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    • Markshire PCs:

    Narlynwik Forest West of Ranasilva Approximately twelve to fourteen years ago
    Sunrise All spoken languages are in elven

    A beautiful elven woman is sitting beside a bedroll in a small clearing of trees gently stroking a little girls fiery red hair. almost singing the child’s name as she begins to wake her for the new day.
    Kaaayla….Kaaaayla….Wake up sleepy head.
    The child remains motionless
    Come now my child you have a big day ahead of you time to bathe and get dressed.
    One opens ever so slightly and then quickly closes again
    I saw that your not fooling anybody
    The little girl giggles ever so quietly
    Hmmm….. Oh my what is that? Oh no what am I to do A great big humongous Ticklebug just crawled into your bedroll
    At this point the Elven woman’s fingers dart into the bedroll and finds the child’s tickle spot quick as a flash like only a mother can this sends the little girl into a squirming giggling fit.
    I WAKE I WAKE Mama I wake peas stop
    Thats a good girl now bathe yourself get dressed and then we gather food for breakfast and then a suprise
    Yes mama
    Kayla get up runs to the stream near by disrobes and precede to bathe herself using the special soap and cloth Mama had already laid out Normally Kayla did not like bathing in the stream but it was well into Summer now so the water wasn’t so cold. But still there was the comment Mama made about this being a big day and the promise of a suprise so this was a quick bath. But as she was drying off she heard a sound. Dropping the towel she started walking toward the sound. Its not known just how far she wandered but it was far enough away that Mama noticed she was gone and began to track her. As Kayla followed the sound she began realize what was making it. Well at least a general idea. A dog of some sort. Now Kayla had been warned about animals and there territory. But something was different about this animal. She felt as though it was calling her and the closer she got the more it sounded like a cry for help. and then she saw it. At first it scared her cause what she saw was the biggest Dire Wolf she had ever seen laying on its side with three arrows buried deep in her side. Now any man that happen to run across this same situation would quickly put an end to this animals life not so much out of mercy but more cause there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. But did Kayla run away? No in her softest voice she started offering the animal her condolences. Telling the wolf that all would be fine and so the pain would go away strangely enough the wolf seem to understand that this child meant her no harm. mustering all the strength she had left she got up walked no more than five feet picked up a new born pup it’s eyes not even open out of a bush walked it back to Kayla set it down beside her let out a mournful howl and died. Now Mama Had been standing not to far away frozen in fear. rushed up and snatched Kayla up crying and scolding the whole time.
    Kayla what were you thinking running off like that? You could have been killed and to compound matters even more your playing with a wounded animal!!! That Dire Wolf wolf have have a meal of you on its best day!!!
    But Mama she called me! She wanted someone to take care of her baby!
    Oh No!! That out of the question.You are not bringing that animal home. It wont live Kayla. Its to young
    But Mama I have to its what she wanted
    I said NO!!! Now that the end of it.
    But Mama
    Kayla I told you…………..
    Let her keep it.

    The woman turns to look at her husband pleadingly

    Vastion Please No. Don’t do this. You know as well as I it wont live and when it dies it will break her heart
    Your probably right Most likely it will be dead in two days at the most.
    Then why let her keep it?
    Because it will be a lesson to her
    Vastion Please I’m beg…….
    She will keep it and she will bury it. And we will speak of it no more now get her home and dressed we have a celebration to get to

    Kayla reaches out and strokes her mothers hair.

    Mama it will be ok this puppy will live you will see

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla followed Mama and Papa back to the grove totally oblivious to the argument that had ensued. Talking and Comforting the Dire Wolf puppy who’s eyes had not even open yet. Holding it closely to her.
    The celebration as it had turned out was for Kayla It had been 5 Summers since she had arrived to her Mama an Papa. many gifts were given to the forest in her name. This ritual so to speak would aid her in her rise to power as a druid.
    Later that night as the little girl and her newfound friend were tucked into bed by mama and papa.
    Kayla Dear remember always help those in need and always protect the forest there is great power ~and~ responsibility in the Path you walk
    With that Mama kisses Kayla on the forehead and wishes her a good night. It would be the last goodnight kiss from mama. She walks away and lays down hiding a slight cough.
    Papa then Came with a flask sat down beside her and showed her how to feed the puppy.the mixture wrinkled Kayla’s nose. But papa had promised that the puppy would like it and it would help him grow big and strong. He had also coaxed Kayla to drink some of it as well promising it would aid in the bonding of the puppy….And it did

    Later as Mama and Papa sat watching Kayla sleep

    Vastion of all the animals in the forest why would you promote her bonding with that Creature
    without looking up. Can you think of a better guardian?

