s RACE (standard PC races and Animals or Generic for others) and GENDER.

    Or perhaps they are more important people who have full names. What then?

    Follow the same step above but turn on the INTEGER variable “NAME_TYPE” on the creature by setting it to “1”. This will cause to the system to choose a random last name based on Race (again standard PC races).

    Simple and effective.

    See the screenshots for examples.

    File contains the include file, ALL of the stock dragons converted as well as a pair of sample dwarves labeled, Male Dwarven Villager and Male Dwarven Villager Full Name.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    MadRabbit’s PW Timestop v2.0

    by MadRabbit

    @NWVault wrote:

    This is version 2.0 of my Timestop script. Sorry it took me so long to post (been busy with a module) as I know my first version was sloppy and had a few bugs.

    Features :
    –Uses Cutscene Paralyze to create the timestop effect and reapplies the effect every second until the spell expires, thus stopping mages from exploiting other PW Timestop scripts with summons and raises.
    –Affects the area of the caster only (No toggle for an AoE version as it is too unstable)
    –Includes a variable you can place on areas to disable timestop from being cast in that area.
    –Has a Cooldown Timer that prevents casting. Length of the cooldown is easily customized and countdown messages are sent to keep spell waste to a minimum.
    –Easily configurable duration. Default is 3.5 edition rules of 1d4 + 1 rounds, but can be changed to any length.
    –Toggle to keeply disable the spell server wide if needed.

    I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to improve Timsetop and all the best and stable options I have found are included. While it may not be the ultimate time stop script, it is tested and works fully.

    Just copy and paste the code over the nw_s0_timestop script and save.

    Vault URL:

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire’s Random Merchant System

    by: Hrogath of Deephold

    You walk into the city one day. You are prepped to buy. You need some crafting materials and your hood was removed by the local Guardsmen so you need a new one. As you enter the Common Market you see it is bustling with street vendors. They are hawking their wares all over the place. The conversations are deafening especially with the aqueduct running down the middle. With a bit of glee you dance amongst the crowd looking over the wondrous varieties of goods to be had.


    The system allows the creation of random inventories and fluctuating store prices. Stores are populated OnModuleLoad and do not refill until the next reset. The inventory is chosen at random from an inventory list.

    Combined with the Random Encounter System this system allows us to create the seller’s market (similar to modern day Farmer’s Markets) where merchants come to the market with their wares. They only buy Gems as a form of currency. Otherwise they just sell the products from their inventory.

    OnModuleLoad the script loads the inventory using a series of function calls that utilize the following information, Table ID, Number of 6-sideds to roll for amount of inventory to generate and the store whose inventory is getting populated.

    Then using a series of random conditions each store’s buy and sell rates are adjusted until the next reset. This reflects an ever changing economy. There are three starting levels and then 2d10 percent margin change +/-.

    Finally, using our patented SpewsWords technology the merchants really attempt to sell their wares, hawking their goods from stalls and corners all around the market square.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire’s Fishing System

    by: Hrogath of Deephold

    Some of the players suggested including a fishing system and since the ones available on the vault all require a hakpak we decided to create our own.


    The system is fairly easy to use … situated near water at various locations across Markshire are fishing spots (Tamurin River is covered with them) that show up as blue clickable transitions. Equip a fishing pole, available from General Store merchants in game, click on the fishing spot and then sit and wait. Patiently. Because if you move you won’t catch anything. At the end of the cycle you’ll be notified about your success of failure.

    All of the fish are geared to be used with Markshire’s existing systems CNR and the RP system, The Butcher. They will also eventually be used in conjunction with recurring quests and more. So grab a pole … find a spot … and chill. See Kurm for booze.

    You won’t always catch a fish. Your chance for success is based on your INT modifier + a d20 roll against the overall DC for a fishing spot. Each fishing spot will be different. Conditions such as amount of water plants nearby, sun, tide, etc cause each point to be unique. So each spot has a base DC plus d12 to determine the DC. The base DC is set on the spot along with the table ID for which fish can be caught at the spot. Not all spots can catch all of the available fish.

    Finally, if you see a spot that isn’t setup to have fishing please PM Thrym or Lt. Tyler and we will check it out. Please use landmarks in addition to the area title.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Sir Elric’s Cloak Swapper v1.1

    by Sir Elric

    @NWVault wrote:

    Swaps pre 1.68 cloaks for the new corresponding coloured version.

    With the introduction of cloaks all pre 1.68 cloaks are a drab brown colour using the lever in the test module swaps the cloak for the new corresponding coloured version.

    All exisiting properties and the name of the original cloak will be copied across to the new cloak so caters for custom made cloaks. If the cloak is not found in the palette a default appearance is chosen, this is set by the builder.

