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    Slightly over 100 years ago a Titan of nearly invincible power walked the land and laid ruin to everything in the open plains of Markshire. The progenitor of this monstrosity was Surtur, lord of the Fire Giants.

    Many heroes died in valiant attempts to slay the creature. Nearly one month after the colossal and insane fire giant set foot in Markshire the Wizards of Arik formed a plan with the Priests of Odin and staged a site for incarcerating Gastlinyk. For three days the combined might of Arik placed spell upon spell on a section of the cliff wall in the Thrym Mountains.

    In the meantime, the dwarves hurriedly assembled a massive mithril door. As bait to the mentally unbalanced, Luke Thymes II harried and taunted Gastlinyk to get him to chase him towards the mountains. On the fourth day the preparation was complete and the door magically arrived. They only awaited the titan and his prey.

    Luke Thymes, II

    Within sight of the mountain range, Thymes stopped and taunted the monstrosity once more. Spurred to new heights of anger the Titan slammed his incredible sword into the ground near Thymes sending him flying from his steed, Merata. Winded the son of a half-giant managed his feet as the mighty titan recovered his own balance and lurched toward the paladin. Within a step he was upon Thymes and young Luke was pressed to avoid the titanic sword. Ever mindful of the distance to the cliffs, Thymes steadily retreated.

    Not once, did he miss a step or fail to turn the blade. As he crossed the last few hundred yards to within easy sight of the mages and clerics awaiting him a mighty thunderclap rolled across the plain. The ground quivered and rolled with its passing. All were sent flying to knee and ass as they lost their footing, even the titan himself.

    Seeing his chance to manage the last 100 yards Thymes launched himself back to his feet and dashed towards the goal. The monster, enraged beyond thinking at his downfall, scrambled on hand and knee to try to squash his miniscule opponent.

    The mages and clerics began the spell. The powers that be leapt to their collective feet across the heavens and rained power down upon their chosen. The cliff wall glowed a brilliant white light and blotted out every, including the sun. The light streaked toward Gastlinyk.

    Realizing too late that he had been tricked, Gastlinyk managed his feet as the beam of power struck him in the chest. The massive sword he wielded in two-hands sailed into the sky. The titan glowed for a moment as the light bathed him. Then all at once the light retreated. As it left, so did bits of Gastlinyk. Slowly it dwindled; few even now still could see what was transpiring. The light finally faded and so with it did Gastlinyk.

    A resounding boom dropped across the plains a second time and once the majority of the people could see again they could see that the Gate was raised and sealed over the portal in the cliff wall. Many of the mages and clerics died from the power they channeled. Many more were permanently blinded.

    As the dust settled, Luke Thymes II staggered into the encampment. Most thought him unscathed until he fell on his face before the high priest of Odin. The entirety of his back was burned black. Nothing but charred skin remained. He died then. No one moved as all could see his final breath leave his body.

    Then … a deep shuddering breath wracked his body and then another. By the third the priests were upon him.

    To this day, the extraordinary man lives in Gastlinyk Gate. The city itself built up from the small encampment with months not years. A fortress was built below the Gate. Knights were sworn to guard it against all threats. Gastlinyk Gate still stands … undefeated … as the Frost Giants of Thrym repeatedly lay siege.

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