    • Markshire PCs:

    As the days went by Mama Got sicker and weaker Kayla continually searched the forest for herbs and roots that would make her Mama better. Granted there was just not enough knowledge in her little 5 year old head to help but this didn’t stop her from doing as she had seen her mother and father do a thousand times over. some times Kayla would bring something she knew would help and mama would get a little better but it was always short lived. But she would do all she could to help whether it be wiping mamas forehead or just keeping the bugs at bay that seemed to be gather in larger numbers by the day. Mama was getting very delirious sometimes crying to Kayla telling her to run away that she was in danger but kayla would reassure her that she was safe that she had Woof and Papa to protect her But mama would just cry more. Then one morning it happen it was the same day woof opened his eyes mama closed hers…..for good. Kayla tried for hours to wake her mama right up until the bugs began to crawl out of every orifice in her head. Kayla screamed Papa came running but when he saw he just scooped Kayla up and began walking. That was the last Kayla ever saw of her mama.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Narlynwik Forest South of Foothold Present Day

    Kayla sleeps an uneasy sleep dreaming over and over of the attack she suffered in the pass three figures stand out in her dreams a large ogre a kolbold and the Troll she thought to be her friend. They Attacked without warning. and while Kayla and her group were trying to retreat back to Foothold. The day had been going so well Kayla had just seen the pretty ladies That occasionally come to sing to her and was skipping down the road through the pass. The next thing she knew there was yelling and screaming all around her. Then she aw. oke with the sting of her ear being cut off. She open her eyes to see the Kobold run to another and cut their ear off as her eys followed him she saw the troll. at first she couldn’t believe it. Then it went black again. She woke up crying in her Grove the bear apparently annoyed at he sniffling got up and lumbered off the two or three large cats just lay there uninterested But the huge Dire wolf Woof nudges and whined as he sniffed around looking for what was upsetting his friend and finally nuzzling her as if to say theres nothing here to fear. Laying her head back down Kayla began so sleep again

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla Walked through the forest smiling giggling and flirting with Osay. She was so happy Osay was Handsome not as handsome as some but he understood her. She didn’t have to fall all over the word of man with him he understood the language of her mother. So Kayla was able to just relax and be herself. She Knew she was still a bit of a child but that was because she never felt it was necessary to act all grown up. She saw what happen when people grew up they lost there innocents and then they lost their love of life thing just seemed to get more serious for them. But they also tended to find themselves mates and with Papa gone she was so very lonely. There was Nitha but she was just a friend and they didn’t always see eye to eye. Besides Nitha couldn’t give her children and Kayla really love children. She also really liked Faiths children and was happy that the Sorceress and her mate allowed her to visit the children.
    Kayla and Osay talked about him wanting to be a ranger and Kayla told him of several people she knew to be rangers and that she herself would be willing to teach him what she could. It was then that Woofs Ears perked up and he started Growling Kayla instantly followed suit changing into a dire wolf (this was another reason she liked Osay he didn’t mind that she could be any animal she wanted to be) she started sniffing around she found what was bothering Woof.
    It was Papa But something was different he was referring to himself as multiple entities and there was no emotion Kayla tried many times to Hold and hug her father but he just pushed her away she was so distraught she never noticed the swarm of insects that moved and crawled under his robes. Kayla tried to convince him to come home to the grove even telling him of the Troll that hurt her and Of the mean armored man that slapped her so hard she fell to the ground and was bruised for days. That was the only emotion she felt from him. He told her to go further south into the forest and that he would take care of her assailants. Kayla tried once again to hold her father but he simply pushed her away and told her she wasn’t ready to join them yet reminding her to stay out of town except to continue her studies and then to only remain as long as she must. Kayla begged her Father for the love he used to give so freely crying and begging. For all the good it did cause when she wiped her eyes he was gone. She was once again Alone but for Osay who gently coaxed her up and held her as she threw her arms around him soaking his shoulder with her tears. Osay just stood they content to allow her to let it out simply holding her offering comfort

    • Markshire PCs:

