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    It is not commonly known to all and sundry but the priests know that Odin made a pact with Hel.

    Now some would see this as a bad thing but his will be done so it was. (insert story of Odin’s pact here)

    And while Odin’s pact included heroes and villains it did not, however, include those of other races. The truly exceptional souls of the less fortunate races were unfortunately included but excluded.

    They were given the choice but could not return to Odin’s Temples for fear of immediately being sent back to talk to Garm.

    Skadi, a neutral goddess and believer in truer balance then Odin, decided that those who couldn’t return through Odin’s Pact properly should still be able to return.

    So she gathered herself and strode up to Odin as he watched some Markshirians. An over tall striking blond human woman standing in the snow talking to a wizened old man might have been odd to some had they looked. With out preamble she told Odin that he was a fool for not allowing the others to use his temples. Odin being who he was simply said … “Then fix it.”

    So, incensed for his indifferent attitude she strode back into Narlynwik and then returned to her mountains. Once there she walked to the gates of Zairat. The guards were surprised to see such an amazing looking pellyte woman standing there. Then she was gone. The pellytes stood bewilderedly staring at where she was and little realized that another tower stood within the pass. In time they went back to watching for intruders. No one paid any attention at all to the new tower for it looked as the others did; as if it had been there for decades.

    So it was that Zairat gained a temple to Skadi. And now the forgotten had a place for Garm to send them and the small horde of those waiting strode forth.

    First through the portal was one who was born to Markshire but had been lost to other worlds. It was time for his return. Trailing in his wake was one who wasn’t from Markshire but had found a kindred spirit to travel with.

    These two stepped upon the stone of the temple floor and wondered where they were. For the Phoenix who had held the pair tightly in its claws for so long had loosed them. The first sniffed. *sniff*

    “Home,” the large creature said.

    The smaller one looked about him skeptically and said, “Not Forge. What Brak mean? And why Rok look like this?” The obvious intelligence in the eyes of the little creature belied his guttural phrasing. “Rok not goblin no more. Rok wake up in strange forest with strange face. Then Rok meet strange creatures and Rok get unmade. Rok mad!”

    Unperturbed by his companion’s obvious discomfort the large creature turned his tusk framed snout and looked down at the little goblin-like creature near him. “Brak home,” he said and strode forth into the unfamiliar temple and then out into the mountain air.

    “Rok, we find Higgins now. Brak feel it.”

    The goblin-like creature known as Rok stood there forgetting his anger for a moment, baffled by the behemoth’s certainty. Then he looked up at the Ogre, “Where go then?”

    “See Uncle!” the monster replied with emphasis. Then he stopped and looked down at himself.

    “Me bigger’n Uncle. He be pleased.”

    As the two friends wandered off toward the gates of Zairat a dark figure watched from the door to the temple. A bright smile decorated the face and then disappeared, smile and all.

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