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    • Markshire PCs: Grottle, Gruzk, Ashimar

    ***Posted at all bulliten boards and any respectable establishment from Foothold to Stonemark. Suprisingly these posters are not seen in Spinehold, but are seen at the Everspring Inn and as far north as Cona. Complete with seals from Allox Mark’s Court***


    Able bodied volunteers are requested to apply at a group screening event for the positions of a new task force in Stonemark. This task force will be under the direct order of Prince Marks himself. Thirteen positions will be available; first to meet requirements get the positions. Salaries will be paid and disclosed at the registration events.

    Job Description: Crime investigations, liaison to remaining inspectors, inquisitors of unsolved events.

    Job Requirements: Markshire citizens ONLY! Family crests will be verified. Must be of legal age to serve in the Royal Guard. ( 18 ) Must have own armaments and supplies. Must pass physical and intellectual examinations at the registration event. Must be literate in reading and writing of the Lord’s language, Lord Alex Mark.

    Every Mars Day (Tuesday) a general assembly shall be held for applicants to register and test. Those that pass shall gain one position. After the first thirteen positions are filled, the registration events shall expire. (Late starters may start late but still have to register with the proper channels)

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