Welcome to Markshire

We have been playing in this campaign world for 20 plus years in PnP. I have reams of information regarding this campaign. We are also applying a certain amount of new concepts to allow us to better populate this world. I never in my life planned to create every NPC in every room of every building in every town. Now we are. FUN!

We have developed the forums to help you better understand Markshire and assist you in your role-playing efforts.

If you have a specific question regarding character development please contact me (Thrym) or simply post it to the forum. If there are questions regarding the scripted systems please contact me.

Prior to making a character please read the PC Races section of the forum. Half-orcs never existed before but we are using them now. Tolerance of half-breeds is high in this country but not everyone is tolerant. The Governor was a Half-Giant so it’s better than it could be. NOTE: Halflings are not Hobbits or Hin. They are Halflings here. Same goes for the other races.

All classes are available as well. Prestige Classes REQUIRE approval from the DMs prior to taking the first level in it. The character in question should be role-playing towards the prestige class they are considering. If you have fulfilled the requirements of the class and any the DMs require then we will most likely approve it.

There are no restrictions to the spells available. There are no edits to the animations of any spells so things may lag from more graphic intensive spells. DO NOT let that influence your decision to take those spells.

Starting equipment is exactly what the computer gives you when you arrive. The computer will also give you some additional items on arrival (PC Objects, emote device and such). This means you might not have your preferred armor or weapon.

Above all we hope you have FUN! So to help you with that I leave you with the campaign motto …

Some things in this world are tougher then you can handle. Run or DIE!