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    • Markshire PCs:

    *Heard in Foothold near the trader’s wagons*

    Wilian Kross: Well, I ain’t doin it.. I seen one of em tear inta a bear.

    Herto Cain: Well, I ain’t dumb, I know it not possible to be quicker than one of them.

    Gustov Reyer: Someone will have to do it.

    Dustan Trefjalle: do what ?

    Wilian Kross: I’m not!

    Dustan Trefjalle: summat dangerous ?

    Gustov Reyer: Oh, hello good sir.

    Gustov Reyer: Well, sorta.

    Dustan Trefjalle: what sort of sorta ?

    Wilian Kross: Gustov, no it’s not…. *Slyly*

    Gustov Reyer: There be a problem at our storage cellar in Yar.

    Gustov Reyer: Yes yes, it’s your fault and should be your problem.

    Wilian Kross: My fault?

    Dustan Trefjalle: more badgers is it ?

    Wilian Kross: *Looks at Herto*

    Gustov Reyer: See, He left the grate open and badgers got in.

    Dustan Trefjalle: hah knew it !

    Wilian Kross: *Nudges Herto* You better tell…..

    Dustan Trefjalle: sly little divils

    Gustov Reyer: Yes, but what do you mean again? *looks to both curiously*

    Wilian Kross: *Looks away quickly* Nuthin’…..

    Herto Cain: You did it last!

    Gustov Reyer: Nans will whip us all if one of them badgers is hurt.

    Wilian Kross: But you did it first!

    Dustan Trefjalle: how many you got in there ?

    Gustov Reyer: Herto’s grandmother will somehow know and turns us all into toads.

    Gustov Reyer: I say you two draw straws.

    Wilian Kross: I hate bein’ a toad….

    Dustan Trefjalle: ah mage *nods knowingly*

    Wilian Kross: Better than that snake, though…..

    Dustan Trefjalle: snake

    Dustan Trefjalle: same cellar ?

    Dustan Trefjalle: or your Nan’s pet ?

    Herto Cain: You should be lucky you doesn’t end up a dragonfly…..

    Gustov Reyer: Snake?!

    Dustan Trefjalle: or a Mayfly ..

    Herto Cain: *Shivers*

    Dustan Trefjalle: they only lives like 1 day

    Gustov Reyer: It would seem this has been a problem with you two for a while. You both will have to bath Nan for six months now.

    Herto Cain: Eewww!

    Dustan Trefjalle: heuch now there’s a punishment

    Wilian Kross: Yuck!

    Wilian Kross: Well, that’s only twice…..

    Gustov Reyer: Yes, it’s the only thing that gets through their thick skulls.

    Gustov Reyer: Mother dropped them, twice.

    Dustan Trefjalle: try giving em the job of clipping her toenails

    Herto Cain: Hey, wait a minute…. Maybe HE could do it……

    Dustan Trefjalle: *folds arms*

    Gustov Reyer: Herto already has that job, for life.

    Dustan Trefjalle: just what is it needs doing ?

    Herto Cain: Then she don’t have to know….

    Wilian Kross: Yeah, that sounds good to me!

    Wilian Kross: Well, stranger?

    Dustan Trefjalle: hmm?

    Gustov Reyer: nothing major. Just a jar of jam collected from the cellar. One of them will eventually have to go.

    Wilian Kross: Will ye do it?

    Dustan Trefjalle: what’s the job?

    Dustan Trefjalle: jam

    Dustan Trefjalle: from your cellar

    Gustov Reyer: Yes, Grape jam.

    Herto Cain: I thought you said Strawberry? Gustov Reyer: *nods* Wilian only eats jam and ham on bread for lunch.

    Dustan Trefjalle: alll riiiight .. so what is the problem really ?

    Gustov Reyer: Getting these two to do it.

    Dustan Trefjalle: yes

    Herto Cain: It’s dark down there….

    Dustan Trefjalle: I see your problem

    Wilian Kross: And cold…..

    Wilian Kross: and scary….

    Dustan Trefjalle: root cellars need to be

    Dustan Trefjalle: scary ?

    Wilian Kross: I’m afraid of the dark.

    Herto Cain: *Quickly* Me too.

    Gustov Reyer: Sometimes I wish I could just beat them to death with big.. big flaming stick….*swings head slowly reaching for his forehead*

    Dustan Trefjalle: sometimes that’s a sensible thing *wryly*

    Gustov Reyer: Hear that lads?

    Gustov Reyer: *reaches in and pulls out a stick*

    Herto Cain: You wouldn’t really……….

    Gustov Reyer: I keep this close, always, you know that.

    Dustan Trefjalle: where’s this cellar ?

    Gustov Reyer: Yar Keep, next to the castle.

    Herto Cain: *Looks ready to bolt*

    Dustan Trefjalle: yar keep .. next door to the castle ?

    Gustov Reyer: How bout it fellas?! …huh? Yes, that’s our home being rebuilt, the cellar is still in tact.

    Wilian Kross: Sure….sure!

    Dustan Trefjalle: umm well for the sake of not having you arrested for murder here ..

