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    Day 18 year 7 page 100
    Just got to Foothold today ready to start out all alone just me, you see I just turned 18 and left home hoping to find my inner elf I know funny right; well you see I was raised by human folk they loved me as if I was there own child. Ma and Pa is what my human sister called them her name is Janna I love her very much.
    Knowing as I got older they were not my real parents I called them Roger and Bella two of the most loving people you could ever meet. The only problem with that is I had to learn to speak elven from a very old elven man named Cortez he made the finest bows I had ever seen .
    Teaching me in the skills of fine bow making now that I am in Foothold selling my fine bows I hope to make some coin to buy a new heavier cloak to too keep my little elven butt warm. Well lets see what Foothold has to offer me other than chapped lips.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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