    The download contains a demo module and an erf with the custom lever and code.

    To use: Import the lever into your module and place it at the start area or somewhere players have access to it.

    I wrote this for my own PW but thought it may be useful for others.

    v1.1 If the cloak is not in the custom palette a default appearance is chosen.

    EDIT: Changed code to REMOVE the cloak by copying it to a cloak with no visible cloak model.

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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire Sigils and Enemy of the State System

    by Hrogath of Deephold

    In a world that allows evil PCs a system is required to manage how various groups respond to all PCs. A PC is allowed access to the inner sanctum of the Orcs. A PC has committed crimes against the country and guards are allowed to attack them on site.


    Sigils are badges that declare the allegiance of the wearer. Creatures that belong to the faction that is represented by the sigil are set to non-hostile toward the individual upon Perceiving them.

    The sigils are only awarded in game by DMs.

    Since Sigils are badges you MUST have the badge equipped for the faction to see. Sigils can be any equip-able item type; a shield, a necklace, a ring, etc. This will vary by faction.

    Enemy of the State (EotS) means you’ve been added to the “most wanted dead” list of the corresponding town. Normally, the guard, etc. of a town wouldn’t care about you. But once assigned EotS status they’ll be ready to attack you on sight.

    EotS is always on and can only be removed by DMs with the EotS wand. So as soon as you login, the township you have angered will immediately become hostile to you.

    The EotS wand fires a conversation for the DM to change the targeted PC’s status. Options include annoying individual towns (Foothold, Cona, Yar, Zariat, Stonemark, Gastlinyk Gate or Bal’ynaz), annoying the country of Markshire (Foothold, Yar, Cona, Stonemark and Gastlinyk Gate), or removing all EotS variables from a PC.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire Cleaning and Spawn System

    by Hrogath of Deephold

    As I just discovered I had not detailed this system yet. After working with Accerak’s system of spawning creatures and his area cleaner I decided I needed a bit more control over the system and for it to work in sync with my other systems. So I started over. Terrible habit of mine.



    The cleaning system is strictly janitorial now. On Exit the system waits for a bit and then if no players are about it cleans the area.

    First it removes any creatures set to be cleaned or spawned by the Bioware Stock Encounter System.

    Second it cleans and resets all of the containers in the area.

    Third it cleans the remains from the area.

    Fourth it checks for loose items in the area. Then it SAVES them to the Junk Collector Store in the DM Lounge. This means the DMs can retrieve dropped and cleaned items. That is until there is a RESET.

    Finally, it resets spawn points, containers and the area so they can respawn.


    This is a separate system from our Random Encounter Systems. The Waypoint Spawning System is a method for spawning creatures from the Palette at a specific spot.

    OnEnter the waypoints are read. Then depending on variables a script spawns a specified number of a SINGLE template. Need two of the same guardsmen to spawn next to each other.

    Once spawned they receive an action command from the system. They can stand there, walk randomly, or follow a set path.

    These two systems combined provide the greatest savings in server memory. No creatures are in an area until a PC enters the area and then after the PC leaves they remove the creatures that were spawned.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    Markshire’s Nerfed Pulse Drown

    by Hrogath of Deephold

    As I just discovered I had not detailed this system yet.

    The ORIGINAL water elemental ability, PULSE DROWN works like this:

    • Elemental takes 50% of its hit points in damage.
    • A radius of size large (5 meters) determines who is affected.
    • Each person within that radius must make a Fort Save at DC 20 or DIE.

    They get this ability once per day.

    In PnP they do not get a death attack. They get a bonus to attack when both the opponent and they are touching water. They get to drench things (put out fires). They also get to create a water vortex while in water that can cause damage per round.


    The Elemental engulfs the radius around it with water like a water bomb. Everyone caught in the blast must avoid getting knocked down from the water blast. Those that do get knocked down must make an initial save to avoid inhaling the water all around them. Those that fail this save must then make an additional save to avoid dying.

    Effects last up to 3 rounds including initial PULSE.


    • Water Elemental uses PULSE attack and all in the radius must make a Reflex Save or be knocked down. Elemental loses half its hit points.
    • All who were knocked down make a Drowning Fort Save, Failure = Loss of 50% of hit points and remain knocked down.
    • All in radius who missed their first Fort Save make a final Drowning Fort Save, Failure = Death.

    All saves are modified by Elemental HD.

    • SMALL: 1-3 HD: DC 14
    • MEDIUM: 4-7 HD: DC 17
    • LARGE: 8-15 HD: DC 20
    • HUGE: 16+ HD: DC 25

    We give the HUGE elementals two of these per day instead of one.

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