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    • Markshire PCs:

    …..your the only one with a knife out. Always.

    …….you go after criminals to undercut the police.

    ….Mountains piss you off.

    …you find yourself yelling at rivers.

    … request to see the animal before you eat its meat.

    … you prefer foods, all foods, on a stick.

    ……you ask the bartender for a mean ale.

    ….the decision maker for any purchase is whether or not you can simply make it yourself on your way hiome.

    ….. find yourself having chests with wooden boxes within them smaller boxes made of wood for precious treasures.

    ….you consult yourself aloud to make sure you aren’t under some kind of day dreaming promotional ad’s control.

    ….you take signs of Danger and Employees Only as an intent of evil doing.

    ….. a barber is only for royalty.

    ……you secretly hope your gun jams and you have to use a knife instead.

    …..your living room looks like the backyard landscaping.

    A little foolishness on the day of Opi… April 1. Any thoughts to add to the famous Redneck spinnoff.

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