    The large cat padded up to open gate there was the smell of food all around not the smell of fresh meat but but the stench of cooking. The panther knew she wasn’t supposed to enter the town but she also knew Ogres weren’t supposed to be in there either and she had seen just that besides. She was hungry the game in the forest had all but disappeared over th course of a couple days The smell of the air the temperature even the feel of the ground seemed different there was a uneasiness about the forest something was wrong even she would have left had she not been different. She saw several prospective meals but this cat was no man hunter she stalked not to hunt but to avoid being seen. This town was alive with activity. She figured she would sneak up to the mines there were always large dire rats there not the best tasting meal but it would do, also there were those that knew her and would feed her simply cause they thought it interesting how her mannerisms changed. They found it odd that this cat would eat meat and snub her nose and anything but, and yet when they saw her in her 2 legged form it was quite the opposite she would only eat the food that grew from the earth or not at all.
    Suddenly she heard the sound if crunching snow behind her she looked and saw a small female running at her. She had been seen not wanting to harm the small girl she ran still staying to the walls and as much out of sight as she could she ran for the Mines perhaps there she could find cover of darkness. But it seemed that this female could see just as well she could. That was fine She would run to the temple there were humans and elven there that would protect her.
    Once at the Temple she saw her friend Panitha With one last powerful jump into the air and a flash of green light that caught the guards attention she landed on two legs. The small female still slightly blinded by the flash and and struck Kayla square in the back when to the girls surprise all the guards had seen was the small girl hit Kayla Evergreen. Who in their eyes was a young half-elven girl with way more power than most her age and had no qualms about using it when threatened Not asking any questions they quickly got between the two concentrating on the small one as she was the aggressor. Sir Aetion was called and the Halfling girl was released as soon as if came clear as to what happen. Kayla was expecting a sever scolding But as it turned out Sir Aetion was very sympathitic to Kayla never raising his voice to her and paying very close attention to her words. He even found some humor in her comments. At one point telling her he wasn’t going to tell his guards to lean in close to a 200 pound panther to see if it was purring. But they found a middle ground it was agreed that when Kayla was in town she would wear a collar tha emitted a bright white light and he would let the guards know It was Kayla.
    Kayla was overjoyed! Finally someone had took the time to listen to her and give her a little respect. Instead of just treating her like a child that had no say in anything.

    • Markshire PCs:

    No longer would the child be alone. where once there was one now there were many. Working together to insure that the child survived. many spirits that had found a common understanding. that all shared one vessel not just any vessel this one was innocent as well as an excellent ability to change forms.so it was there that each spirit had found a new home.

    At first it was the perfect plan for all. It was the Oldest wisest and most benevolent of spirits that first saw the error of the plan. They were the first to set an example by leaving. At first The child resisted fearing she would be alone. But as each one left leaving behind nothing more than there memory and love for the child She began to realize that she was a child no more. and started to crave freedom.

    Kayla began striving to push herself out above the rest, and while some Spirits saw this as a sign it was time to go others burrowed in my deeper fearing the unknown.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla walks quietly into the temple. Being respectful to the followers of the one eyed god. She was not here to pray she came on occasion to trade herbs and roots to the good Priest Father Ryche N’wahs well trading is a loose term she simply gave them to him in exchange for his support and kindness. He was a contributing factor in her life for the many liberties she enjoyed in Foothold. Although it was Sir Aeton that had arranged for Kayla to be given permission to roam Foothold in her animal forms, it was Father Ryche that spoke with the people of Foothold telling them that the Large animals with the glowing collars were in fact their protectors. In time mothers started allowing their children to approach the large black cat that could be found laying in the snow near the guard shacks. Seemed the children never had anything to fear when that Cat was around. They would play around her sometimes pulling on her ears or tail with never as much as a growl from her. Yes Father Ryche N’wahs was a good man and Kayla Evergreen was ever grateful.

    Kayla left the herbs roots and a few toys and items that she had rescued from the Orcs Ogres and Kobolds that would on occasion raid caravans, she would wash the stink from them mend any tears and then drop them off at the Charity box for Father Ryche to distribute to the local children and some even found there way to Yar and as far as Stonemark. Once this had been done she went to a far corner set her pack down pulled a key from her pocket spoke the words and a magical chest appeared. she then began the task of sorting through her pack something that was long over sue as she was beginning to have trouble finding things she needed.
    As Kayla was moving things she had no immediate use for into her chest and pulling things that she would need out of her chest she came across a small orb that struck her curiosity. Now understand Kayla was considered Flighty by many and never was she considered a scholar by anyone but this was where they were mistaken Kaylas mind was sharp as a tack and she could remember where she got everything in her possession but this orb was a mystery.
    The Harder she tried to remember the cloudier it got. And then came the sudden realization.

    “STOP IT NOW!!!” Kayla screamed
    the priest in the room suddenly stop in there prayers looking up toward the usually quiet girl confused as to the nature of her outburst.
    Suddenly she begins to pace yelling and screaming talking about betrayal and how she had trusted this unseen entity Yelling and screaming “GET OUT NOW!!!” and then as suddenly as it began she grabbed her pack and ran for the door.
    As soon as Kayla was outside she shift into a Rather large Metallic Dragon and took flight heading east. It happen so Fast that the guards had no time to react by the time they realized what was happening the Dragon was gone only one guard actually saw Kayla shift the others only saw a Dragon appear in front of the Temple scream and then take flight.

