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    First thing to pop into anyone’s head regarding this landmark … Aren’t deserts hot and dry?

    Well, the dry part is correct. Upon reading the history you might have caught that the area is now under the full control of Thrym’s magic. Through the use of his magic he caused the desert to freeze nearly overnight.

    The sudden change in temperature caused the earth to crack and the vegetation to die. Soon winds picked up from the drastic drop in the air’s temperature. Within weeks the earth turned to dust and eventually became sand. The wind blew the sand everywhere and buried the remains or Arik.

    Thrym was pleased and setup patrols in the desert to keep the people of Gastlinyk Gate locked within the walls of their city. Snow gets intermixed with the blowing sand as it blows in from the mountains and from the south.

    The Thrym Mountains to the south are innundated with snow as the warmer air to the south loses it’s moisture. The Thrym Mountains to the east including the city of Gastlinyk Gate are not nearly as covered.

    The winds of the desert have been known to drive horrific sandstorms before them. Speculation among sages and wizards indicate that many of these may be the work of the God of Winter. All are in agreement that if caught in such a storm it will rip the flesh from your bones.

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