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    • Markshire PCs:

    Deal With this or I will.

    Sar Khan

    @Portales wrote:

    My Dear Forgiving Friend Sar,

    I am writing to you from inside your home, and as we have discovered you are not home. When you returned home, you may have guessed someone has broken in. Don’t get upset, I can assure you that it was not thieves, well they did take something that was yours without your permission, but that’s not the point. They weren’t thieves before today and they do mean to help somebody. As you have not been available I have been chronicling the heroics of a group calling themselves Sar’s Heroes. They have been helping the grippli, who live somewhere near some big trees. Apparently you had some old paintings in your house that had important grippli writing on the back. The need was great to recover these items, atleast that’s what the grippli told us.

    Though I advised against it, Sun broke into a second floor window (and I believe she broke the window as well). Sar’s Heroes searched your home and recovered the paintings, which they promised to return. They also left some gold for some damages that occurred. I not one to tell you who specificly smashed atleast two doors inside your home (Kel did it), and who chopped your front door with an axe (Durok, I don’t think he likes you very much), or who sntached four paintings from your walls (pretty sure it was Belferon) . I know you are going to be really mad Sar, you were really lucky I was there to observe everything that went on.

    Your Closest Loyal Friend,
    Portales Penmanship

    The muddy tracks and tobacco spit on the carpets are most likely from Kel

    Brother Bear maybe hobbling for a while because I think Voran may have cut off one of his legs. On the bright side, you both have something in common now.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Keli stops to read Port’s note, scribbles one of her own, and places it just below the one Port put there earlier.

    Dear Sar and Faith. I want ya ta know, if there was any other way ta go about getting’ the pictures off yer walls, we woulda chose it.

    Ya wasn’t home, we looked fer a key under the mat, and we ain’t found one.The window was our only option. I’m thinkin’ you woulda done the same if you were with us. We ain’t waited fer you and Faith ta get back cause sometimes youse is gone fer weeks!

    By then all o’ the Grippli’s would be dead or close to it. Hundreds o’ ‘em! I’m sure, bein’ the kind o’ man I knows you is, hero o’ Thorm and all, you’d not want that ta happen. But you and Faith will be pleased ta know that what is writ on the back o’ those pictures, is gonna help keep a whole tribe o’ Grippli’s alive and healthy! Oh, they’s gonna be singin’ praises to you and Faith for keepin’ those pictures safe, and in such fine condition!

    Fer sure, ya both will be hero’s in their eyes! As fer any damage we might o’ caused, Sun left a bag o’ coin below Port’s note. If the cost o’ fixin’ things comes ta more then what she left, me and the others will be glad ta pay the difference. I’m hopin’ you and Faith will think this out a little and not decide ta go around punishin’ or killin’ all o’ us. I’m thinkin’ that would be kinda stupid.

    Why that’d be like sayin’ what we done to your house, which by the way will soon be fixed, is more important then savin’ a whole tribe o’ Gripplis! I just can’t believe a good man like you and a sweet thing like Faith, would be thinkin’ like that.

    PS. We killed your bear cause he was bitin’ us.

    Signed, Keli, short fer Keli

    • Markshire PCs:

    A foreign girl emerges from the home of Alec the Tanner and notices a number of messages stuck in the door of the Barracks opposite. She moves quietly to investigate, wondering briefly why the door guard has not collected the notes for his Captain, but this particular guard, she has noted before, lacks good sense and manners. She reads the first note, laboriously, shaking her head, and eventually mutters something about a gnome under her breath.

    She reads the second note more quickly, and nods. The guard, thinking the gesture intended for him, nods backs. She smiles briefly at him, touches him on the shoulder, and salutes. Then she turns toward the Bazaar and the Grotto.

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