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    Quinne Volick
    • Markshire PCs:

    ….page 28

    I have only been in this land for a few days and already met some fine people. Sar with his strong frame and fighting ability, Panitha with her kindness and soft spoken nature and Egor with his insight into weapons. One other has caught my attention a dark and somewhat mysterious man by the name of Kyle. Kyle the man who has done so much wrong that his conscience could no longer hold back his feelings of guilt. He accepted one hundred lashes on his own confession and nothing more since he was never caught.
    While out yesterday afternoon I spotted Kyle walking through Foothold. He appeared so lonely, with a lot on his mind…then again who could blame him with what he had awaiting him. Even with such a troubled heart he is still one sexy man, dark and brooding sexy man.
    I began to shadow him thought the streets, I’m pretty sure he didn’t spot me and if he did he never let on. I had seen the earlier bulletin posted on the board by Panitha and I knew Kyle would see it soon as well. He stopped and read it….then gave a glance from side to side. I ducked down to avoid his glance and when I looked again the bulletin was gone now crumpled up in Kyle’s hand. I decided to follow, I wanted to see what a condemned man would do in the hours before his punishment. Would he run? I planned to find out.
    He went about normal business, stopping by a local shop to make use of their work bench. While I watched him work on one of his bows I took the one he had made for me off my back and admired it. I was of good make considering how fast he had crafted it, I could have asked for nothing better. I glanced up to watch him some more when I realized I was not the only person tailing him. A Foothold guard I had seen posted near the bulletin board was now here, watching, I can only assume buy orders of the captain. Hiller, I had heard that name a lot in the past short week and it was never used in a positive way. I guess with a position like his you are going to always be the target for ridicule, you ever decision question buy ever citizen. So was Hiller the incompetent buffoon they labeled him or was he the strong leader he was supposed to be?
    I continued to follow Kyle for the next few hours, up until they came to take him to the landing be hind the temple. I didn’t follow that kind of brutality is not a nice thing to me and I could not bare to watch this man how had showed me nothing but kindness, get whipped to death. My prayers go with him….

    … 29

    I heard that Kyle, while in a bad way, survived the lashing. This is good news as I think Foothold can expect good things from him.
    I met some more people today but the most interesting had to be the elf Sable. I have not seen many elves here and was kind of delighted to see another. While not the most handsome of men, he has a rugged way about him…something I haven’t seen in a lot of Elves. He has a strange animal magnetism that I can not explain….I was unable to fight my urges. His stamina was good although I was left wanting, he managed to put a smile on my face.

    Quinne Volick
    • Markshire PCs:

    ….page 38
    I have made my move. I targeted some poor slobs in the tavern today. All in all not a bad haul but thats not what it was about. It was a show for one, a single man. I could feel his eyes watching my every move, so I showed off a little. I worked the room like a amateur turned pro…showing enough skill to get noticed by my audience of one but not enough to get caught. The thrill of this little show was more then I had expected.
    I do hope the guild make a move soon.

    …page 39
    I have grown confused over the past days…..
    I have been spending a lot of time and put my trust into a known thief and murderer, who did take his punishment, but can a man truly change that much. Stories I’ve heard while spending my time clinging to the shadows of taverns, Inns and meeting halls, have been about a man who was totally evil. On the other hand I put my trust in a man who is supposed to stand for things good, to protect people from all the hateful things that would prey on them and he let me down.
    With this disappointment and all the time I spend with Kyle, I have to say I have started to change. I know Kyle is trying to be the man he thinks everybody wants him to be. He has a beast in him, he has caged it but will he be able to keep it locked away forever? I try to give him support but all the while feel he will slip back to his old ways, and part of me wants it to happen so I will not have to hide my actions. This change in me is not just in my thoughts but in my heart…I feel it, stalking me like a wild animal hunting prey. My dark side has grown hungry and I feel that I must feed it.
    I must hide this from Kyle and all the other I know for they would never understand my actions. I can not believe what I’ve done,even as I write it here but I whipped two men today. I didn’t kill them, no, I whipped them like animals. They cried out in pain for me to stop but that only made me angry. I am certain that no one saw what took place and I have changed my appearance to hide from those who would come for me. How could I do that to those men? What am I turning into….a monster? Something inside bothers me deeper then the guilt or the fear of being caught. I find it hard to pen these words but when I did it….I felt….really…good.

    Quinne Volick
    • Markshire PCs:

    ….page 41
    I ‘m in and it was easy….almost too easy. I am still waiting for them to spring some assignment for me to complete. Maybe I am just being a worry wort.

    …page 44
    My dark side has had its way with me once again…I tried to fight it but it was no use. Cave-bear kobolds attack the edge of Foothold the other night, me and some others drove them off, but not before they killed one of the boys that were at play, just outside the gate. After all was said and done my companions returned to Foothold but I sneaked back out to the the youngster. He was there standing in the snow, the wind whipping his hair and a tear in his eye…scared, lonely. I asked the boy of his parents but he seemed to be in a state of shock, even after a quick shake and a stern voice, nothing. My feeling of concern for his wellbeing started to turn to anger….I don’t know why…but it did. I simply walked him to the forests edge, told him I was going to take good care of him, then I stabbed him. I cast the body off one of the waterfall cliffs just inside the woods. As I watched his body float away, I caught myself grinning. Why? What kind of monster would do such a thing and grin about it?
    I ran back to town, I was distraught over my actions, I tried to gain my composer….thats when he made his appearance. Kyle, he could see I was upset but what could I tell him? I was in the middle of a self-inflicted crisis, stabbing a boy and dumping his body into the water? No, I told him all was fine, but he didn’t buy it.
    Kyle is on his road to a new life, he is trying so hard and I don’t want to drag him back into the life he had. I care about Kyle a great deal, but I had to hurt him…so he would stay away. I don’t want my darkness to infect him…he has enough of his own. I chose my words well, i don’t think he will want to speak to me again. I have made the people that warned him about me right, I did break his heart, I just wish he knew I did it to help him. I have started to hate myself more and more but I must keep up this front, but the bitterness is boiling up inside and sometimes comes out. I can see it in the face of the people I know that don’t understand why this person who was once nice and sweet was just so rude and hateful. There is part of me that wishes they knew that way I wouldn’t have to fight this wave of sinister feelings, I could just ride it. I am slowly driving them all away, soon I will be alone.

    Quinne Volick
    • Markshire PCs:

    Page 98…
    Well my diary, I am happy to tell you I am not loosing my mind. For a time there I thought I was slipping into maddness. My nightmares, like many other of the people in the land, had started to affect me greatly….even to the point my days and dreams started to blend together. After some long thought on the subject I have been able to separate the two, and can say that I feel much better for it.
    I did not whip those men, I did not stab a small boy and dump him in the river…..I am not a monster. I had to work though this on my own. I didn’t know who I could trust, who could help….so it took a lot longer then it should have and have lost some people who could have been dear friends.
    I’ve started to talk to people again, I think I may even be starting up a friendship with Tamer…..that would be nice, as I don’t have many.
    So all is going good I would say, wish me luck.

    Page 101…
    I found a new way to focus my energy, I have a gem crafting student now. He seem a bit high strung and he has a bit of an ego, But I’m hopeful he will work out.

    Page 105…
    This guy is a nightmare!!!! All he does is talk about how much of a stud he is and lies endlessly. I’ve shown him a few thing, he seems to have a knack for it. I told him there was nothing else I could teach him…….he still comes around. So I use him to fetch things and run errands, at least it keeps him out of my hair.

    Page 107…
    If he takes off his pants around me one more time, I swear, what a pervert!!!

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