    Wilian Kross: Um, yeah!

    Gustov Reyer: What? Me? Arrested?

    Dustan Trefjalle: you have a stick there ..

    Gustov Reyer: The guards haven’t arrested me before.

    Dustan Trefjalle: you ain’t actually killed them before ?

    Gustov Reyer: *snickers looking to his crew*

    Wilian Kross: There were no witnesses before…..

    Dustan Trefjalle: ah

    Gustov Reyer: No, not these two.

    Dustan Trefjalle: all right then .. jar of grape jam from your cellar

    Gustov Reyer: *turns to Dustan* You fixen to go fetch it?

    Herto Cain: An’ some tomatoes if ye find ’em….I’m hungry.

    Dustan Trefjalle: if you have pay to go with it

    Gustov Reyer: Well now, don’t you two look stupid and weak. This here fella is willing to do it for free….

    Dustan Trefjalle: cos I know for a fact you tellin me everything

    Gustov Reyer: Huh?

    Herto Cain: *Looks away*

    Wilian Kross: *Studying the ground carefully*

    Dustan Trefjalle: how much is this jar of jam worth .. to you right now ?

    Gustov Reyer: Telling you everything? No, that’s bout it. Worth? Nothing. I suppose we could try and borrow some from the Gargoyle Tavern.

    Dustan Trefjalle: yep you could .. and still have the problem on the next jar *nods*

    Gustov Reyer: Wise you are.

    Gustov Reyer: But maybe, one of these fools will go do their duty next time.

    Dustan Trefjalle: been there done that had tea and biscuits with Garm

    Wilian Kross: I’ll give him my allowance…

    Herto Cain: Me too!

    Gustov Reyer: Oh? You will?

    Dustan Trefjalle: and these allowances amount to .. ?

    Gustov Reyer: That’s only 20g.

    Dustan Trefjalle: *rolls eyes*

    Gustov Reyer: Well 25 if they didn’t spill or damage anything.

    Herto Cain: 20 gold is 20 gold…..

    Gustov Reyer: Aye, and from the two of ya, that’s near 50g.

    Dustan Trefjalle: it’s a skeleton knuckle ..

    Herto Cain: Or 20 quivers of arrows…..

    Dustan Trefjalle: or an alchemist’s fire from a kobold who don’t need the stuff no more

    Herto Cain: See?

    Gustov Reyer: Aye, it’s also a large meal at the Red Dragon.

    Dustan Trefjalle: yep lot of arrows

    Dustan Trefjalle: good fer rats but bounce right off giants

    Gustov Reyer: Well, we weren’t asken for your help mister. Your welcome to lend it, but… I really should beat these two until they listen to my orders.

    Wilian Kross: You always beat me! He runs too fast….

    Dustan Trefjalle: has it worked before ?

    Dustan Trefjalle: really worked ?

    Herto Cain: *Takes a half-step*

    Gustov Reyer: Well, once. Dustan Trefjalle: does the place need a key?

    Gustov Reyer: But, hasn’t always been a badger problem either.

    Gustov Reyer: No, it’s just junk down there.

    Dustan Trefjalle: and jam and badgers right

    Gustov Reyer: Junk, Jam, Jars, Jewelry molds. Jugs.

    Herto Cain: And juice.

    Gustov Reyer: Jester’s outfits

    Dustan Trefjalle: brew your own?

    Dustan Trefjalle: not much call for them things round here

    Gustov Reyer: No, traded it with Linos here at the brewery.

    Dustan Trefjalle: *looks sideways at the crew* umm

    Gustov Reyer: Nope, that’s why they down there.

    Dustan Trefjalle: all right then.. I ain’t got anything else to do right now

    Gustov Reyer: Oh really? Great!

    Gustov Reyer: Well then, while your there, could ya close the grate?

    Dustan Trefjalle: I gets you 1 jar of grape jam from your cellar .. you don’t make a mess on the street with these two

    Herto Cain: *Nods eagerly*

    Dustan Trefjalle: where is it?

    Gustov Reyer: And there is some crates that need staken on the south wall.

    Gustov Reyer: The grate is in the back on the north wall.

    Dustan Trefjalle: want the place sweeping while I’m there ?

    Wilian Kross: *Almost asks if he would, but shuts up*

    Gustov Reyer: No, that will be a waste of time, with them badgers there an all.

    Dustan Trefjalle: *gives Wilian a knowing look*

    Dustan Trefjalle: Will Save, Roll 1d20: 1 + Modifier: 7 = Total: 8Listen

    Dustan Trefjalle: //pah

    Gustov Reyer: Appreciate it. Helps out allot.

    Dustan Trefjalle: right

    Gustov Reyer: Just jam, but keeps our business flowing.

    Dustan Trefjalle: valued customer yep

    Dustan Trefjalle: well then by your leave I have badgers to vanquish *sighs*

    Gustov Reyer: *waves*

    Dustan Trefjalle: badgers right

    Wilian Kross: Bye!

    Courtesy Subconscious, Lord North, and Dustan

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