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    • Markshire PCs:

    Please find below the rules and guidelines for Markshire. We ask that you read them thoroughly in order to avoid any problems in game or out.

    1) Markshire is a role-playing environment. As such, we ask that you keep the use of OOC information and interaction to a minimum. If it must be used outside of tells or the DM channel, please preface Out of Character information with “OOC”. The game provides entertainment and enjoyment for those that play. Help keep the illusion going for those around you. Let it also be noted that while you may be alone on the server and think no one is about, it is still expected that you act in character. Please don’t become a bloodthirsty Paladin slaughtering livestock just because you need 12 experience points to make your next level. Someone may be watching.

    2) There are some restrictions on classes and races. Please read these carefully before making a character. We know how much thought, effort and work goes into a character’s creation, and we don’t want you to end up disappointed when either the server mechanics or a DM tells you that your character must be reworked.

    3) Markshire is a world based in large part on Norse Mythology, with the concept, backdrop, and general world vision being brought into being decades ago by Markshire’s creator. Please respect this, try to fit within it, and by all means make yourself knowledgeable of it by reading what the forums have to offer.

    4) We recognize that individuals each bring their own creativity with them. This is why we play the game. We simply ask that said creativity be used in an adult manner. Please do not create characters with names that are obviously outside the “norm”. This includes using numbers for letters, use of copyrighted names, names of real life individuals of note, or characters from well known fictional works. If you name your character Raistlin, you will quickly find that Odin does not like Raistlin, and that Raistlin will in all likelihood be missing the next time you log in. Or he will be named something that is a far cry from what most Arch Mages are typically named.

    5) We do not set limits on the amount of experience points or gold you can gain in a day, but please be aware that if you show sudden enormous gains over a day or two you may be pulled aside by a staff member and questioned about your intentions. People that gain levels by the bushel and in a short time frame, WILL draw attention.

    6) Remember in your interactions with other players or with the Dungeon Masters that there is another human being with feelings and emotions on the other side of that character. Choose your words and actions accordingly. Profanity is prohibited beyond what you would find on normal television; damn, hell, ass, etc. Please do not make a habit of overusing these words.

    7) Griefing is not allowed. If you disrupt role-playing to try to make yourself the center of attention, lead spawn onto other players, spawn steal, or just generally act like a disruptive individual you’ll be asked to explain your actions to a DM. The easiest rule to remember here is to not do anything to another player that would make you angry if someone did it to you. If it follows along the lines with role-play then it is acceptable. If you kill someone just for the sake of killing them there is a problem.

    An important factor in this is Character vs. Character combat. There is to be no player vs player combat. You don’t like another player personally, fine. Mutter at your monitor to vent your ire. Solid In Character reason for CvC is asked of the players. Players may be asked to explain their actions. Do not take offense to this. It is done to ensure the enjoyment of all players. Please note that if multiple complaints regarding one player or character are put to the staff of Markshire, a very good reason is going to be needed to justify the characters, and players, extended stay on Markshire.

    8) Rogues are a dangerous area for many players. Markshire does not give a player permission to use their ability to steal to harass others unless if falls into the role-play of your character. If you are going to steal from other players, do not take more than one item from anyone in a day and do not repeatedly steal from the same person day after day. Be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions in terms of other players refusing to interact with you. Also be prepared to suffer the consequences if your get caught. Characters caught picking pockets of other players are considered persona non grata and fair game for CvC.

    Also, if you manage to snag an item you know is important to a player, please return it. These items, unless required by DM event, are hard to come by and mean a lot to players, just as yours do to you.

    9) Don’t metagame. Metagaming is using information you might get while playing one character for actions by another one, or using information you get outside of the game itself in game. If your character has no way of knowing something, then you don’t know it either and must play your character accordingly. Suddenly buffing with no reason because a player 10 areas away turns you to “hostile” is metagaming. Acting in a certain manner because you think that no DM is on is cheese. And the worst kind. Keep cheese out of here please. Oh, and no cheese. Also, if you feel like acting cheesey, don’t. Avoid cheese. Cheese = BAD.

    10) It is inevitable that disagreements will arise between players and/or between players and staff. We ask that you try to keep your disagreements from becoming personal outside of the game. To help with this there is a player advocate whose job it is to mediate such disagreements. We want people to have fun, ALL the people.

    11) Markshire has a zero tolerance policy in regard to underage sexual activity. To put it as clearly as possible, Markshire will not tolerate any role-playing involving sexual activity of any kind with characters who are underage or involving players who you know to be underage whatever the age of their character. We also do not accept folks role-playing sexual behavior in general. This game is not for sexual gratification. If you find you enjoy that type of thing, find another server. Please note that romance and perversion are two different things.

    12) Markshire does not prohibit the usage of voice communication while you are playing for the purpose of out of character chat.

    13) The final rule is simple. Think first and use common sense and above all, respect other players. You know that exploiting bugs, game mechanics, or other such flaws in the game is wrong. Act accordingly and we’ll all be a lot happier. If you find a bug report it. If you have a gripe, talk to someone about it. Markshire is here to have fun.

    • Markshire PCs:


    Do not repeatedly run through areas simply for the sake of killing things. We know that this is somewhat difficult at low levels, and you will get a pass there. To repeatedly run into an area every hour for kill XP is against the rules. Find a new place to go. We are not going to turn up the spawn times. It is unfair to others.

    Limit yourself to a couple times a day unless RP dictates it.

    “Guys, I just got run outta the Ogre Fort, there are a buncha Hill Giants up there, something big is brewing!”

    “Man, my partner just got killed in the Blood Spray caves. Can you help me get their body back?”

    Or Dm events.

    Farming for XP’s sake is not what we are about. Power levelling is not what we are about. Killing puppies or attacking skunks because they give XP is NOT what we are about.

    You will get a warning. “The server logs indicate you have been running such and such area every hour for the last two days. Please stop.”

    After that we use the three strike method.

    Strike one. Two week ban of the offending character.

    Strike two. 4 week ban of the offending character.

    Strike three. Kiss your character goodbye.

    • Markshire PCs:


    Paraphrased from Number 9 on the list of rules, my own emphasis added:
    @BeyondThePale wrote:

    Acting in a certain manner because you think that no DM is on is cheese. And the worst kind. Keep cheese out of here please. Oh, and no cheese. Also, if you feel like acting cheesey, don’t. Avoid cheese. Cheese = BAD.

    Thanks for cooperating, folks. 🙂

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