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    Crime and Punishment on Markshire


    Markshire is still essentially a frontier country in that it is situated in a harsh climate and population centers are sparse. After the cataclysm that reshaped the country, the wilderness of western Markshire became the home to many. Law was something that was not easily maintained. During the construction of Stonemark, the High Priest of Tyr was given a vision of Markshire’s justice system. After explaining the system to the governor, Luke Thymes Sr., the Enforcers of Tyr were created. However, it wasn’t until the resurrection of Hanse Mark that the Enforcers were granted their true authority.

    The Enforcers of Tyr:

    Clerics and Paladins of Tyr are recruited from the ranks of the Tyr clergy and trained in the laws of the land. The average Enforcer is the equivalent of a constable. Higher ranking Enforcers are the judges. Lawyers do not exist. Using the powers granted them by Tyr, the Enforcers investigate all unlawful activities they find. It is said that they cannot lie and the power of the Lord of Law allows them to detect lies.

    Laws of Markshire:

    To avoid an extremely lengthy and drawn out list of exact laws of the land we will use the Common Sense Abridged version. If it’s something you shouldn’t do in any civilization then it is probably against the law here as well. Obviously, our major concern will be murder, theft, conspiracy, treason and similar major offenses. However, drunken displays, fighting or brawling, and such will be discouraged and punished if necessary.

    There are no lawyers. You ARE considered guilty until proven innocent. This is a medieval world not a modern day society.

    For those who are not caught red handed but are instead “accused” of a crime, methods of determining validity are sought. This is typically a witness. Again, this is medieval times and while witnesses are consulted they may be dismissed by the judge.

    Once a proper amount of evidence is found, enough to give concern, the accused is found, informed of the issue, and apprehended.

    The accused or captured criminals are then informed of the case against them, the details of who accuses, and given the option of letting an official body listen to all matters concerning the issue and then make a decision or they may request a trial by combat.


    Judgment by Local Official

    The decision is final, there is no debate or other discourse once the judgment is made. The official can, however, be lenient in the penalty if there is one.

    Judgment by Combat

    The accused declares a desire for this, they allow the officials of the area to select a champion. The champion must be willing, but the fight need not always be fair. There is typically no lack of Enforcers available for the task. The combat must be done with one weapon (provided to both combatants by the officials) and a loincloth (and top if required for a woman) and nothing else. Magic is prohibited in this as well. Few mages select this option. The combat is to the defeat, and hopefully not the death. Healers are always on hand. If defeated, the accused typically receives the full extent of the punishment.



    Since this is a Role Play server and we encourage people to take evil and/or chaotic aligned Player Characters the laws of Markshire will be broken from time to time. This means your PC will be subject to punishments, if and when they are caught.

      Here’s the caveat: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PUNISHMENTS; DO NOT COMMIT THE CRIMES. Not everyone is cut out to run an Evil and/or Chaotic PC. To be fair to all Players the punishments are universal and will be applied in all cases.

    Each case will be handled individually. Precedents will not matter as most trials are not recorded and reviewed by the Enforcers.

    We have devised both Role Playing options and an in game system.


    Theft is dealt with based on frequency and value. A first time pickpocket will typically be left with a warning unless something very valuable is stolen.

    If guilt is found in a case of substance, typically a repeat offense or theft of great value, the guilty is hobbled in a public ceremony. This hobbling is meant to slow the foot speed of the guilty, as it is often difficult to flee to safety with the prize if you can’t run. Repeat offenses mean repeat visits to the hobblers hammer.

    Any hammers made for this purpose are part weapon, part curse. Nothing can rescind the damage done by it, save the power of a god. Garm is not a god, nor does the pact influence this.

      Game Effect: this means a reduction of speed will be applied to your character. This is a cumulative effect.


    If found guilty of murder, the accused has their ability to visit violence upon the populace inhibited. A hand is removed from the accused. This serves as a constant reminder of their crimes, and also acts as a symbol of the Tyr, whose laws have been broken.

    If this punishment is insufficient to persuade the accused from murder, and a second act is committed and guilt found, the other hand is removed. While considered cruel by some, it is deemed the only lesson that may show the guilty the error of breaking Tyr’s laws. The guilty typically become completely dependent on others for survival. The irony of this is seldom lost on the guilty.

    There are several names for this punishment. The Curse of the Red Hand. Tyr’s Blessing. Commoners Fair Shake.

      Game Effect: This means you are asked to not use the offending hand, and appearance changes are made as time and ability allows. Most ranged weapon, shield, and magic use requires both hands. Be prepared for 1 weapon combat and taking the still spell feat.

    Indentured Service

    It is indentured service to the country. This will typical take the form of Mining in the Cona Mines. There are components and scripts in place to prevent the indentured PC from leaving the mines and to keep track of their service. This punishment is part of the Role Play and therefore Experience and other rewards can be acquired while incarcerated. Examples: Rats attack the miners, a sick miner is attacked and berated by a guard and the PC helps the miner, outside PCs conspire to free the prisoner and many, many more RP options. All will be rewarded as well as an overall event reward for the incarcerated PC for completing their service. It will be the DMs consensus that determines the length of Real Time of the punishment and any other in game requirements.

      Game Effect: Those sentenced to service will find they can only spawn in Cona at the mines. They cannot leave the mines until their service is over.


    OOC appeal of any punishment is possible and should be handled in private messages to the administrators. Public posts of outrage and such will be removed.

    Server Rules:

    This system has absolutely nothing to do with Players breaking the server rules. Anyone caught breaking a Server Rule are subject to the penalties for the rule and are not enacted as RP in game. BANNING is only a punishment for breaking server rules.

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