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    It’s a given that most people understand the nature of the Good guy within the fantasy scope. The good guy roams the land righting wrongs. Be they a miserable old witch who preys upon lost children or the epic struggle of a group of strangers who must learn to work together to defeat the tide of evil coming from a god-forsaken land.

    But what about the other way round? What is the day to day life of an evil PC?

    Looting, raping and pillaging? Probably not. That is the purview of a horde or band of evil people and one PC is not a horde (unless you are Brak). Murder perhaps? Well, let’s see … you walk into an inn and put a crossbow bolt between the eyes of the innkeeper. You get busted a moment later by the 20 NPCs standing around waiting for this exact thing to happen and wind up in Hel. Not fun.

    So let’s rethink our day. You get up, you go to Foothold, you buy some supplies, and then you head out into the forest to see what’s new and exciting. You come across some orcs. You have not made an alliance with them. They dislike you. So a fight breaks out and you walk away with a little loot. Not a lot different then the good guy’s day so far.

    Moving on you find a lone priest in the woods whittling a piece of wood. You decide to talk to him before possibly killing him and looting his cottage. You find out that he’s got some information worth pursuing. He knows the location of a valuable object. Greed makes your eyes twinkle in the gloom of the forest. So you pass up the quick buck for a possible bigger payoff. He’ll be here later if you decide you still need the gold.

    You soon find that the goodies are looking for the exact same thing. Things get interesting now. What to do? If you engage them directly everyone in the whole world will know that you are evil. Do you try to get to the item first? Maybe you should wait and sneak in behind them and grab the item when they aren’t looking. Or perhaps, you could steal it after they get it. Perhaps it is just better to join up with them. Your chance of survival improves with more targets for whatever is lurking within the temple.

    So looking at our options, is this about taking down the goodies because they are good or is it about being you and doing things for yourself?

    After thinking about this you may decide that evil isn’t the way to go for your PC. That’s completely up to you. The challenge is to bring a character to life for yourself and those you interact with. You WIN by earning the respect of the other players.

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