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    • Markshire PCs:

    She has offered to make some overtures for the Spire. I think a short mini event for the targets would be great, something so they can be reborn after being broken. High resistance to DMG but actually breaking after a bit and having magics put on them to be remade (server reset) by the power of the Spire.

    *written in an elegant script upon thick parchment*

    Greetings, Ignatious–

    My hope is that my missive finds you well, and in relatively good spirits. Things seem to be tilting in our favour more and more each day. It is with this in mind that I make an offer to you.

    I’m curious to know if you have any contact with some of the more accomplished humanoid groups in the area wishing to acquire some advantage in their forays against the denizens of Foothold and beyond.

    Being a bowyer of some accomplishment, I would like to provide my services as weapon crafter for a select but remote parcel of our far-flung allies. The kobolds–though numerous–are much too weak. The cyclopes are not versed in archery. The ogres seem to have their own means to missile weapons. The goblins, however, have a substantial presence on the western edge of the Narlinwyk. Though their martial skills are notable, their ranged abilities seem to have not fared as well as their worg-training skills.

    What I propose is a trade arrangement with the Narlinwyk goblins, where we (or in this case, I) provide them with well-crafted bows of mahogany. You or your assistants, of course, can determine what best would serve as appropriate remediation for such goods.

    If you deem me fit, I myself can serve as an ambassador to put forth this arrangement with the goblinoids of the Narlinwyk. Though it is not in my personal interest to speak with such creatures, the potential for a worthwhile and profitable enterprise with them is noticeable, and I may be able to overlook my obvious prejudice for this profitable purpose.

    Should you require any further clarification, demonstration of my abilities, or any other needs, please contact me at your convenience. Leave a note for me at the Spire, if your duties require less interruption.

    On another note, I would also inquire as to what might be needed to construct some archery targets in the vicinity of the Ivory Spire. I would acquire supplies from Cona or beyond to meet your needs.

    I hope that this proposition seems worthwhile to you. Thank you for your pains, my most gracious host.


    Sycla Pei’malen


    • Markshire PCs:

    I see zombies and skeletons laying in a pile, then an Imp comes out the grate for heads with an alan wrench and assembles a great contraption. Put stuff in, it grinds, it flames, it whizzz-bangs, then a crate pops out with a ‘poot’. Ready for delivery to the trade order.

    Several bows of her hand, much gold coin, and a few silk glands from some real badies hiding in Markshire. [giant spider, an ettercap gland (haven’t seen a wild ettercap), maybe the giant bug has some kind of goo gland for glue]

    If broken it leaves a corpse… The corpse regenerates the machine. But, the npc standing next to it has to feed it bunny rabbits to fuel it.

    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    @s-m-r wrote:

    1. Player ID: s-m-r

    2. Character Name: Sycla Pei’malen

    3. PrC Sought:

    4. Why you think your character fits into or deserves the PrC sought. Sycla is an undeniably heartless (but still loyal) killer. The desire for vengeance burns steadily within her, and she has a monumental capacity for grudges; she has long been plotting the death of Brak, and he isn’t the only individual on her “list.” Though I’ve not had the time to illuminate it in her bio, she has sworn to slay each of the surviving members of her family for exiling her the year previous. Though she has few friends, she will be unflinchingly loyal to them; those she dislikes will be despised forevermore. Finally, in game terms, Sycla will be able to accept the Assassin PrC upon attaining her next level (with this last level, she has just become statistically eligible).

    5. Describe an event that defines the way your character fits into the PrC’s parameters. There have been several in-game instances, some illustrated in Sycla’s bio, that indicate her blatant disregard for life and mile-wide mean streak. She has a fascination with poisons and their effects and effectiveness, roleplayed initially with Ignatious when she first arrived at the Ivory Spire. Upon acquiring an animal follower at level 6, Sycla chose the Giant Spider, which is an excellent, constant source for venoms and poisons.

    6. Name two people (staff or player) that would agree with your assessment and back your concept. I would say vlan2k and BTP may have the most insight on this issue, while Shadeus (whose gnome character’s name I forget at the moment, but again the encounter is detailed in Sycla’s bio) may also be a good candidate.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Has she done a killing for hire or a killing for the sake of becoming a hired killer? I think we should have this for all assassins..

    – mule

    • Markshire PCs:

    Once the poison crafting has been implemented, I would like to revisit my application for Assassin PrC for Sycla. She’ll be digging into alchemy in the meantime.

    Just sayin’.

    • Markshire PCs:

    This past weekend, Sycla decided to explore the Cona Mine, and kill everyone in it. Her motivation is that she’s tired of the Markshirians being in the mountains near her home. And although it’s close to the Markshirian settlements, she also wants to see if the Mine is worth invading and permanently setting up as an Ivory Spire post.

    I will post something about this in the Foothold Bulletin Board. Details will be sparse, but will generally warn people away from making non-essential trips out to the Cona Mines and areas north. It will mention nothing about the specific killings.

    Inquiries to the guards will be directed to Captain Hillar. Initial questions will indicate that there had been some scuffles out there, and the guard is warning people to stay away unless they’re part of the guard themselves. Acquaintances and confidants of the Captain will learn that it did not appear to be “just another humanoid raid;” a disciplined warrior or group of warriors had sneaked into the Cona Mines and slew all guards, laborers, and prisoners. It did not appear that magic was involved.

    As an aside: nothing may come of this at all from the other players, but it may be worth expanding if anyone takes the bait. I’m just coming back into the swing of things and reacquainting myself with Sycla and her abilities. If necessary, I’ll put together a thread in the DM Events forum to keep all folks aware of developments.

    Lt. Tyler
    • Markshire PCs:

    Nice…murder, mayhem! Sycla could also round up Scrim; he’d be interested in looking for new gem deposits for various crafting he’s up to. Though if he were involved, the magic aspect might need to be altered.

    On the other hand, I can work on this as Hillar as DM with any PCs that raise an interest.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla is roped into the mystery up in the mines. Her initial investigations indicate that the mine crew is slaughtered every month or so, and no one seems any closer to figuring out who or what is responsible.

    I’m thinking Sycla’s not the best instigator for this mess, as she’s MUCH lower in level than Kayla and would be easily toasted. So it’s a dilemma…Should I keep up with Sycla’s actions, or turn it into some other force that’s responsible?

    Any thoughts on this?

    • Markshire PCs:

    The classic “miners woke something in the darkness” always plays well…

    • Markshire PCs:

    Went the easy route on this one: recent heavy snowfall caused an avalanche that opened up a nearby valley. PCs went to investigate, and fought some seriously ugly monsters (Hook Horrors and a beholder) that were wandering around an old gravesite. After being trounced soundly by the creatures, the PCs were resurrected at the base of the valley, where they witnessed another avalanche that closed the valley off once again.

    After reporting the valley closure to the Mine Foreman, things seemed to be back to normal; Captain Hillar has reported that the travel ban on the Cona Mines has been lifted.

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