    • Markshire PCs:

    The Large Silver Dragon Flew high under cover of the cloud until she Came upon Arik. Dropping altitude She spotted a small group of Alhoons apparently scouting the area near Loki’s temple. Suspecting these creature were in some way responsible for he current plight she went into a dive. Right before she hit the ground she breathed in deeply and exhaled a cloud of toxic gas as they began choking she landed in the middle pinning three of then to the ground, grinding the one pinned by her rear leg across the desert floor turning it into a streak of blood before sending its dead body flying into another knocking it back against a pile of stone.
    Turning her attention to the two under her front claws she stood up on her rear legs brought the one in her right claw up to her head she promptly bit its head off and tossed it to the side and spitting the head out on to the ground at the feet of one more standing in front of her as the Alhoon behind her was getting back up on its feet she swung her tail swatting it back against the stones again this time it left a trail of blood as it slide down the rock in a broken crumpled heap on the desert floor.
    The last one looked down at its companion and back up at the huge angry beast before it, it tried to get a spell off unsuccessfully that is as it was still choking from the gas. The Dragon reached down and grabbed it with one claw then reaching with the other She pulled it apart at the waist dropping the pieces she stretched her neck out and screamed before returning to her natural form and seeking refuge in the abandon temple.

    Inside the temple was a strange sight indeed many suspected Kayla of being daft but had they seen this it would have confirmed their suspicious as she began to pace the floor apparently arguing with herself.

    “YES I AM CALM!!”
    “Well Perhaps not by you.”
    her pacing slows as her breathing
    “I know”
    “You have been my Favorite”
    “no…no I don’t want YOU to go just the others”
    “But I don’t remember”
    “Well I guess it wont hurt to look around”
    “Yes I do know it was near here”
    “Thank you”
    “I am Tired I must rest before we go searching”

    Kayla reaches into the severely disarranged pack and pulls out her blanket and a small worn and faded doll she has used for a pillow for as long as she could remember lays down and quickly falls asleep
    “I love you Roxim”

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla continues her search in rage looking for the place she first came across the strange orb that has caused her so much trouble.


    More residents of Arik that made the mistake of getting in her way!

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla dances around the fire giving praise that nature gives forth such wonder things like grapes, berries, corn, wheat and barley. So that Kurm could come home and Relax from his long journey, and practice his art.

    • Markshire PCs:

    Kayla had spent many days and night in the lost city working to purge the once benevolent spirits that had taken residence her. Now most of the benevolent ones had left leaving behind those that fear for there own existence, some trying to take control. If not for Roxim they would have succeed. But the ancient Silver would have none of that. He has seen what was to come and even though it could be his downfall buried himself deep within Kaylas mind. Finally showing himself once he sensed her need for aid in cleansing her mind together they worked to remove any that refused to leave. Only then would he leave. But he knew that Kayla could not win this fight in a single day That she would have to go home to her grove to rest and remember who she was before. It was one of these trips home that the Cat would want to hunt and explore her home.

    The large Black Panther entered the city of foothold as she always did climbing the log walls the protected the city and then began moving from building to building staying low and close to there walls. It wasn’t that she needed to sneak she had permission to be here it was just fun for her sneaking up behind certain City guards getting in as close as she could and then purring loudly to announce her presence, many would turn and jump with a start only to laugh “Ha ahh There kitten you gave me a start again!” The Cat knew who she could do this to and who did not care for her joke. For those her Favorite Prank was to jump off a wall or rooftop and land at there feet Startling them into a angry fit only to run away and go lay down near Sir Aetion and wait for them to come running up complaining while she lay there purring eating what ever treat had been given to her. Occasionally there would be a scolding but mostly the victim in question would just leave without saying a word grumbling incoherently.
    But this day the Cat was not in the mood for games. Her curiosity was getting the best of her there were many of the man caves she had not been in and she wanted to explore. That was when she saw Kurm Reyer run past the wagon she was hiding under and run into the brewery the smell coming from there were not bad at all not like the smell of death that came from the tannery. But kinda like the smells that came from the Red Dragon Inn except there was no smell of cooked meat that she didn’t care for. Looking around seeing no one looking her way she leaped from under the wagon and ran for the open door of the brewery. Once inside she stood by the door waiting for her eyes to adjust to the light watching Rinos walking back and forth working his art she never notice Kurm watching her, eying her collar that shined letting the towns people and city guards know that this Cat was no Man Eater

    “Aye I know of you” He reaches into his pack pulls out a fresh fish and sets it down by his side.
    The Cat looks from Rinos to Kurm to the fish walks over looks back to Kurm then to the Fish again lays down and begins Purring loudly as she eats. Kurm make some kind remarks to her before heading back to work The cat finishes her snack then makes her way over the a large oven lays down and takes her nap undisturbed but Pushy self serving guards, insolent children that like to pull her tail or blind ignorant adventures “doing their part to keep foothold safe by attacking the sleeping cat by the Well” that just so happens to have a glowing collar.
    Yes indeed this was a very good place for a nap and a very Kind friend she had made.

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