Gone Fishin!

Markshire has gone fishin’. A new, simple, Hak-free and entirely scripted fishing system has been custom made for Markshire to allow PCs to fish at various fishing spots across the land.

Grab a pole, find a spot and try your luck or skill.

Father Tangosz Fjellsen sits patiently waiting for a fish to take the bait. Perhaps today he will catch a Rivershark and can finally make his own Hakarl.

The system is relatively simple, find a trigger point for fishing. Click on it and your PC animates (threaten animation) and emotes casting their fishing line. Then the PC sits down to wait for a bite.

There is a chance to break your pole or possibly pull in some junk.

We’ve also built the fish you catch into some of the other script systems on Markshire including CNR.

All in all, a perfect means to get together with some buds, toss a few back, and catch some fish.