The Breaking of Gastlinyk Gate.

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    The Raven sat atop the temple and watched.

    A flight of dragonelles circled above the Temple District of Gastlinyk Gate, and decended under a low cloud cover. Five dragon-like steeds. But these did not carry frost giants as they so often did. These carried smaller riders. A troll, 3 human figures, and some sort of smaller humanoid. NeuGhak, Rok, and their allies.

    They immediately set upon the guards and denizens of the district when they landed, summoning fiendish allies and monstrous beast as well. They hammered their way towards the great wall dominating the walled district.

    The Raven stood taller and watched with a keen eye.

    As they broke through the door and clambered up the wall to the Titan’s chamber, a last wall of Guards stood between them and The Watcher of the Gate, Fineas. The blue armored man that was the leader of the Knights of the Gate, and lorekeeper for Gastlinyk, tried to help his fellows with spells while remaining before the Gate. It was to no avail. There had been no warning, the enemy well prepared and strong. He would fall before the Gate, as he had in his dreams a thousand times.

    The assailants then fell upon the viewer. They smashed at and destroyed the refined mechanism that had allowed Fineas to look in on Gastlinyk’s slumber. The viewer normally projected a light upon the mithril door that covered the portal to the pocket dimension imprisoning Gastlinyk the Red Titan. The light usually showed the huge deformed giant floating in grey ether in a trance or state of suspended animation. They reduced it to rubble, along with the crystals that powered the mechanism, colored dust from the crystals lay strewn everywhere.

    The Raven tilted it’s head to the side and shuffled it’s feet.

    They then threw fire at the mithril door, raining magical and alchemical flames down. As the flames grew brighter and larger, a figure appeared in them. Then another, and another. Fire giants, rarely seen in the region, stepped from the flames and attacked the assailants. They fell before them and spilled their blood, the same blood that Surtur melded together oh so long ago in making Gastlinyk. The blood soaked the ground and the stone crimson, copper odored smoke filled the air.

    One of the men conjured forth great vines and weeds, and bade them burrow into the ground and stone. Bade them open the way for the blood to better soak the area. For what seemed like hours the vines worked. They created nooks and crevices, and the blood of the fire giants following them in their work, finding purchase deeper and deeper.

    The Raven fluttered it’s wings and seemed ill at ease.

    Then the assailants called ice down, causing a great hiss and a cloud of foul vapor. Steadily this ice fell, freezing the blood and causing it to expand. Cracks appeared to in the wall, and the metal of the Gate moaned as it was slowly pulled from it’s moorings. With a hiss, the first crack appeared in the door. Then the door burst outward. Grey smoke poured out, and turned yellow. It moved across the district quickly, touching the still breathing guards, animals, and foliage of the area.

    It all changed. Those that gasped their last breaths did so expelling a similar yellow smoke. Cracks and fissures appeared along their bodies, bending them. Some started to change shape as they died. Animals in the area were dealt a similar fate, changing into beings more awful and terrifying, their skins lined with the glowing yellow cracks. Dogs transformed into fearsome hounds, and the fissures on their bodies seem to suck in the light around them, while they emitted a horrid glow, as if the light struggled to be free of them and was pulled back to them. Birds grew in size and became vile looking creatures.

    The Raven cawed into the night, an angry, frantic sound.

    After the eruption and the debris settled, the population watched in horror as the horrendous creature known as Gastlinyk the Destroyer stepped out of a large red portal. His eyes glowed like golden suns and flames rose from his skin. A strange sound slowly reached the farthest corners of the city and out onto the rolling dunes of the frozen wastes. “Rah-ha-ha; rah-ha-ha-ha; RAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!” The maniacal laughter caused horses to buck and oxen to shy to the far side of their pens. The volume of it alone caused rocks to skitter down the faces of the mountains above.

    “FREEDOM!! WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!” The terrible multi-voiced shout of the titan is made even more frightening by the echoes off the cliff walls. With that, one of Gastlinyk’s many titles comes to the forefront of everyone’s minds … DESTROYER! Screaming began to drown out the insane laughter of the titan.

    As Gastlinyk continued his deranged laughter he spied something nearly at hand. The incredibly large sword forged in Surtur’s hottest flames. The puny ants had made a monument of it. He stepped down from the ledge below the Gate, reached out and in a single swift motion freed the massive blade from the marble encasing it and raised it high above his head.


    The Raven fled. The City was lost. It’s inhabitants were lost. All lost.

    Over the course of the next few hours, the city was laid to waste. What the titan did not destroy, those changed by the chaos exuded by him did. Some managed to flee, their minds intact but the strange glowing cracks lining their skin. Others had their minds warp as well as their bodies. These became the new inhabitants of the city.


    The Raven flew to it’s master, high in his majestic halls. He told his master what had transpired. The old man wept at the tale. While he knew the day would come, it did not make the story palatable. He bade the bird to let his fellows know.

    “Speak this name to your brother my friend. Speak it to the brothers in our temples. Speak it to the warriors on the fields. These five will be known as “Hlid Lata Verda”; Gate Sunderers. There is no more vile nor despicable creature that walks below than these five, to unleash such horror upon the world.

    I will speak with Hel. She may not listen, but these deserve not to exist under the pact. If she resists, then they shall know no hiding place, for you and your brethren will pierce their illusions, find their holes, and remove their masks. They will know the peace their actions have brought others in that city. Let them live what they have wrought!”

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